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Yellow Calcite (Honey Calcite)

Yellow Calcite, also known as Honey Calcite is a stone of clarity and intellect. As with all Calcite this is a Metaphysicians stone!  It’s an energy amplifier.  

  • Boosts energy, personal power and self-worth.
  • Helps the mind and body to remember.  
  • Helpful in overcoming procrastination.
  • Stone of psychic abilities and meditation. Good for Shamanic work, intuitiveness and spiritual awareness.
  • Placing calcite, on the appropriate chakra clears and activates that chakra (especially throat chakra), and provides a sweeping’ action which clears the remaining chakras.
  • Yellow Calcite specifically works with the solar plexus and crown chakra. 
  •  Excellent stone for scrying. 
  • It will enhance your meditation time and help you link to the highest source of spiritual guidance.

Yellow Calcite benefits the stomach, intestines, upper back and spine as well as balancing the immune system.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Element: Fire and Wind

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Root and Third Eye

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