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The Knowledge & Wisdom area of your home is the left front third of any area from the entry of that space, whether it is a whole house or a single room. It is associated with the Northeast direction and the Mountain Earth element. Mountain Earth is represented in nature by mountains, islands, deserts, beaches, crystals, stones and boulders.

Knowledge & Wisdom - Know it All!

This is an excellent area to enhance your personal growth and development or your ability to learn and master new skills. If you are currently practicing a skill use this area to work on enhancing those existing skills. This includes physical practices like yoga, tai chi, qigong or other martial arts and meditation, as well as, gaining knowledge from books, teachers and life experience.

Consider enhancing this area if you are experiencing lack in one of the other Feng Shui areas. For example, you have a desire to take a spectacular vacation. Use this are to study vacation related materials.

Crystals for Knowledge & Wisdom:

Our favorite crystals for the Knowledge & Wisdom area is Azurite. Azurite crystals are a beautiful intense shade of blue and sometimes are called Azurite blueberries. Azurite helps to expand your mind to see new possibilities. It helps to remove throat chakra blocks and sharpens your memory.

Ways To Enhance Your Knowledge and Wisdom Area

One of the ways you can enhance your Knowledge & Wisdom is to use Intentional Feng Shui. Set up a meditation corner, healing space, practice area or study room in this area of the Western Feng Shui bagua. Make sure to clear your crystal with pure water, natural light, sounds, clearing spray, sage or cleansing smoke from a fragrant incense wood like Palo Santo before using them.

1) Place your crystals on a shelf with books of knowledge and wisdom.

2) Place your crystals in a crystal grid with handwritten intentions.

3) Place your larger crystals in this study or reading, meditation, practice or healing space.

4) Write an intention about your what you are trying to learn or enhance. Place one of the crystals listed above, on top of your handwritten intention in the Knowledge & Wisdom area of your home or office.

Tip #1: Use a lot of feeling words.

Tip #2: Write your intention as if you already have achieved enlightenment or mastered a discipline.

Tip #3: Express your appreciation in advance by beginning your Knowledge & Wisdom intention with: “Thank you for…” or “I am so grateful…”

BONUS Feng Shui Tip: Mountain Earth is represented by all crystals and stones. Select 8 of your favorite crystals and/or stones and build a symbolic mountain, alter or grid. Be intentional as you select the crystals and stones stack them or arrange them. Place your handwritten intention under or in front of your symbolic mountain, altar or grid.