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Serpentine Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Silicate
  • Structure: Monoclinic
  • Hardness: 3-6
  • Numerology Vibration: 8
  • Chakra Correspondences: Heart, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Gemini

What is Serpentine?

Serpentine is a general name for a group of metamorphic stones that run from translucent to opaque and waxy. It comes from the Latin word “serepentinus,” which means, “resembling a serpent,” because Serpentine’s vivid green hues reminded the Ancient Romans of snake scales. Because of its color, Serpentine is often confused with Jade and is sometimes referred to as “New Jade,” “Olive Jade,” or “Snake Jade.” This stone is perfect for meditation and manifestation. 

Although most often green in color, Serpentine comes in many different varieties and also combines well with other stones. Infinite is a pale green member of the Serpentine family first discovered in South Africa by American crystal collector Steve Rosley, although most Infinite on the market today comes from India.

Healerite, named by Robert Simmons in A Book of Stones, is a bright lime green variety. Atlantisite is a naturally occurring combination of yellow-green Serpentine with purple Stichtite, also known as Tasmanite because it was found in Tasmania, Australia. 

Serpentine Properties for Health

Modern doctors and healers still use the Ancient Greek symbol of two intertwining snakes around a sword. This emblem of medicine is directly associated with Serpentine and its powerful healing properties. Serpentine stones are excellent tools for balancing digestion. Meditate with one to discern the cause of your stomach upsets. If you struggle with blood sugar issues, work with Serpentine, particularly Atlantisite, which assists with blood disorders and diabetes.

Serpentine’s protective properties also shield you from electromagnetic pollution. This stone has a strong connection to feminine energy and can relieve issues of female sexuality and reproduction, including postpartum symptoms.

The Infinite variety of Serpentine is known as the “Healer’s stone.” It draws the pain out of your body, particularly muscle-related aches. Make a crystal elixir with Infinite and apply drops of it to your pain points.

Healerite promotes total health and well-being. Its vibrations work on a cellular level, and it is especially helpful for soothing your nerves and balancing your emotions. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Serpentine

Serpentine promotes calm by connecting you to the Earth’s healing energies and protecting you from harm. This stone works with you on a personal level; for our co-founder, Kelly, it was love at first sight when she initially encountered the Infinite variety. Serpentine is connected to the heart and adapts itself to your deepest needs. This stone keeps you safe from psychic attacks. It also soothes your emotions, allowing you to approach problems from a calm, rational perspective.

The Atlantisite variety boosts these properties to resolve interpersonal conflicts, because it combines Serpentine’s healing and calming properties with Stichtite’s gentle compassion. Serpentine is also a powerful tool for abundance and manifestation. This stone helps you push past the limits you or society have placed and lets you achieve your dreams.

Infinite is particularly helpful for emotional healing, and it guides you through periods of grief and depression. This stone provides a boost of energy when you feel listless, helping you transition into a new phase of your life.

Healerite works similarly, balancing your physical and emotional needs to create a quiet but powerful sense of internal vitality. 

What is the Spiritual Significance of Serpentine?

Serpentine’s green color connects it deeply to the Earth. This stone aligns you with the planet’s energies, providing both protection and healing. Serpentine works with your Heart Chakra to open you up to prosperity and happiness. Use the Atlantisite variety to increase these loving energies. Through the Crown Chakra, Serpentine promotes meditation and divine communication.

If you work with the devic or the fairy realms, this stone is the perfect tool for you. Serpentine is also a very mentally, physically, and emotionally balancing crystal, and it can clear your entire Chakra system, particularly in its Healerite variety. Healerite works with the energy in your body, flowing along the same chi system that is the basis of acupuncture. Serpentine also awakens your Kundalini energies to help you achieve enlightenment. It encourages the energies running along your spine like a serpent, emerging from your Crown.

To activate the Kundalini energies, place a piece of Serpentine at your Root Chakra and another one at your Crown. This stone is also associated with the Greek messenger god, Hermes, who carries a sword with two snakes to symbolize healing. Infinite supports energy healing work and cleanses your aura. Serpentine is also a Gemini birthstone and vibrates with the energy of the number 8. 

How to Use Serpentine Crystals

You can wear or carry Serpentine, use it in direct contact with your skin, or place it in a relevant location in your home. If you have a meditation practice, hold Serpentine to boost your connection to the divine and clear your mind. Healers will find Serpentine, particularly in its Healerite variety, useful for all sorts of energetic healing. It is especially effective for regression and progression therapy, which aids in clearing negative thought patterns from your consciousness.

Wear a Serpentine pendant close to your heart to invite love and positivity. If you are experiencing interpersonal conflict at home or in the workplace, leave a Serpentine stone in a gathering place to promote harmony and empathy. You can also use Serpentine in an abundance planning practice or a manifestation grid with other attractive crystals like Citrine. If you are stressed, wear, carry, or meditate with an Atlantisite stone. Place Serpentine next to your computer, cell phone, microwave, or modem to protect you from electromagnetic pollution. You can also carry Serpentine to shield you from psychic attacks and keep your aura clear. 

Like many crystals, Serpentine should be cleared regularly. Because of its powerful connection to the Earth, planet-based clearing techniques like burying your Serpentine stone in soil or placing it in a bowl of cleansing herbs such as sandalwood and sage are particularly effective. Check out our blog for more information on clearing!  

Serpentine and The Archangels

Use Serpentine to invoke Archangel Rapheal and drop into the beauty within your heart center. Serpentine is a stone of the heart and with the assistance of Archangel Rapheal can begin a deep soul healing of the heart space. The debris of this life and past lives can take up space in the heart center and other energy centers. Serpentine can actually help assist in releasing these densities to make room for bigger and better things to enter your reality. Expand and breathe into your heart as you feel much lighter after this release. 

Archangel Rapheal wants to remind us that mother earth is always living, breathing and transforming just like us. Serpentine and Archangel Raphel offer you the feeling of being out in nature. The cleanse of the sun and the peace of the forest are always there for you. Serpentine can actually invoke this same feeling of peace when you are in meditation. Archangel Rapheal lovingly reminds you can heal yourself just like the living entity that is Mother Earth.

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