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Unakite Fast Facts 

  • Mineral Family: Granite
  • Structure: Mixed
  • Hardness: 6-7
  • Numerology Vibration: 9
  • Chakra Correspondences: Throat, Heart, Third Eye
  • Astrological Correspondences: Scorpio  

What is Unakite?  

Unakite was first discovered in the United States and is named after the Unakas mountain range, which runs along between the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. This stone, also called Unakite Jasper, is comprised of multiple minerals, usually Pink Orthoclase, Red Jasper, and/or Green Epidote. If you look closely at a piece of Unakite, you may also see some clear or white Quartz and Granite. This gentle stone promotes heart health and soothes grief.      

Unakite Properties For Health 

Unakite supports the reproductive system, especially when it comes to conception, pregnancy, and labor. Its hormonal support will also help grow healthy skin and hair. Unakite can be used if you suffer from depression; it fills your heart with love and healing to uplift you. If you’ve been injured, hospitalized, or are dealing with a prolonged illness, Unakite will bring you strength and renewed vitality. Unakite also helps free you from addictive behaviors like smoking.  

Metaphysical Benefits of Unakite 

Unakite is a powerful Heart Chakra stone. The Epidote contained in Unakite stones stimulates heart healing energy. It acts like a power washer for your heart, removing energy blockages and balancing your life force energy. Unakite attracts all forms of love into your life, and its work with the heart extends to emotional healing as well.

The beautiful pinks and reds in Unakite surround you with gentle, loving energy. This kindness and tenderness give you a boost to brighten your spirits when you are experiencing depression or emotional imbalance. Unakite is also great for dealing with sorrow, loss, and disappointment.

It will help you release the people and opportunities that are not meant for you or no longer serve your highest good. If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or confused, Unakite will guide you through these emotions. This nurturing energy is particularly helpful for sensitive children who are navigating these heavy, complicated emotional landscapes for the first time.  

Spiritual Aspects of Unakite 

Unakite is strongly connected to the Earth. It channels the planet’s energies to gently overcome emotions that have been suppressed, like anger or resentment. Unakite works with the Heart Chakra to allow you to be your authentic self, regardless of your environment. This stone then connects your sense of self to your Throat Chakra so that you can clearly express your needs and wants.

Unakite removes blockages from these Chakras and rebalances their energies to promote clarity and confidence. Unakite allows opens your Third Eye Chakra, boosting your intuition and linking you to your ancestral past. It is a stone of vision, including psychic vision. Unakite reveals your path forward in life through human and spiritual knowledge. It is also connected to the Scorpio zodiac sign, and its numerology vibration is 9. 

How to Use Unakite Crystals 

Unakite is a stone that supports the whole fertility process from conception to birth to childcare. Keep Unakite close by when you are trying to conceive, and meditate with it regularly for a smooth pregnancy, particularly when your hormones are causing dramatic mood swings. During labor, have your partner rub your back with a large Unakite therapy stone.

The energy from the stone transfers to you and the baby, helping in the birthing process. Let Unakite uplift you after the birth, fighting postpartum depression. The green color in Unakite stones promotes nurturing energies, while its pink hues encourage love and care. Therefore, this stone helps forge the bond of unconditional love between you and your child.  

Unakite’s Earth energy make it the perfect tool for gardeners; place it by your plants to encourage their growth. Unakite also uses this natural connection to negate the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), so place it near electronic devices that you use frequently, like your phone or laptop.  

The powerful positive energies in Unakite increase your enjoyment of daily life. Wear or carry it when you engage in a hobby or pastime to spark joy, allowing you to achieve the maximum levels of relaxation that these activities promote.  

Unakite encourages vision, allowing you to see and understand situations on both the physical and spiritual planes. This stone is a powerful tool for abundance planning, and it supports you along your career path. It is also a divination aid. Place an Unakite stone with your tarot cards or scrying crystals to charge them, or use it during your divination practices.  

Unakite, like many other crystals, needs to be cleared on a regular basis. There are a wide variety of methods for clearing crystals; experiment until you find the ones that work best for you. Because of Unakite’s special connection to the planet, Earth-based clearing methods like burying your Unakite in soil, surrounding it with salt, or placing it in a bowl of cleansing herbs like sage and sandalwood are particularly effective. Check out our blog for more ideas!  

Unakite and The Archangels  

Use Unakite to invoke Archangel Raphael and start creating healthy habits! Unakite and Archangel Raphael not only provide direct healing, but also guidance on how you can improve your health! Remember that health is mental, physical and spiritual. Ask yourself “Where am I out of alignment?” And “How does what I’m playing in make me feel?” A reminder that any program that brings in fear or a feeling of unworthiness is not of the light.

When watching TV instead of looking at what the person in the media is saying how do they make me feel? And do this practice with your food and even the people in your environment. Energy doesn’t lie!  

Unakite and Archangel Raphael can also aid you in emotional healing. A reminder that low emotional states can manifest into physical health issues! Meditate with Unakite and call in Archangel Raphael to bring the awareness to any negative energy you are holding on to from this life and past. Allow it to surface to heal and release so it does not manifest into any physical health problems.  

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