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Arfvedsonite Fast Facts 

  • Mineral Family: Amphibole 
  • Structure: Monoclinic
  • Hardness: 6
  • Numerology Vibration: 3
  • Chakra Correspondences: Throat, Third Eye, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Gemini 

What are Arfvedsonite Stones?

Arfvedsonite is named for the Swedish chemist Johann Arfvedson. This stone is primarily a deep black color, although it sometimes contains flashes of blue, green, or red. Arfvedsonite is often confused with other dark crystal like Nuumite or Astrophyllite, so be careful that you have the right stone when you are looking to purchase it. Arfvedsonite is a powerful manifestation tool and supports communication in both the human and spiritual realms. 

Arfvedsonite Properties for Health

Arfvedsonite’s connection to the higher chakras make it extremely useful for mental health. It decreases negative thoughts and feelings to help lift depression. Arfvedsonite protects you from insomnia by eliminating nightmares and promoting restful sleep. This stone has also been linked to fertility. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Arfvedsonite

Arfvedsonite gives you the mental clarity to understand what you truly want and the communication skills to speak your truth. Therefore, it is an amazing tool for manifestation. Arfvedsonite assists you in releasing negative thoughts and frees from old habits that no longer serve you. When you work with Arfvedsonite, you can see the best possible outcomes and work toward them. This positivity also decreases feelings of apprehension and self-doubt. Arfvedsonite’s energizing properties help you stop procrastinating, encouraging you to chase after your dreams. 

What is the Spiritual Significance of Arfvedsonite?

Arfvedsonite supports your spiritual growth and helps you transform into your best self. It welcomes light into your life. When you radiate this positive energy, you shine and illuminate the world around you as well. Arfvedsonite increases your understanding and wisdom. This stone works with your Third Eye and Crown Chakra to reveal spiritual knowledge, give you clear visions of the future, and help you interpret your dreams. Arfvedsonite also provides psychic protection for these activities, and it can locate and release energy blockages in the body. Once you visualize the future you want and understand universal truths, Arfvedsonite helps you communicate this knowledge through the Throat Chakra. Therefore, this stone gives you the ability to manifest your best future into being. Arfvedsonite is associated with the Gemini zodiac sign and can help boost Geminis’ eloquence and positivity. 

How To Use Arfvedsonite 

Wear Arfvedsonite in a pendant, place in direct contact with skin, or situate in a meaningful area of the home. Arfvedsonite’s connection to the spiritual realm protects you from nightmares and helps you interpret your dreams, so leave it under your pillow or on your nightstand. If you are experiencing depression, meditate with Arfvedsonite to dispel the negative energy and encourage positivity. Arfvedsonite is an excellent tool for accessing knowledge about the future. Place a stone on your Third Eye to open it before engaging in your divination practice. Use a polished Arfvedsonite ball for scrying, or store it with your tarot cards to boost their abilities. If you are dreading a difficult conversation, carry Arfvedsonite with you so that you can effectively communicate your feelings. 

On its own, Arfvedsonite is a powerful manifestation stone, but it can also be combined with other crystals to welcome specific types of abundance. For example, use Arfvedsonite in a grid with Citrine to invite money or pair it with Rose Quartz to attract love.

 Because of Arfvedsonite’s strong connection to the spiritual realm, working with it can leave you feeling very ungrounded. Combine it with Root Chakra stones like Aragonite or Black Tourmaline to recenter you. Arfvedsonite’s powerful vibrations can be overwhelming at first, so begin by using it for short periods of time and slowly work up to longer sessions. 

In order to maintain Arfvedsonite’s strong energies, it should be cleared regularly. You can leave it in a bowl of herbs like sandalwood and sage, meditate with the intent to clear it, or cleanse it with soundwaves. Check out our blog for more information and clearing techniques! 

Arfvendsonite and The Archangels 

Use Arfvendsonite to invoke Archangel Metatron the supernatural teacher. As your soul grows and expands we find ourselves questioning more. Arfvendonsite and Archangel Metatron remind you of the wisdom and divine intelligence you possess. As we make our way down our life path the most important question we find ourselves asking is “Why am I here?” Or “What is my soul purpose?” We begin my looking external and falling down the rabbit hole of the endless answers. Arfvendonsite and Archangel Metatron ask you to channel that ambition to look within - where the answers, memories, and wisdom you are looking for resides. You are at a time of expansion and soul growth. Allow your life path to emerge before your eyes.  

Use Arfvendonsite to invoke Archangel Sandalphon and set those intentions! Arfvendonsite and Archangel Sandalphon can assist you in manifesting the life you have dreamed of. Can you imagine it, the life you truly desire and crave? It can be yours all yours! Practice your patience and be specific about what it is you desire. The trick to manifestation or The Law of Attraction, is speaking and acting as though you already have what you desire. So say it’s yours and it shall become yours - just like magic!  

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