Welcome to My Dream Crystals

Finding Crystals You Dream About


MDC is a partnership owned by Kelly & Karen. Everyone always asks, how did you get started?

Well the backstory is…


Kelly had previous experience in the crystal business going back to 2000. She owned a brick and mortar retail metaphysical store from 2001-2008. She also had a Crystal online store, Love My Crystals through 2011 and started selling crystals on EBAY in 2001 under user id “beyondthecloud”. Late in 2011 Kelly closed Love My Crystals and moved her parents to Georgia to help them handle health issues.  

Kelly is a graduate of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and is a certified crystal practitioner, CCP.  In addition she is certified by the Crystal Guild as a crystal practitioner, crystal healer and master grid builder.  


Kelly completed the 6 month long Anastasi System of Psychic Development program.  She is also a Reiki Master, reflexologist, aromatherapist, a registered holistic practitioner and registered metaphysician.

As odd as it may sound crystals talk to Kelly.  She loves to 'hear' them at shows and intuitively knows what to purchase.  


Karen has been a Registered Nurse (RN, BSN) for over 30 years as well as a Registered Yoga teacher and her familiarity with anatomy and physiology enhances all aspects of her healing practice.

Karen owned a GNC Franchise for several years and has an extensive knowledge of supplements and prescribes high quality brands for maximum benefit.

Karen currently has a practice where she does wellness counseling. With the assistance of the Qest Bio-Energetic scanning devise, she is able to help her clients get to the root cause of many physical ailments such as allergies, digestive maladies, circulatory disturbances, immune disorders, joint ailments, skin afflictions, sleep disorders, urinary issues, male and female disorder and many more. The imprinted remedies and high quality nutritional supplements have assisted her clients in achieving optimal health in all circumstances.

Karen has created a unique Room Clearing Spray that clears negative energy and entities without the use of smoke. This spray contains a sacred salt water base with essential oils, crystal essences and Sacred Geometry.

In addition to the crystal store, Karen is an ordained minister and offers a wide selection of healing services including Reiki, Divine Intervention, DNA Healing and Sacred Geometry.

Karen also runs and manages our sister company, which focuses on health related services and products.

Kelly & Karen started talking about reopening the crystal business. Before they knew it there was a business plan, a website and the first sale!!!  The rest is still to be scripted and they are loving each step along their new journey. 

The rest of the MDC team is made up of Kelly’s husband Fred.


Fred and Kelly have been married since 2001. Fred’s background is in building, construction & architecture. The universe arranged their random meeting in 2000 and it ended up with Fred being an integral part of helping create the first retail store.

The majority of the crystals sold on MDC have been lovingly handpicked by one of the team members.  We prefer to travel to rock shows or vendor warehouses and touch and talk to all the crystals before we buy them.  That's what we consider a vacation.

The crystals are always cleared and charged before sending them to their new homes.  And for those of you who want that extra umph, we can infuse your crystals with sacred geometry shapes that enhance the qualities of your stone. 

Our goal is finding crystals that you dream about.

Karen, Kelly & Fred!