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The Health & Family area of your home is the left middle third of any area from the entry of that space, whether it is a whole house or a single room.  It is associated with the East direction and the Hard Wood element.  The Wood element is represented by all shades of green. 

The Hard Wood element is associated with the quality of health.  It is especially concerned with emotional and mental health and the health of the liver/gallbladder and throat/thyroid.  It is also associated with birth and the formation of a family, when a couple has their first child.  Hard Wood is represented in nature by every deciduous tree and almost all plant life from fruit, seed and nut bearing trees to flowers and medicinal plants to vegetables and herbs.

The color green is associated with new life and Spring, the heart chakra and emotions.

Health & Family - Using Crystals to Optimize Your and Your Family's Health

Crystals and semi-precious stones have been used for healing for centuries, if not millennia, from mystics such as Hildegard von Bingen in the 12th century to energy healers like Reiki Masters today. Current crystals books offer an abundance of crystal healing suggestions and crystal prescriptions. 

Please note, the description of the the crystals are informational and are in no way intended to be considered medical advice, substitutions for prescription medicine, traditional or holistic medical care. You should ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor for any medical or emotional issues.

Crystals for Health & Healing:

Our favorite green healing crystal is Malachite. It has a gorgeous dark green color with many other shades of green and black bands. Malachite has a calming effect, promotes emotional balance and aids in depression.

Ways to Enhance the Health of Each Family Member

One of the ways you can enhance the health of each member of the family is to have each person select a favorite crystal or stone to place in this area. It can be one of the crystals highlighted above or any crystal they feel drawn to, resonate with and want to select to represent their health and well-being.

Clear your crystal with pure water, natural light, sounds, clearing spray, sage or cleansing smoke from a fragrant incense wood like Palo Santo before using them.  Then, set intentions for your individual health or happy family relations. Place your crystals with Intentional Feng Shui in the Health & Family are of your home. Get the whole family involved!

1) Place your crystals in front of a framed picture of your family in the Health & Family area of your home.

2) Place your crystal in front of your own picture of health, a smiling you in peak fitness or vibrant health, looking and feeling your best.

3) Have each member of the family choose a healthy green or flowering indoor potted plant that they are responsible for watering and taking care of as a symbol of their commitment to taking care of their health. Place your crystal inside your pot.

4) Write an intention about how good you feel about your overall health and wellbeing or healthy and happy family relations. Place your crystal on top of your Health & Family intention card.

Tip #1: Use a lot of feeling words.

Tip #2: Write your intention as if you already feel your best, enjoying good health and an abundance of personal well-being.

Tip #3: Express your appreciation in advance by beginning your Health & Family intention with: “Thank you for…” or “I am so grateful…”

BONUS Five Element Feng Shui Tip: Placing crystals in the soil of living trees, indoor potted plants, flower beds and vegetable gardens can increase the health and vitality of the Wood element. They can enhance the plant’s ability to grow and thrive, stay green and vibrant and maintain its health throughout the changing seasons. They can also heal ailing plants or keep cut flowers fresh and fragrant longer. Place quartz crystal in the bottom of a pot before re-potting. Place the crystals on top of the soil or stick them into the soil. If you have cut flowers, add crystals to your vase of water.