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Shungite Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Carbon
  • Structure: Lattice
  • Hardness: 3.5-4
  • Numerology Vibration: 1
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root
  • Astrological Correspondences: Cancer 

What Are Shungite Stones?

Shungite is a unique stone originating from Russia. It is made from a rare, non-crystalline carbon mineral and contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table. There are two types of Shungite, determined by the amount of carbon present. Elite, or Noble, Shungite is 80% carbon. It very rare and has a shiny, silver color. Because of its high carbon content, Elite Shungite works very quickly and is more expensive. Black Shungite, which makes up the majority of Shungite on the market, is 30% carbon. It is naturally a dull, black color, but it can be polished. Black Shungite is typically reasonably priced and widely available, but it will work slower than Elite Shungite, because it has less carbon.

Shungite is a powerful protection stone that grounds, stabilizes, and purifies you. Shungite helps you feel safe and secure within your physical environments. It protects you from electromagnetic interference and radiation and has positive effects on your aura. Shungite gemstones bring an earthy wisdom, so when you work with it, you gain access to esoteric knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Shungite Properties For Health

Shungite is the only natural material in existence with hollow molecular carbon cages, known as “fullerenes,” embedded within it. The fullerenes allow Shungite to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).  Because of this, Shungite protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, and mobile phones. Shungite works directly on the physical level, but it has multiple energetic effects.

This stone works with your immune system to promote total mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Its soothing properties help treat insomnia and anxiety. Shungite purifies the blood from toxins and harmful substances, so it is particularly effective if you drink alcohol, smoke, or tend to overindulge. Ultimately, Shungite amplifies your vitality and energy. 

Shungite has also been widely used as a natural water purifier in Russia since the 1990s. Its fullerenes attract and neutralize waterborne containments. Research indicates that Shungite water decreases histamine levels in the bloodstream, alleviating allergies. Shungite water is also full of antioxidants. You can easily make this amazing drink yourself. Simply combine thirty grams of Shungite with half a gallon of water. If you are using Elite Shungite, the water will be ready in thirty minutes. If you are using Black Shungite, let the water sit for up to three days before drinking. 

Metaphysical Benefits Of Shungite

Shungite stimulates your body’s self-healing mechanisms on a subtle level. It transmits natural wisdom, resulting in calm and greater awareness. Deeply connected to the Earth, Shungite will recenter you when you feel confused or anxious. This stone’s grounding properties stabilize your inner systems and promote recovery from illness, disease, alcohol poisoning, or bad diet choices. Shungite is also a very powerful protection stone; it shrouds you in darkness so that bad luck cannot find you.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Shungite?

Shungite gifts you with spiritual awareness and a sense of purity. Not only does it aid in physical detoxing and cleansing, but it also purifies the way you think, feel, and act. Shungite has a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit. It can literally help you to “see the light.” Shungite gemstones help you to attain enlightenment, which is a recognition that everything is connected to and originates from the same Source.

Shungite is strongly connected with the Root Chakra, providing you with grounding and deep internal strength. It is also a powerful protection stone, neutralizing numerous forms of negative energy. Shungite counteracts the shadow-self, the unconscious part of our ego that is the dark side of our personality. This stone is connected to the Cancer zodiac sign and the numeric vibration of 1.

How To Use Shungite Crystals

Use as a pendant or place on an altar. Shungite’s grounding properties make it a wonderful meditation aid, and its protecting and detoxifying abilities can be used to clear the energy of a room. Keep a Shungite stone next to your computer, cell phone, microwave, or modem to protect you from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Place Shungite next to your coffee maker; it will charge your morning cup, allowing you to start the day centered and energized. You can use Shungite disks or rods as harmonizers. They help raise your vibration and correct energy imbalances. Shungite harmonizers improve mental clarity by freeing you from destructive thought patterns and are great additions to a meditation practice.

Shungite’s high energy can be channeled throughout your home in various different forms. We recommend placing a Shungite cube in children’s’ rooms near their beds to encourage restful sleep. Situate a small Orgone disk with Shungite in each corner of the living room, creating a grid to keep the room’s energies clear. Place a Shungite sphere on one side of your bed and a Shungite pyramid on the other (preferably the side a male partner sleeps on, since pyramids connect to masculine energy).

The sphere opens you up to unlimited possibilities, sending positive vibrations out in all directions, and will help you use your dreams to translate subconscious ideas to conscious goals. The pyramid will build on those goals, supporting manifestation, and both shapes work together to promote love, calm, and harmony and clear the room’s energies.

Place a Shungite sphere and a larger Orgonite dome in the kitchen to raise the space’s vibration while clearing its energies. Try to situate them far apart in order to create a grid, and remember to place the sphere near the microwave to protect from EMF.

Shungite needs less cleansing and recharging than other gemstones, so you will only need to run it underwater once, when you first purchase it. We recommend recharging your Shungite stone with sunlight and specific intent. 

Shungite and The Archangels 

Use Shungite to invoke Archangel Michael illuminating the Violet Ray of source. His beautiful violet Ray is a flame of protection and initiation of cleansing by fire. Shungite and Archangel Michael stand by your side ready to cleanse you of any negative energy or entities that do not serve your highest good.

Shungite and Archangel Michael can assist you in cord cutting, soul retrieval and any other form of shadow work. Allow Archangel Michael to fly by your side while holding Shungite and feel the illusion of fear dissipate. Archangel Michael parts with the reminder that love is the highest frequency form of protection.  

Use Shungite to invoke Archangel Gabriel and tap into the light you possess. When fear overshadows your hope, call upon Archangel Gabriel to help you see that fear is the absence of trust. A loving reminder that does not mean it is right or wrong to feel fear. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and you will feel those lower frequency programs.

Can you sit in this fear and lovingly invite it in to be alchemized? Fear is an illusion or program that we will no longer have to play in! But while it’s still swimming around great that fear with love and love for yourself. Watch it dissolve into the light before your very eyes!  

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