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Opal Description

Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Silica
  • Hardness: 5.5-6
  • Numerology Vibration: 1, 6, 8
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries

What is Opal?

The term “Opal” encompasses a wide variety of stunning stones, all of which formed when hydrated silicon dioxide seeped into gaps in the Earth’s sediment and hardened into a solid mineral. Even after it solidifies, Opal maintains a water content, connecting it to this element’s powerful properties. Opal has no crystalline structure and no definite chemical composition. The stone’s name originates with the Sanskrit word upala, which means “precious stone.” Opal has two main subgroups: common and precious. Common Opal exhibits a lovely glow referred to as “opalescence.” Because of Opal’s varying chemical composition, Common Opal is available in many different colors with their own unique properties. Precious Opal displays a rainbow “play of color,” gorgeous beams that change with the viewer’s angle or light source. Australia produces the overwhelming majority of the world’s Opal supply, and it is the country’s national gemstone. Historically, Opal has been significant to many civilizations. In the Middle Ages, it was considered a stone of vision, which would not only heal the eyes but also reveal hidden secrets, strengthen the mind, and sharpen the memory. Modern crystal collectors use Opal to welcome love, light, and luck into their lives.

Metaphysical Benefits of Opal

Opal is a gentle, optimistic stone that relieves stress and anxiety. Its soothing nature promotes a profound sense of mindfulness, helping you stay focused on the present instead of fixating on the past or future. Experiencing the now inspires creativity and innovation, and when you achieve this mindset, it is actually easier to move forward. Opal reveals new opportunities to you, and it gives you a little bit of extra luck to achieve your goals. Opal also fosters deep emotional bonds, both in your personal and professional lives. This crystal will amplify your feelings, allowing yourself to communicate effectively, while also encouraging you to release your fears and trust in your partner. Pink Opal takes these nurturing energies further. This highly introspective crystal is a fountain of love and hope, and it is the perfect tool for deep emotional healing. Pink Opal supports you through times of grief and loss, gently acknowledging your negative feelings and reconnecting you with your inner strength. Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Once you make it through a period of struggle with your Pink Opal stone,

Green and Yellow Opal help rejuvenate you to move forward. Green Opal is particularly helpful for releasing negative emotions and reorienting you to a more constructive mindset, and Yellow Opal is an excellent cleanser. If you feel disconnected or stuck, Green Opal helps you see your situation clearly and energizes you to progress. It can also provide a sense of emotional stability. Black Opal builds on Green Opal’s balancing vibrations. This protective crystal provides unfailing support and protection. With Black Opal, you can have the confidence to chase your passions or break the cycles of depression, because you are not alone. For these reasons, Black Opal is also a powerful manifestation tool.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Opal?

Opal’s stunning and unique visual qualities belie a powerful connection with the spirit realm. This crystal welcomes light into your aura, cleansing and revitalizing you. With your newfound energy, you will feel inspired and driven to develop yourself on both a spiritual and an earthly level. Opal also resonates strongly with the Crown Chakra, serving as a conduit for divine wisdom and allowing communication with angels, spirit guides, and deities. This crystal boosts your intuition and provides protection for spirit work, astral travel, and psychic meditation. Opal will prevent you from absorbing toxic energy from your environment. It also minimizes the deleterious effects of unforeseen, negative events. Because Opal contains water, it carries this element’s life-giving properties and is connected with many mother goddesses; let its nurturing temperament guide you along your life’s journey.

Pink and Green Opal both activate and cleanse your Heart Chakra. Pink Opal imparts loving vibrations that lighten your emotional body, removing deep-seated trauma from this and past lives. With this clarity, you are able to access a higher level of spiritualty.

Green Opal energizes your heart, allowing you to open yourself to the new relationships and opportunities that will welcome prosperity into your life. Your Solar Plexus Charka responds very well to Yellow Opal. The resulting confidence boost gives you the drive to achieve all your goals and conquer any challenges you might encounter. Black Opal promotes a perfect spiritual balance by connecting your Root and Crown Chakras. This stabilizing energy also extends to create a protective shield around your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Black Opal magnifies this stone’s lucky properties and vibrates uplifting energy. It aligns with the universal field to manifest your desires, and it also provides access to your past lives. Black Opal’s dark shine is ideal for scrying and other magical activities.

