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What is Calcite? 

Calcite is a common mineral found in all types of rocks throughout the world. It mainly makes up limestone or marble. This is where Calcite gets its name, from the Latin word “calc” which means lime. Calcite is used in a variety of ways from construction to pharmaceuticals (like antacids). 

Calcite is a member of the carbonate family and can range from white or gray in color to reds, greens, blues, yellow, and brown. Each of these calcites have different names: Mangano Calcite (Pink), Optical Calcite (Colorless/Transparent), Green Calcite, Coral/Fiero Calcite (Orange/Red), Coffee Calcite (Brown), Blue Calcite, Orange Calcite, Red Calcite, and Honey Calcite (Yellow).  

Calcite Properties For Health

Calcite relates to the endocrine (hormonal) system which includes your kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Any ailments that are within those organs, Calcite can help cleanse and remove or improve, especially the Green or Coral Calcite varieties. Because Calcite contains Calcium, it is also a great stone to use for bone-related issues, it can help dissolve calcification areas as well. Along with this, it can help balance out the Calcium levels within the body, stimulating reabsorption is needed. This also means that Calcite is able to promote growth in children.

Calcite can be used to relieve gut-related conditions, skin conditions, and other tissue-related conditions. Calcite crystal water can be used on the skin to relieve ulcers, wounds, and warts. Use the Green or Mangano Calcite stone to help with any heart-related issues that are present. Mangano or Blue Calcite can aid in healing certain cancers, lung disorders, or diaphragm weakness. 

If you suffer from insomnia, Mangano Calcite or Coral Calcite can help bring you relief. Optical or Blue Calcite is great for the eyes and any eye-related issues including eyesight. For weight loss, Optical, Coffee and Orange Calcite can stimulate metabolism and aid in digestion. Yellow Calcite will help bring awareness to the foods you eat, it is also beneficial for the digestive tract.

Use Optical or Blue Calcite for migraines or headaches as well. Orange Calcite can be used to ease muscle aches and pains or those from arthritis. It can also relieve depression, lethargy, or hopelessness. 

For reproductive health, Orange or Coral Calcite varieties are considered fertility stones, aiding in regulating hormones. It is also a great stone for libido-related issues. Coral Calcite can help with any urinary tract conditions.  

If you need endurance, Red Calcite is your best choice, it’s a great stone for physical trainers, bringing power and vigor to workouts. Use it to support healthy blood flow, especially through the feet, ankles, knees, and genitals. Red Calcite is also great for libido, reproductive health, regulating hormones, and strengthening the blood. It can also help with bone growth and density. 

Blue Calcite is a calming stone and will therefore help ease anxiety, stress, or negative emotions. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Calcite:

Calcite is known as the metaphysician’s stone, as it has the power to amplify and cleanse energies. It will help remove any stagnant energy that is within the body. Calcite will connect your emotions with ego, meaning your heart and mind. If you are in the field of arts and sciences, Calcite is a great stone to use on a daily basis. Calcite will stimulate insights, boost your memory, calm the mind, and allow you to judge situations more accurately. It will deepen your intellect and therefore your wisdom as well. 

If you are feeling stagnant in your everyday life, Calcite will bring forth hope and motivation to move away from this energy and overcome any setbacks that you may have encountered, especially Orange Calcite. Use Calcite when you need a boost of energy, especially the Orange or Coral Calcite varieties. It is a stabilizing stone, so Calcite will combat emotional stress replacing it with serenity, more specifically the Green, Mangano, or Blue Calcite varieties. 

Calcite can also increase your ability to trust, both within yourself and in others. If you are in need of good fortune or prosperity, Green or Coffee Calcite is an amazing stone to have. It represents money as well as nature, symbolizing abundance. You may also use Green Calcite for interpreting dreams, as it will provide mental clarity. If you suffer from any social-related phobias, Green or Orange Calcite can help assist you in overcoming these. Green, Red, Coral or Mangano Calcite is wonderful if you’ve experienced any traumas or drastic changes in your life that were unwanted or happened suddenly without warning. It will allow you to heal yourself through the process of overcoming the trauma. 

For better understanding, compassion, and tolerance of others, use Green Calcite, especially when needing to communicate clearly from the heart. Use the Mangano Calcite for children that are emotional, it will help ease their emotional overwhelm. Mangano, Coral or Orange Calcite will improve yourself love by increasing your ability to give and receive love. If you seek clarity in regard to why you feel a certain way, Optical or Yellow Calcite will help you better understand these situations. It will help you release any fear-based mindsets around situations in life, allowing you to surrender and trust the process.

Optical or Coral Calcite will also help you renew, grow, and create in all aspects of life. Orange Calcite can help you set boundaries with others. When feeling overwhelmed, Red Calcite will help alleviate those feelings, and can help prevent overextension of yourself. During times of integrating new mindsets, Red or Yellow Calcite will help this transitional process. Red or Blue Calcite can also be used to help you focus on a goal. If you encounter writer’s block, Blue Calcite can help relieve this issue, it will keep you on track. Red Calcite is known to be a grounding stone, counteracting any spaced out feelings you may encounter in life. 

