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Cinnabar Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Sulfide
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 2-2.5
  • Numerology Vibration: 2, 8
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root, Sacral, Third Eye
  • Astrological Correspondences: Leo 

What is Cinnabar? 

Cinnabar’s name traces its lineage to Ancient Greek, Persian, and other Indo-European languages and their terms for “Dragon’s Blood.” This stone forms around volcanoes and hot springs and is most often found in shades of red and brown. Historically, Cinnabar was heavily prized both for its vibrant color and metaphysical properties. The Olmec and Mayan civilizations’ burial rituals incorporated red Cinnabar dirt. Medieval Chinese artisans frequently featured this stone in their lacquers, and Italian Renaissance painters created the color “vermillion” with Cinnabar. Alchemists frequently used Cinnabar, known to them as “quicksilver,” in their attempts to turn lead into gold, often contracting Mercury poisoning in the process. Despite its long history of use all around the world, Cinnabar is a rare crystal. It vibrates with a strong energy that encourages manifestation and transformation. 

Cinnabar Properties For Health 

Cinnabar activates the entire immune system, making it particularly helpful in treating infections of all types, including fungal infections, strep throat, herpes, and HIV. It also heals and purifies the blood. Cinnabar reduces warts, lesions, and boils. This stone stabilizes your weight, helping you maintain your body’s natural form. Cinnabar’s strong creative energy promotes sexual health. It can increase libido, encourage fertility, and treat impotence.

Metaphysical Benefits of Cinnabar 

Cinnabar is stone of success and prosperity. It attracts wealth and supports healthy assertive energies. Cinnabar strengthens and energizes your mind, increasing mental agility and inspiring creativity. It is also a powerful tool for enhancing relationships. Use Cinnabar to strengthen your physical connection with you partner or increase a feeling of unity within your community. This crystal’s strong vibrations make transformation possible. First, Cinnabar helps you release the negative emotions like fear, anger, and envy that hold you back. Then, it gives you the vitality and power to chase after your dreams and achieve your best self. When you adjust to this mindset, anything is possible! 

Spiritual Significance of Cinnabar 

Cinnabar is a powerful, high energy stone. It removes blockages, balances you, and stimulates Kundalini energies. This physical, spiritual, and mental clarity encourages transformation, allowing you to reach your highest potential. Cinnabar works from your Root Chakra to ground and balance you, and by coordinating with your Sacral Chakra, it increases your confidence and stimulates creativity. Cinnabar unlocks your Third Eye Chakra to heighten your tuition and help you access mystical wisdom. This clarity allows you to realize your true purpose. Cinnabar’s unique connection to both the earthly and the divine drive meaningful personal change. With this crystal’s help, you can view human problems through a spiritual lens for deeper understanding and more creative problem-solving. 

Cinnabar has a long history of magical uses, having been a favorite of medieval alchemists. Its manifestation and transformation properties make it the perfect tool for spell work. Because of its connection to the Third Eye, Cinnabar is also helpful for divination and encourages magical intuition. 

Cinnabar is associated with the Leo zodiac sign and the numbers 2 and 8. In the Christian tradition, this stone connects to the Archangel Michael and embodies the spirit of community volunteering. 

How to Use Cinnabar 

Cinnabar contains Mercury and should be handled with caution. When you are using raw Cinnabar, keep it in a sealed, fabric bag. The crystal’s strong energy will penetrate through the cloth. If you come into direct contact with raw Cinnabar, wash your hands immediately. We recommend using sealed Cinnabar for increased safety. 

Place Cinnabar in relevant locations to make the most of its attractive properties. Store it near your wallet, in your cash box, or in your office. It is also helpful to have on hand when you are negotiating a contract. You can use Cinnabar with other abundance crystals, like Citrine and Emerald, in a grid or a manifestation ritual. If you feel lost, particularly if you are struggling to choose a career path, meditate with Cinnabar to reveal your divine purpose. When you undergo a period of transition, take advantage of Cinnabar’s grounding properties to stabilize you and remove any obstacles to your success. Carry Cinnabar for important career events, such as interviews or business openings. If you feel disconnected from your partner, place a Cinnabar stone in your bedroom to draw you closer together. Artists, musicians, and writers should use Cinnabar to inspire creativity and encourage cash flow. 

Cinnabar should be cleared regularly to support its high vibrational energy. While there are a wide variety of clearing techniques available, because of its Mercury content, you should not use water-based clearing methods for your Cinnabar stone. You can cleanse it with soundwaves, surround it with salt, or use Reiki healing. Check out our blog for more information on clearing!

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