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Arfvedsonite is an amazing stone for manifestation. It also aids in spiritual growth. It is often confused with Nuumite.

  • Helps lift depression, and lessens negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Lets you see a better outcome for your situation by helping to remove old patterns.
  • Provides psychic protection.
  • Good for nightmares thus promoting restful sleep and dreaming.
  • Helps one understand dream symbols.
  • Fertility.
  • Helps locate and release any energy blockages in the body.
  • Reduces apprehension, self-doubt and procrastination.
  • Helps to see the truth and to communicate accurately.
  • This stone can be very ungrounding, so use with a grounding stone such as Aragonite or Black Tourmaline.

Use in meditation to experience psychic visions especially about the future.

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