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Eudialyte Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Silicate
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 5-6
  • Numerology Vibration: 3
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root, Heart
  • Astrological Correspondences: Aries

What is Eudialyte?

Eudialyte’s name comes from the Greek phrase “eu dialytos,” meaning “easily decomposable,” a reference to how quickly it dissolves in acid. Eudialyte often forms in crystalline masses, and it is a predominantly pink stone with specks of black, green, white, and brown. Black Tourmaline is often present in Eudialyte crystals, which lend its protective, grounding, and lucky properties to Eudialyte’s unique abilities. Eudialyte is sometimes called the “stone of the heartland,” because it vibrates unconditional love in harmony with the Earth’s energies. 

Eudialyte Properties For Health

Eudialyte relates strongly to the heart and helps heal multiple associated disorders. Always use Eudialyte with caution, however, because its powerful energy can increase your pulse. This heart connection also makes it especially useful for mental health. Eudialyte has been known to relieve depression and stimulate energy. It directs these properties to sexual health as well, increasing the libido. This crystal supports your skeletal system and treats bone breaks and fractures. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Eudialyte

Eudialyte is a stone of vitality. It aligns you with universal energy, which also makes it a powerful manifestation tool. Eudialyte opens your heart to welcome love and joy. This stone frees you from your inhibitions, encouraging you to chase after your dreams. To further support you in your quest, Eudialyte balances your physical and emotional selves. It promotes deep emotional healing from a place of introspection and wisdom.

Eudialyte teaches you how to forgive both yourself and others. Negative emotions like anger, grief, fear, and guilt only hold you back. Eudialyte helps you release them so that you can move forward. In particular, Eudialyte is an effective antidote for envy and resentment. If you are struggling to find your life path, this crystal will reveal your unique talents and help you find a career to express them. Eudialyte inspires creativity and unlocks hidden gifts and truths. This crystal shows you your best self and empowers you to achieve it. 

What is the Spiritual Significance of Eudialyte?

Eudialyte’s vibrations resonate with the Earth’s unconditional love, and this alignment welcomes abundance, energy, and harmony to your life. These manifestation properties increase the synchronicity in your life. As you work with Eudialyte, you will notice a significant increase of coincidences. Eudialyte channels the Earth’s energies through your Root Chakra to keep you grounded and protected, especially in psychic situations.

This crystal’s connection between the physical and spiritual realms enhance psychic abilities like clairaudience and telepathy. You can also use it to activate your Kundalini energy. Eudialyte works with your Heart Chakra to facilitate deep, emotional healing and stimulate self-love. When you achieve this mindset, you are truly ready to accept love from others. Eudialyte awakens your inner child, giving you the ability to view life with unbridled joy and vitality.

Eudialyte’s vibrant energy also stimulates creativity. This crystal helps you let go of things that no longer serve you and trust in the divine plan. If a situation leaves you angry at the universe, Eudialyte will help you comprehend the highest good and release your negativity. In numerology, Eudialyte resonates with the expressiveness, sociability, and optimism of the number 3. This crystal also symbolizes the confidence and passion of the Aries astrological sign. 

How to Use Eudialyte Crystals

Eudialyte contains Cerium, making it mildly radioactive, so it should be handled with care. We do not recommend using unsealed Eudialyte in direct contact with your skin. 

Artists, musicians, and writers should place a Eudialyte crystal in their workspace to encourage creativity. Meditate with Eudialyte to relieve depression and release negativity, especially if you are struggling with your faith. Use Eudialyte in a manifestation meditation practice or in an abundance grid with other attractive stones, like Citrine. Eudialyte is also a helpful tool to encourage psychic abilities. If you feel lost or confused, carry this crystal to guide you and reveal your hidden talents. 

Like many crystals, Eudialyte should be cleared frequently to maintain its high vibrations. Because Eudialyte’s name means “easily dissolved,” it should not be cleared with water. Eudialyte responds particularly well to moonlight, but it can also be smudged or buried in soil. Check out our blog for more clearing techniques! 

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