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Dolomite Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Anhydrous Carbonate
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 3.5-4
  • Numerology Vibration: 8
  • Chakra Correspondences: Heart, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Aries 

What is Dolomite?

Dolomite is named for Déodat de Dolomieu, who discovered this stone when his swashbuckling youth landed him in jail and resulted in a career change from knight to geologist. These crystals are typically a shade of pearly pink, and in their raw form, they have a unique saddle shape. Dolomite can also be found in clear, white, gray, or pale yellow colors. If you are emotionally burnt out, Dolomite is the perfect stone for you. Its gentle energy revitalizes you and supports self-actualization. 

Dolomite Properties For Health

Dolomite is associated with cellular reproduction, so it supports strong muscles, bones, skin, nails, and teeth and also helps your blood cells. This stone’s energizing properties build stamina; it is the perfect tool for athletes and other professionals in physical careers, like construction workers, dancers, musicians, and massage therapists. Dolomite extends these invigorating qualities to boost metabolism and relieve symptoms of depression. Some healers have also noted Dolomite’s effectiveness in treating urinary disorders. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Dolomite

Dolomite is the perfect stone for new beginnings. It is particularly effective for emotional exhaustion. If you feel overwhelmed or worn out, Dolomite will reset your system to help you find a place of tranquility, balance, and quiet vitality. This stone also has grounding properties, which helps you maintain your newfound emotional stability.

Dolomite helps you release the toxic people, thoughts, and situations that created your burnout in the first place. When you achieve this mindset, new opportunities open up to you. Dolomite nurtures your heart to promote self-love. Released from your emotional burdens, you also experience more creativity and a charitable attitude. Dolomite allows you to view problems from empathetic and inventive perspectives.

This positivity and vitality also attract abundance. Dolomite helps you face your fears and releases you from the trauma that caused them. If you are afraid of failure, this crystal will give you the momentum to chase your dreams with confidence. Dolomite’s friendly energy is particularly helpful for people who live alone, keeping them uplifted and comforted when they feel lonely. 

What is the Spiritual Significance of Dolomite?

Dolomite connects deeply with the energies of the universe. It channels them to balance your Chakras, remove energy blocks, and provide stability. This link also makes Dolomite a powerful manifestation tool. By working with the Heart and Crown Chakras, Dolomite opens you up to universal love that promotes the highest good for all. It is a stone of agape, the Greek concept of love for all people. Dolomite encourages altruistic activities and helps you to give back to the community that supports you.

This crystal extends these caring vibrations inward as well as outward, nurturing self-love. When you are this aligned with universal energy, Dolomite helps you accept the higher plan. This crystal supports you as you work through losses by showing you that everything happens for a reason. It gives you the energy to release the people and experiences that no longer serve you so that you can move forward to success. Dolomite is associated with the determined, optimistic Aries astrological sign and the number 8, which represents success and balance. 

How to Use Dolomite

Dolomite’s loving energy makes it the perfect tool for activists. If you work with a charity or non-profit, place a piece of Dolomite in your office or wear it to relevant events. This stone’s manifestation powers are particularly effective when turned to altruistic uses, so it supports activism and attracts abundance that aligns with the highest good. Make the most of Dolomite’s energizing and balancing properties in a full-body crystal meditation.

You can hold a piece of Dolomite over each of your Chakras to find and remove blockages. Place Dolomite in the center of a room to stabilize the space’s energy; this technique is especially useful for offices or at-home gyms. Store a Dolomite stone next to your coffee. It will boost your coffee’s grounding properties, letting you star the day centered and energized.

If you are a writer, musician, or artist, wear Dolomite or place it in your workspace to stimulate creativity. You can use Dolomite to help you resolve both professional and personal problems, because the stone promotes the originality necessary to find effective solutions. 

In order to maintain Dolomite’s high healing vibrations, it should be cleared regularly. You can run your Dolomite under natural water sources, surround it with a ring of salt, or cleanse it with soundwaves. Check out our blog for more clearing techniques! 

Dolomite and The Archangels 

Use Dolomite to invoke Archangel Chamuel and bathe in the pink ray of unconditional love. The most important unconditional love we forget is self-love! Self-love has been deemed selfish or ego based, but Archangel Chamuel states the opposite! If you are providing yourself with love - that is - to “feel full” or “overflow” to be of service for others this is an act of selflessness, for when one is empty and gives to others they are doing a disservice to both parties involved in the energetic exchange.

Dolomite and Archangel Chamuel ask you to fill up your cup! Read that book, take a nap, turn off the phone! Saying no is the highest form of self care - saying no to people, places and things that do not serve you means you are taking back your energy. So the next time you do say yes - you’re saying yes because it benefits both parties in equal flow. It is time for you to say yes to things that give you joy! 

Use Dolomite to invoke Archangel Rapheal and watch you troubles of the heart lovingly heal and leave you with hope. We tend to carry some of the heaviest traumas in our heart and when they surface our first response is to shove them back in and hope they don’t surface again. Dolomite and Archangel Rapheal lovingly want to assist you in dismantling feelings of grief and loneliness. It is easy to feel alone during a spiritual awakening, finding that things that used to appeal to you no longer, and people you used to be friends with no longer resonate with you.

Archangel Rapheal wants to hold you and remind you that you are never alone or orphaned. The reminder of the benevolent assistance waiting to be called on - your team of light, The archangels, and your soul tribe. But hold on to the hope that there are others going through these feelings of loneliness and grief and you will be united with them again. Dolomite and Archangel Rapheal lovingly remind you you are never lonely when you learn to love the isolation and time with yourself. Love yourself and have hope for the future!

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