Over its long history, Opal has become associated with many different belief systems. In numerology, Opal corresponds with the successful, confident, and balanced energy of the number 8. Pink Opal’s loving nature harmonizes with the number 6’s nurturing and healing qualities, and Black Opal carries the confident, independent properties of the number 1. All Opal varieties support the grace and kindness of the Libra zodiac sign and Cancers’ natural intuition. Green, Yellow, and Black Opal resonate with the adventurous, optimistic, and generous qualities of Sagittarius. Black Opal also proves helpful to brave, resourceful Scorpios, and the enthusiasm and confidence of Aries pairs well with Green and Yellow Opal. In the Hellenistic pantheon, Opal is sacred to Persephone. This dual goddess, who is both the Goddess of Spring and the Queen of the Underworld, echoes Opal’s ability to provide joy and renewal while also sustaining you during periods of grief. Incan tradition honors Pink Opal, especially from the Andes Mountains, as a gift from Pachamama, the Earth Mother. Mayans also associated Opal with their creator goddess, Chirakan-Ixmucane, and the Goddess of Childbirth, Ixchel. European religious traditions honor Opal’s water energy; the crystal is associated with Cyhiraeth, the Welsh Goddess of Streams, and Dana, the Celtic River Goddess.

How to Use Opal

Opal’s unique beauty makes it very popular for jewelry, and it is the traditional gift for a fourteenth wedding anniversary. Opal’s calming properties are great for meditation, but this crystal can also imbue and entire room with peaceful energies. Wear or work with Pink Opal frequently whenever you are going through a period of grief, such as after a death or breakup. This stone will gently heal your heart. Pink Opal resonates very well with children, and leaving a piece in their bedroom will soothe them and encourage restful sleep. If your child is hyperactive or shy, holding Pink Opal helps them feel calm and confident. Adults can also benefit from leaving Opal on their bedside table or under their pillows to guard against nightmares and orient a restless mind toward sleep. If you struggle with managing your emotions, meditate with Green Opal. Opals are strongly associated with mothers, and they make wonderful gifts for baby showers, Mother’s Day, or when parents are facing an empty nest. Not only are they beautiful, but they can help mothers overcome any fear or anxiety surrounding pregnancy, birthing, or their child’s wellbeing. Wear Opal whenever you are looking to strengthen an existing relationship or start a new one. This crystal can also be very seductive, making it ideal for first dates or to spice up your love life. Opal’s powers of manifestation and revitalization make it the perfect crystal to support your career. Decorate your desk or workspace with Opal, or carry it with you to any important job events. Opal is ideal for abundance planning and resonates particularly well with nurturing professionals, such as doctors, teachers, artists, and activists. Opal’s energies extend to the planet for Earth healing. Black Opal provides protection for a space and a person. Leave a Black Opal at your front door to guard your home from physical or psychic attacks, or wear or carry Black Opal whenever you are entering a potentially toxic or dangerous situation. Black Opal can also give you a boost of spontaneity to pursue new adventures. For witches, divination professionals, or anyone who performs magic, a Black Opal crystal ball is ideal for scrying or boosting spellwork. In Feng Shui, Opal is associated with Water energy. Place it to the North of a room or in the Career and Life Path areas of your home.

In order to keep Opal emitting high level frequencies, it should be cleared frequently. Opal’s water content makes it particularly sensitive to sunlight, so avoid positioning it directly in the sun’s rays when decorating or cleansing. If exposed to too much sun, Opal will dry out, become brittle, and eventually break. Because of its connection to water, however, clearing methods like running under natural water or soaking in flower water are particularly effective for Opal. Our blog provides a wealth of information on clearing techniques and crystal care.

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