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Focus & Concentration Boxes, Great for Back to School, Back to Work

$25 box includes:

- 2 Hematite Tumbled Stones.  Use one at home near your study area and carry the smaller one with you.  Hematite is called the back to school stone.   Use it for: Concentration, Focus, Grounding, Protection, Boost Self Esteem, Removes Limitations, Enhances Memory, Good for Math and technical classes.
- 1 Fluorite Worry Stone.  Fluorite is good for concentration.  Use it for  Processing Information, Quick Thinking, Remembering New Information, Electromagnetic Stress, Protection, Organization.
- 1 Carnelian Tumbled Stone. Carry your Carnelian stone with you.  Use it for: Creativity, Motivation, Improves Analytic Abilities, Concentration, Courage, Positive Life Choices.
- 1 Chevron Tumbled Amethyst.  Carry your Carnelian stone with you.  Use it for: Finding an Answer to Any Problem, Protection, Stress Relief, Insomnia, Restful Sleep, Calming, New Ideas, Emotional Centering. 
- 1 Shungite Orgone Wire Wrapped Pendant.  This pendant is made from Shungite chips encased in a resin and comes with a sik braided adjustable cord.  Use it for: EMF, Grounding, Protection, Changing Negative Energy to Positive Energy, Stress & Anxiety

$35 box includes:

All the above plus:
- 1 Small Hematite Pyramid
- 1 Rough Shungite Mini Pin.   Perfect for you desk or bedside.