Yellow Calcite will allow you to remember how magnificent you are! The Blue and Yellow Calcite varieties will allow you to be more optimistic, increase your self-esteem, and foster a positive attitude. If you are a songwriter or singer, a public speaker, or other conversation-based person, Blue Calcite will help you voice your feelings. It will allow you to become more aware of how you say things. Coffee Calcite will help you in breaking the pattern of repeating the same mistakes. It will help you make better decisions. Coral Calcite will bring an overall appreciation for life into your daily life.  

Spiritual Aspects of Calcite

Calcite amplifies and cleanses energy, clearing negativity from the aura. It will increase spiritual development and open you up to higher levels of consciousness. Blue Calcite will help you align with spirit, angels, and the celestial realms. It will promote clairvoyance and telepathy. Green calcite can be used as a tool for communication across realms, it allows your heart to receive love from spiritual guidance. Mangano calcite will align you with the highest form of motherly love from the Divine, your feminine energy and wisdom. Because Optical Calcite is clear, it allows you to surrender and trust in the Divine, this will guide you toward your highest good and truth. It will increase the necessary energy to see information clearly in order to do so. 

Optical Calcite also can be used as a tool to increase or develop your “clair-” gifts: clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustation, clairvoyance, and clairolfaction. It will also clear any energy blocks and allow release of the past. Orange Calcite will also remove blockages, but from the meridian system. This stone is an amazing stone for shamanic work as it gently guides the inner workings of the emotional body through spiritual means. 

Orange Calcite will bring solar energy into your aura and physical body. Red Calcite will amplify your spirituality and lessons. It will strengthen the connection to Mother Earth and nature, making Red Calcite a great stone to use when working in Earth-based rituals. Red Calcite can help you to see the sacred in the mundane. Yellow Calcite is also a great stone to use for shamanic work, it will help you access various realms/realities. It serves as a portal where spiritual truths are revealed, allowing you to come to new perspectives, mindsets, and realizations. During meditational practices, Yellow Calcite will help you experience a deeper meditation. This is a great stone to help connect you with your Archangels! 

Coral Calcite will pull down the higher vibration of Divine Love into your chakras, promoting vitality and confidence. It will also help enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. Coffee Calcite is perfect for grounding during meditations and manifesting abundance into your life. 

Calcite will activate all the chakras, however each variety of calcite works more closely with a specific chakra: Yellow Calcite and Coffee Calcite works with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Blue Calcite works with the Throat Chakra, Green and Mangano Calcite work best with the Heart Chakra, Optical Calcite works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, Orange Calcite works with the Sacral Chakra, Red Calcite and Coral Calcite are associated with the Root Chakra. 

Each calcite also is associated with different vibrational energies (in parenthesis) and various zodiac signs: Yellow Calcite (55) relates to Pisces and Sagittarius, Coffee Calcite (8) relates to Pisces and Scorpio, Blue Calcite (8) relates to Cancer, Green Calcite (3) relates to Cancer and Virgo, Mangano Calcite (4, 55) relates to Cancer, Optical Calcite (3) relates to Leo, Orange Calcite (5) relates to Cancer and Leo, Red Calcite (8) relates to Cancer, and Coral Calcite (3) relates to Cancer and Leo.  

Using Calcite

Overall, Calcite is a great stone when working with any form of spiritual healing or shamanic work. Use Mangano Calcite under your pillow or in your bedroom to help eliminate or prevent nightmares. When faced with a situation where you need courage, Mangano is great to have nearby. Optical Calcite can be used while reading to help magnify the text as well as “reading between the lines”. 

Green Calcite is best used where negativity energy needs to be absorbed. ,,,Use Green Calcite in meditation for calming and experiencing a deeper meditation. Choose Coral Calcite when you need to improve your creativity or need inspiration. This would be best used in a study or office area, as well as a studio or art-related space. 

Place Coral or Red Calcite in the bedroom when an increase in sexuality and libido is needed. Blue Calcite is most beneficial in stressful situations, again the office or work are great areas for this stone. If public speaking or needing to communicate effectively with someone, have Blue Calcite nearby to help aid with communication. 

If you are feeling sick, use Blue Calcite to help the body remember its proper balance, or homeostasis. 

Using an Orange Calcite Pyramid will amplify the properties of Orange Calcite. You can lay down and place the Orange Calcite Pyramid on your Sacral or Solar Plexus Chakra visualizing the Divine energy pulling into the pyramid and through the chakras. This process will help you be more in your power and release blockages within these chakras. 

Yellow Calcite can be used for scrying, it will enhance your meditation practice. Use Yellow Calcite in areas that need more bright energy flowing through it. 

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