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The Wealth & Prosperity area of your home is the rear left third of any area from the entry of that space, whether it is a whole house or a single room. It is associated with the Southeast direction and the Soft Wood element. The Soft Wood element is represented in nature by evergreens.

The grand centenary coniferous forests of the Arctic Circle, the ancient green giants of the Sequoias and the tropical evergreens of the equatorial rainforests. Unlike the Hard Wood element, Soft Wood does not change color with the seasons. Conifers are ever green and can live for hundreds of years making them associated with eternal youth, resilience and longevity.

The Wealth & Prosperity area is enhanced by the color purple and a touch of red to activate the energy. The color purple is associated with wealth, the crown chakra and royalty. Purple dyes, which date back to 1900 B.C. required copious amounts of shellfish to dye enough fabric for a single garment.

Only the crowned heads of states, like kings and emperors, could afford to wear the color purple. Since then, purple pigments have become less costly and labor intensive but purple still symbolizes wealth, luxury and a prosperous life.

Wealth & Prosperity – All About the Money or Not

Crystals and semi-precious stones can be used to attract wealth, make more money, increase cash flow and even enhance opportunities for passive income. Author, Philip Permutt lists a number of crystals in his book, The Crystal Healer that can be used to acquire wealth. He recommends selecting one of the following crystals and placing it in your pocket or coin purse.

Prosperity is far greater than just the acquisition of money and possession of desired material items. Prosperity is about having more than enough in every area of your life. An abundance of all good things from health and personal well-being to rewarding vocations and fulfilling relationships to plenty of sleep and ample leisure time.

Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity:

Our favorite purple wealth crystal is Amethyst. Amethyst increases the energy, magnifies the properties and enhances the qualities of other crystals. According to Philip Permutt, Amethyst can be used to focus on money matters, make decisions, have success in business and move forward in life.

Ways to Enhance Your Personal Prosperity

One of the ways you can enhance your personal prosperity is to use Intentional Feng Shui. Place your crystals in the Wealth & Prosperity area of the Western Feng Shui bagua. Make sure to clear your crystal with pure water, natural light, sounds, clearing spray, sage or cleansing smoke from a fragrant incense wood like Palo Santo before using them. 

1) Place your crystal in front of a framed picture of what wealth or prosperity means to you. A dream home or luxury car, a dream vacation or successful career/business.

2) Place your crystal in front of a framed picture of a smiling you holding some cash or posing in front of the car you want to drive.

3) Place your crystal with other symbols of wealth and prosperity like your first dollar bill or copy of your first big commission check, coin collections or spare change in a money bowl.

4) Write an intention about an area of your life that you would like to experience more wealth (money and riches) and prosperity (comfort and joy). Place one of the purple or red crystals listed above, on top of your handwritten intention in the Wealth & Prosperity area of your home or office.

Tip #1: Use a lot of feeling words.

Tip #2: Write your intention as if you already feel wealthy and prosperous.

Tip #3: Express your appreciation in advance by beginning your Wealth & Prosperity intention with: “Thank you for…” or “I am so grateful…”

BONUS Western Feng Shui Tip: The “Money Tree”. Plant a single evergreen tree in the Wealth & Prosperity corner of your property. Or place a potted living evergreen tree in the Wealth & Prosperity area of your home or office. Enhance your wealth and prosperity by adding at least four pieces of amethyst to the soil of the planted or potted tree.

Holiday Tip: The Wealth & Prosperity area of your home is the most ideal place for your evergreen “Christmas” tree.