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Kyanite Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Silicate
  • Structure: Triclinic
  • Hardness: 4.5-7
  • Numerology Vibration: 4
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root, Sacral, Throat, Heart
  • Astrological Correspondences: Aries, Taurus and Libra 

What is Kyanite?

Kyanite’s name comes from the Greek word, “kyanos,” which means “blue,” and it is most commonly associated with this color. However, Kyanite comes in many different shades, including green, black, and orange, and also forms in natural combinations with other crystals, most notably Ruby. Kyanite is available in a variety of man-made and natural shapes, including raw chunks, polished stones, and blades. Black Kyanite forms into a unique broom or fan shape, and it is often coated in metals like Titanium or Gold.

Each color of Kyanite has unique healing, metaphysical, and spiritual properties, but all Kyanite stones carry a calming energy that connects you to your higher self and the divine. 

Kyanite Properties For Health

Kyanite is a powerful pain reliever. It works by lowering inflammation, which also decreases blood pressure and heals inflection. These anti-inflammatory properties are particularly useful for treating muscle pain and issues with tendons and ligaments. Blue Kyanite is effective for helping throat disorders. Kyanite’s calming and balancing properties also relieve anxiety and can release you from negative behaviors, such as unmanaged anger, smoking, and disordered eating. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Kyanite

Kyanite calms your mind and encourages a deep meditative state. This stone, particularly in its black form, also works by removing energy and mental blockages. It dissipates confusion, anger, and frustration. Kyanite nurtures introspection; it helps you release control and reconnects you with your true needs. When you achieve this mindset, Kyanite sets you on the correct life path. Kyanite also facilitates communication. This stone encourages you to speak your truth while listening to other perspectives with an open mind. 

Blue Kyanite nourishes your emotional health by helping you let go of those things that no longer serve you. When you release toxic relationships, behaviors, and ideas, you can heal and transform into your best self. Green Kyanite soothes your emotions so that you can see situations clearly. To take these emotional balancing properties one step further, use Ruby in Kyanite to heal and open your heart. Black Kyanite channels positive energy into your life and can protect you from negativity. Orange Kyanite provides a boost of vitality, helping you move forward from a place of joy and ambition. 

Spiritual Significance of Kyanite

Kyanite fosters a level of calm and self-reflection that is perfect for meditation and nurtures divine communication. It is particularly helpful for connecting to spirit guides and angels, as well as dream work. Kyanite encourages self-expression and enables you to speak your truth, both in your life and in the spiritual realm. 

Green Kyanite and Ruby in Kyanite connect to the Heart Chakra. Both stones facilitate deep, emotional healing and open your heart to nourishing interpersonal relationships. Black Kyanite works with the Root Chakra to ground you, and its protective properties remove energy blockages present in your entire energy system. Orange Kyanite is associated with Sacral Chakra, providing energy and confidence. It is also deeply connected to the Tarot Card of the Six of Wands, which represents triumph and fulfillment. 

Blue Kyanite connects to your Throat Chakra, facilitating clear communication, but it also has the ability to align your entire Chakra system. At My Dream Crystals, we have experienced these powers firsthand. Our co-founder, Kelly, describes one of her customers’ reactions: 

“One day, a man walked into the store who was pretty skeptical about all things metaphysical. His name was Nate, and we started chatting about crystals and the type of things they do. Kyanite is one of my favorite stones, so I explained how it can open all of your chakras and showed him a nice, big blue Kyanite piece. Nate didn’t know anything about chakras. I decided to check his system with tinghas (cymbals used by Tibetan monks for chakra work). The change in the sound was very noticeable, and Nate was amazed when he realized he had so many energy blocks. He grabbed a big piece of Kyanite off the counter, and his chakras popped open with an overwhelming energy! All the sudden, Nate was light-headed and dizzy. After he re-centered, he went home with that huge chunk of Kyanite and became a frequent visitor to the store.” 

How to Use Kyanite 

Kyanite is one of the few stones that never needs to be cleared. It doesn’t absorb negative energy, so it is an excellent, low-maintenance addition to your collection and is particularly helpful for healing work. Place Kyanite crystals in a relevant location in your home, wear it as jewelry, or use it in direct contact with your skin. Blue and Black Kyanite form in very delicate structures, so be careful if you carry them in their raw forms. 

Kyanite’s calming and communicative properties make it powerful for healing interpersonal relationships. It facilitates difficult conversations by allowing you to speak your truth and helping you listen to others’ truths. This stone also bridges the gap between different viewpoints and lets you release your need for control, smoothing over conflict. Wear or carry Kyanite when you are arguing with a friend or partner, or leave it in your workplace to encourage harmony and coordination in your team. It is also a great stone to have on hand for negotiations. If you are shy, wear Kyanite jewelry to help you stand up for yourself. 

Kyanite encourages a meditative state, and if you have a grounding meditation practice, Black Kyanite in particular will center and balance you. Use Kyanite to facilitate communication with your spirit guides and angels. Because of Kyanite’s strong connection to the divine, it is also very useful for dream work. 

Keep Kyanite and a notepad by your bed to help you remember your dreams. When you wake up, hold the Kyanite stone in your non-dominant hand, close your eyes, and ask your dreams to come back to you. Then, write down your dreams so that you can interpret them later. 

If you are recovering from emotional trauma such as a breakup or loss, meditate with Green Kyanite or Ruby in Kyanite to heal your heart. These stones will help you recover and open yourself up to love again. 

Use Orange Kyanite if you are feeling sluggish. This stone’s high energy also supports ambition. Bring it with you to important career events, such as interviews, to focus those vibrations toward your goals. Orange Kyanite is also perfect for networking events, because it connects your Throat Chakra to your Sacral Chakra, allowing you to communicate confidently. Because Kyanite is such an introspective stone, Orange Kyanite is also helpful for abundance planning. 

Kyanite and The Archangels 

Use kyanite to invoke Archangel Michael,  both are known for the truth they possess and helping you find your own. Allowing you to to say “Here I am world! This is my truth!” Archangel Michael lovingly reminds you when you this truth your truth might not be someone else’s - and that is okay! 

Can you lovingly sit with this being and say, “Oh that’s their truth! How interesting. It doesn’t resonate with me, but I don’t need to fight it!” Be aware of your words for they are our greatest form of invoking manifestations. Wield your sword with love and compassion! Your voice is meant to be heard!  

Use kyanite to invoke Archangel Gabriel and allow the messages to flood in! When we focus on the throat chakra we think of our voice and our truth, but we often forget about how we listen. It’s time to tune in! Kyanite and Archangel Gabriel lovingly remind you to listen to your inner murmurings. You are surrounded by a team of light and they are always leaving your breadcrumbs - all you have to do is pay attention.  

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