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4mm Crystal Beaded Bracelets, Power Bracelets, Stackable Bracelets. Stretch Bracelets

Gemstones available:
- Amazonite: Calming, balances emotions, sooths the nerves
- Amethyst: Encourage happiness, courage, peace, dream recall

- Aventurine: Promotes creativity, prosperity, balance
- Black Onyx: Supports in difficult times, stressful times, protection
- Blue Goldstone: man made stone, throat chakra stone
- Brecciated Jasper: Calming energy, excellent worry stone
- Carnelian: Motivation, action, creativity
- Dalmatian Jasper: Reawakens your joy, your life’s purpose.
- Fluorite: Mental clarity, stability, encourages organization and concentration (light green and purple stones, very pretty in person)
- Howlite: Crown Chakra stone, powerful connection to the divine
- Labradorite: Supports change and transformation
- Moss Agate: Abundance, new beginnings, nature
- Picture Jasper: Grounding, connects with earth
- Pyrite: Pyrite beads are faceted not round, powerful manifestation stone
- Quartz: All purpose stone, master healer
- Red Goldstone: man made stone, increases confidence, drive, and positive energy
- Rose Quartz: Unconditional love, heart chakra stone
- Snowflake Obsidian: Grounding, protection
- Tigers Eye: Some bracelets may be a mix of golden tigers eye and blue tigers, energy, focus, willpower, protection
- Unakite: Heart Chakra stone, allows you to be your authentic self