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Kyanite-Blue Green Mix

Mix of Green & Blue Kyanite.  The majority of the Kyanite in this category is polished and from Pakistan.  It carries the properties of both green and blue Kyanite.  
Green Kyanite:
  • Helps connect to the heart.
  • Helps you find the truch in a situation.
  • Works with Nature spirits.
Blue Kyanite:
  • Opens & aligns your chakras, just by touching a piece of it.
  • Dispels blockages, confusion, anger and frustration. 
  • It's great for dream recall and helps to promote dream solving.
  • Kyanite facilitates meditation and helps to calm and ground a person.  
  • It also stimulates communication. 
  • This stone never needs to be cleared; it clears itself.
Kyanite never needs to be cleared.
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