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Ruby Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Corundum
  • Structure: Hexagonal
  • Hardness: 9
  • Numerology Vibration: 3
  • Chakra Correspondences: Heart, Root
  • Astrological Correspondences: Leo, Cancer 

What Are Ruby Stones? 

Ruby is a member of the corundum family of minerals, making it a cousin to Sapphire. Its name comes from the Latin term, “rubrum,” meaning red, and Rubies are available in multiple shades of red, from deep crimsons to burgundies and dark pinks. Ruby stones can be found in both natural and man-made shapes, including tumbled stones, eggs, clusters, and points. Prized as jewelry, Ruby stones may already be familiar to you for their beauty, but they are also very powerful. Ruby works closely with your heart to promote passion, abundance, and protection. It is the perfect stone if you need increased vitality and positivity in your life. 

Ruby Properties For Health 

Ruby stones transmit a high amount of energy, and they can provide the boost you need to overcome fatigue. Ruby’s direct connection to the heart makes it particularly effective for healing the heart and circulatory system and easing inflammatory response symptoms like fevers. It also promotes adrenal gland, kidney, and spleen health. A very passionate stone, Ruby also helps with reproductive issues, including infertility and impotence, and protects pregnant women. 

Metaphysical Benefits Of Ruby 

Ruby is a very powerful stone with a myriad of metaphysical uses. Its high energy level works with your heart to give you the strength to chase your passions. This vitality makes you feel positive, motivated, and ready to face anything you encounter. In your personal life, Ruby helps attract new love. 

In your professional life, Ruby stones help you achieve your ambitions and make money doing what you love. A potent abundance tool, Ruby will attract whatever you need to nurture your heart. Not only does Ruby give you the energy to pursue your dreams, but it also protects you on your journey by repelling psychic attacks. 

Spiritual Significance Of Ruby 

Ruby is associated with the Sacral and Heart Chakras, the element of Fire, and the astrological signs of Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Cancer. A stone of passion, Ruby reveals your true goals and gives you the confidence and drive to achieve them. Ruby also works with your emotions to balance you so that you can give your time and energy to the pursuits that really need them. By attaining this balance, you will also find calm and protection in your spiritual life. 

How To Use Ruby Crystals 

Wear as jewelry or place in contact with skin. Rubies are particularly effective when they are worn in a necklace, so that they can be closer to the heart. If you struggle with nightmares or restless dreams, keep a Ruby under your pillow or near your bed; its balancing energies will clear your subconscious and let you rest. 

Meditate with a Ruby stone when you are feeling sluggish or unmotivated to get the drive you need. Artists respond particularly well to Ruby stones, as they ignite passion and creativity, and should wear them while working. If you are trying to attract a new romantic partner, wear Ruby to make yourself noticed. 

Just like the heart works in conjunction with the whole body, Ruby stones are great collaborators, and there are several naturally occurring Ruby combinations. Ruby’s union with other crystals boosts both stones’ effects, creating uniquely powerful crystals. 

Popular pairings include Kyanite, Fuchsite, and Zoisite. Ruby in Kyanite magnifies both stones’ balancing properties, and, when combined with Green Kyanite, both stones’ heart-healing powers are increased. Similarly, the combination of Ruby with lovely, green Fuchsite assists Heart Chakra work and boosts psychic abilities. For musicians, writers, and artists, Ruby Zoisite is a necessity. Both crystals have strong creative properties, and their combination also heightens positivity and happiness. 

Ruby’s high energy is not infinite, however, and it should be cleared regularly to maintain its strength. There are many ways to clear your Ruby; find the method that resonates best with you. You can use soundwaves to cleanse your crystals, place them in a bowl of cleansing herbs like sage and sandalwood, or charge them in the moon or sunlight. Try to clear your Ruby at least once a month, and if you are working with your Ruby stones very frequently, clear them more often. 

Ruby and The Archangels 

Use Ruby to Invoke Archangel Haniel and bathe in her own ruby ray. Tap into your inner Queen of the Moon or Venus herself and find the beauty that is in this life. Ruby and Archangel Haniel lovingly give you the vitality, strength and courage to reach for the stars. Drop into the creative essence of the divine feminine we all possess within and ask yourself what lights you up. 

Like the Queen of Wands in the tarot you are a divine ruler of love following the yearning of the heart while you light up the room with a fiery essence. For those who are unsure of what brings them this passion, travel back in time to what brought you joy or excitement before the traumas, before someone told you you were not good enough, before you deemed yourself unworthy. 

Make a list of things you enjoy and commit to doing even one of those things and you automatically place yourself on a higher trajectory to find other passions. You are worthy of all the treasures of life! Start to treat yourself as the shiny gem you are!   

Archangel Haniel lovingly reminds us her ruby ray force can be used as a shield just like the Ruby of stone. Ruby and Archangel Haniel offer you not only energy, vitality and protection, but also the courage to move forward. There is no looking back. You are evolving forward faster than ever before. 

These times might feel shaky and scary - even dark - you might even stumble forward, but the divine Ruby crystal and Archangel Haniel lovingly pick you up and whisper “Courage is the antidote for fear. You are moving forward, warrior of light.”  

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