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Epidote Fast Facts:

  • Mineral Family: Silicate
  • Structure: Monoclinic
  • Hardness: 6-7
  • Numerology Vibration: 2
  • Chakra Correspondences: Heart
  • Astrological Correspondences: Gemini

What are Epidote Stones?

Epidote stones come in a variety of yellows, greens, and browns, and are available in both natural and man-made shapes, depending on usage. Epidote raises energy vibrations, so it is perfect for manifestation and abundance work. If you love what you have in life and want more, Epidote is your stone.

Epidote Properties for Health

Epidote balances and stabilizes energy flow throughout the body. These properties relieve depression, hopelessness, or anxiety. Epidote stones also helps with cancerous tumors, cystitis, and fibrosis. If you struggle with short-term memory loss and recall, an Epidote stone is a must-have. Epidote works by increasing energy levels, which in turn enhances and strengthens your physical body.

Metaphysical Benefits of Epidote

Epidote stones promote optimism, stability, and increased perception. They attract what you desire; however, Epidote’s attractive power is very strong. If your work with Epidote in a negative state of mind, it can magnify and attract more of that negativity. Instead, work with Epidote stones to raise your positive energy and release negativity. This stone provides the perfect balance between optimism and realism. By helping you understand and recognize unrealistic expectations, Epidote protects you from dissatisfaction as you strive to achieve your goals. Epidote also helps dissolve pressure created by societal beauty and image standards, making you happier with who you are.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Epidote?

Epidote stones are associated with the Heart Chakra, the element of Earth, and the Gemini astrological sign. They have strong spiritual perception and growth properties. Epidote promotes a connection with nature and helps ground you. Likewise, Epidote also enhances your ability to interact with spiritual beings. Through Epidote’s perceptive qualities, you become more self-aware. Epidote also allows users to understand that everyone’s journey is different, and your spiritual journey can deviate from those around you as long as you are staying true to yourself.

How to Use Epidote Crystals

Epidote can be worn as jewelry in necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Epidote stones can also be carried by to boost positivity and self-awareness. Place them in a bedroom, work space, or anywhere that needs a boost of optimism and positive energy. Epidote is very useful for manifestation, especially when used in combination with Moldavite. Be sure to mediate on your goals before using Epidote stones for manifestation; if you have any lingering negative energy, it may attract more negativity to you. To attract abundance and love, focus on being generous and loving, and then use Epidote to bring more of those elements into your life.

Epidote should be cleared. Crystals give off energy, and, just like humans, they need to rest and recharge, or they will not work as well. There are many different ways to clear Epidote. You can place it on top of an Amethyst cluster for twenty-four hours, surround it with a ring of salt, or leave it to cleanse and charge in the moonlight. Full moons are especially powerful, and you can use them as a reminder to clear your crystals. Remember to clear your Epidote at least once a month. If you are working with your Epidote stones very regularly, clear them more often.

Epidote and The Archangels 

Use Epidote to invoke Archangel Raphael to help heal the healers! Archangel Raphael lovingly comes with the message to sit in your being and in your breath and ask for a body scan! You can be specific about your disease, discomfort or pain, but the Angels already know! All you have to do is ask for healing! Every night before bed ask for this healing. Allow it, invoke it and trust it. Epidote and Archangel Raphael are the perfect team to strengthen your immune system and believe it or not heal yourself! Archangel Raphael parts with the message not to worry your DNA is being upgraded and activated!  

Use Epidote to invoke Archangel Jophiel to follow your joy. I sat here with my guides for a moment and struggled. They kept lovingly reminding me that there is no wrong or right frequency. I fought it for a moment and though “Yeah, but this stone raises your frequency!” But then the messages came in. They told me your resonant frequency never changes. The frequency of your last activation holds strong until your next activation. This all sounded so confusing and I’m like how the heck do I word this, but then they put a rollercoaster in my mind's eye. Think of it this way - We are spiritual beings having a human experience MEANING we are higher beings past this 3D field. So we already contain all the memories, the blueprints, and the knowledge we need. It’s all about the activation or remembrance.

Although we have a set frequency we resonate at it doesn’t mean that we won’t feel lower or higher frequencies. We can tap in and choose to play in any frequency we want with no right or wrong attached. Archangel Jophiel lovingly reminds you your path and ascension is all in divine timing! So have a little more fun and follow your joy! Tap into and experience the beautiful 5D frequencies! Epidote will assist you in leading with the light of your heart!

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