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Scolecite Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Zeolite
  • Structure: Monoclinic
  • Hardness: 5-5.5
  • Numerology Vibration: 1
  • Chakra Correspondences: Third Eye, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Capricorn 

What is Scolecite? 

Scolecite is a Zeolite mineral that forms with thin, needle-like crystals in a spray or fan shape. This beautiful, unique form, however, makes it rather fragile. Scolecite typically comes in a transparent ivory or milky white color but can also be found in pinks and peaches. This stone can also grow with other minerals like Apophyllite, Green Apophyllite, or Heulandite. Scolecite is from the Greek word “skolex,” meaning “worm,” because a bead of the mineral will curl up like a worm. This gentle crystal radiates calming and comforting energies and is the perfect tool to cope with grief and stress. 

Scolecite Properties For Health

Shimmering Scolecite stimulates the heart, making this stone very useful for circulatory issues. It also helps relieve gastrointestinal disorders. Scolecite is also very beneficial for people that work in high stress environments or have personal situations that cause a lot of anxiety.

Like a radio tower, Scolecite crystals emit calming energy that helps you center and rebalance. For this reason, they also help treat insomnia. Scolecite’s mental health benefits extend to alleviating depression and loneliness, and this soothing stone recharges you and lift your spirits. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Scolecite

Scolecite transmits balance and comfort, and it promotes love and positivity in interpersonal relationships. Scolecite creates an invisible connection between couples, friends, and family members, allowing you to keep your loved ones close to you, even when you are physically apart. It also helps meditate conflict in these bonds.

Scolecite’s high vibration stimulates group cooperation by fostering team spirit, increasing cohesion, and allowing you to see the bigger picture. Scolecite also opens up your senses of empathy and sympathy, helping you better understand and help others. 

Scolecite also has powerful benefits for your relationship with yourself, promoting self-love and healing. It frees your mind from anxiety. If you feel crippled by fear of failure, Scolecite crystals help you work through it, both by giving you courage and by helping you see and accept the positive aspects of past mistakes.

Scolecite allows you to practice forgiveness, compassion and acceptance, starting with yourself and then extending to others. This attitude allows you to view yourself and the world through a lens of deep spiritual love. When you realign to this caring mindset, you will experience positivity and overall well-being. Scolecite also helps you view situations more creatively and expansively, encouraging you to consider the whole picture and every possibility. 

Spiritual Aspects of Scolecite

Scolecite is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, bringing deep tranquility when you incorporate it in your mediation practices. Because Scolecite works with upper chakras, it opens up intuition and works to enhances your clairvoyance and clairaudient abilities. Use Scolecite as you work on identifying your soul’s purpose.

As well as bringing information in the future to aid your present self, Scolecite also connects you to your ancestral past. It supports astral travel and helps connect with angels. Scolecite is associated with Capricorn and the element of Air and vibrates at the number 1. 

How to Use Scolecite Crystals 

Scolecite balances out the Yin/Yang energies. It helps us blend and balance the hot, hard energy of the masculine side with the soft, cold feminine energy. It’s a perfect stone to resolve interpersonal conflict and encourage cohesion. You can use Scolecite with Chrysanthemum Stone to promote serenity or pair it with Eudialyte to improve your relationship with yourself. 

Place Scolecite in a place you spend time alone with your thoughts, like a bedroom or office space. Because Scolecite is a high vibration stone with a very gentle, soft energy, it fits perfectly in a healing space. Whenever Scolecite crystals are placed, they create a safe space filled with peace and calm to revitalize and restore you. 

Scolecite also has powerful divination properties. Use it to boost tarot readings, or place it on your Third Eye during meditation to increase communication with your spirit guides. 

Scolecite and The Archangels 

Use Scolecite to invoke Archangel Michael and integrate your I AM Presence. You are awakening to your true self beyond the mask of personality that you wear. The I AM presence or true self is always a part of you. You are never separated from or detached from your higher-self. Allow the high frequency of Scolecite to assist you on your journey within and feel the serenity of your true divine self.  

Use Scolecite to invoke Archangel Uriel and retreat to the peace within. Scolecite instantly invokes a sense of peace and complete awareness. When we are in this state of awareness we can cultivate and combine compassion and wisdom. Archangel Uriel asks you to meditate on the liquid crystal essence of infinite peace. A reminder that when the external is filled with chaos and conflict you have a place of sovereignty within. You hold the beautiful divine rays of light and bring peace on this earth!  

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