Chrysanthemum Stone

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What is Chrysanthemum Stone? 

Chrysanthemum stone, also known as the “Flower Stone,” is a black Dolomite, Gypsum, or Limestone based stone with a white or silver flower shape created by Celestite, Calcite, or Andalusite. Chrysanthemum stones are formed from high temperatures and pressure of organic-rich mud at the bottom of the ocean, where Celestite or Calcite ooze into the mix as the pressure continued. Like its brightly colored floral namesake, Chrysanthemum stone encourages positivity and welcomes abundance into your life.  

Chrysanthemum Stone Properties For Health 

Chrysanthemum stones regulate hormones, making it beneficial during puberty or for women who are adversely affected by their menstrual cycle or have fibroids, cystitis, or endometriosis. It is also a fertility stone. Chrysanthemum stone will detoxify the body, allowing you to properly absorb nutrients and relieve tumors and inflammation.  

Metaphysical Benefits of Chrysanthemum Stone 

Chrysanthemum stone transmits calm, serenity, and harmony. It helps you slow down, ground yourself, and live in the present. Chrysanthemum opens channels of connection and trust for others, eliminating ignorance, jealousy, and self-righteousness. If you’re on the path of emotional growth, Chrysanthemum stones are perfect for overcoming past abuse, codependency, and neglect. They are also great for overcoming limiting beliefs and fears.  

When you work past these emotional blocks, Chrysanthemum stone brings you into alignment with manifestation, creation, and abundance. It invites happiness into your life and allows you to bloom into your best self. If your daily habits don’t support an abundance mindset, Chrysanthemum stone will help you find the right path to live the life of your dreams.  

Spiritual Significance of Chrysanthemum Stone 

Chrysanthemum stone is associated with the Root and Crown Chakras, the element of Earth, and the astrological signs of Taurus and Aquarius. Due to its flowering crystal shape, Chrysanthemum stone is a constant reminder to blossom, especially under pressure or nonideal circumstances. Nature renews itself every year, and so should you. The spark of life lies within us all. This divine energy helps you connect to your higher self and the spiritual realm, and Chrysanthemum Stone supports Kundalini awakening, strength, and stamina. It helps you work through past trauma, especially from childhood. Chrysanthemum Stone opens you to the universe’s loving energy, allowing you to approach everyone and everything from a place of compassion and positivity.  

How to Use Chrysanthemum Stones 

Wear in jewelry, use in direct contact with skin, or place in a relevant location. Leave a Chrysanthemum stone under your pillow to activate messages and guidance regarding your potential and true life path. Use during manifestation meditational practices or in an abundance grid with other stones like Citrine. Chrysanthemum stone works well with the moon phases; it brings balancing energy to the Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine, and Dark/Light aspects. Place Chrysanthemum Stone next to your coffee maker; its grounding properties will charge your morning cup and start your day off on the right foot. 

In Feng Shui, Chrysanthemum stone utilizes Metal energy. Use Chrysanthemum Stones in areas of high concentration and needed strength or when working in a group. Metal is typically associated with the northwest and west areas of the home or room, dealing with the travel area, the helpful people/blessings area, and the creativity/children area. 

Chrysanthemum stones give off high levels of energy, and they need to be cleared and charged to function properly. There are many different techniques for clearing your crystals. Because of its floral energy, methods relating to the Earth are particularly effective for Chrysanthemum Stones. Place it in a bowl of dried rose petals and herbs like sage and sandalwood, bury it in soil, or charge it in the moonlight. Clear your Chrysanthemum Stone at least once a month, and if you use it more often, clear it more frequently. 

Chrysanthemum Stone and The Archangels  

Use Chrysanthemum stone to invoke Archangel Ariel and invite in spiritual and physical abundance. By following our joy in life we automatically tip the scales to a higher frequency. With this higher frequency we sit at we are able to pull our manifestations closer to us! Say “I can have it! I can have it all!”  

Use Chrysanthemum stone to invoke Archangel Michael and expect the unexpected! Blessings come from above if you open up and allow. Ask and you shall receive! Use Chrysanthemum stone to invite in your beautiful gifts from the heavens!  

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