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Fiero Calcite (Red Calcite)

Fiero Calcite is a bright orange red. It is a newer member of the Calcite family that was recently discovered in Mexico. It's coral color represents the lower chakras and it's said to be beneficial when working with issues involving the root and sacral chakras. Root chakra involves grounding and support and the sacral chakra is the sexual and creative area. 

Uses for this stone include:

  • Keep it in your bedroom or in your workspace to enhance your creativity.
  • Assists with will power.
  • Helpful with blockages of all kinds including constipation.
  • Removes obstacles that prevent you from stepping forward in your life.
  • Heals lower limbs and hip issues.
  • Helps heal bones.
  • Courage, vitality, uplifting, connection.
  • Weight loss or detox.
  • Supports sexual balance and intimacy.

Fiero Calcite is a great stone for women of all ages to help balance hormones and absorb minerals thus preventing bone loss. It can be used to assist women in preparing for pregnancy and childbirth.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Elements: Fire and Earth

Chakras: Root and Crown

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