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Jade Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Silicate
  • Structure: Monoclinic
  • Hardness: 6-7
  • Numerology Vibration: 11
  • Chakra Correspondences: Heart
  • Astrological Correspondences: Aries, Gemini, Pisces 

What is Jade?

Jade is a powerful crystal that has been revered all over the world for centuries. The ancient tribes of the British Isles used it for weapons, and in the pre-colonial Americas, Jade featured prominently in religious ceremonies. China’s love affair with this stone is well-known, and Chinese art and medicine have long celebrated Jade’s beauty and healing powers. 

The term “Jade” refers to two different minerals: Nephrite and Jadeite. Both share a distinctive green color and carry the same healing, metaphysical, and spiritual properties. Nephrite is a form of Calcium Magnesium Silicate, and Jadeite is a rarer and more expensive variety of Sodium Aluminum Silicate. In its translucent and emerald-colored form, Jadeite is known as “Imperial Jade,” the most highly prized Jade stone. To tell whether your Jade stone is Nephrite or Jadeite, tap it with a hard object; Nephrite will chime like a musical instrument, but Jadeite will not. 

Seventh century philosopher Khivan Ghung believed that Jade was the physical expression of the nine human virtues: Benevolence, Knowledge, Righteousness, Charity, Purity, Endurance, Ingenuity, Morality, and Musicality. These qualities meant that Jade was a stone blessed by the divine. Modern crystal healers and collectors value Jade for its calming, nurturing, and abundance properties. 

Jade Properties For Health

Jade is a powerful protection stone, and it shields the body from all sorts of physical illnesses. Its calming properties translate to inflammation reduction, so it can be used to treat bacterial and viral infections. Jade is a detoxifier, and it promotes kidney, spleen, and bladder health. This crystal can regulate your heartbeat by soothing palpitations and balance your nerves as well. Jade supports your skeletal system, and is particularly helpful for healing broken bones. It also relieves cramping and spasms. 

Jade is associated with reproductive health; it is effective for treating impotence and alleviating pain during childbirth. Jade is also considered a stone of eternal youth and a natural anti-aging tool. Use a Jade roller on your skin to increase blood circulation or in a gem-infused toner, moisturizer, or beauty water. If you are unwell but unsure of the source of your illness, Jade will help you reach a diagnosis. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Jade

When you feel lost and completely out of control, let Jade calm and guide you. Jade reveals your life’s path and your highest potential, allowing you to move forward and achieve your dreams. It soothes negative emotions like anger and fear, replacing them with calm and happiness. Jade is particularly effective for helping you release guilt and shame. Jade has long been considered a lucky stone. It imbues your heart with positivity and attracts meaningful friendships. When you achieve this mindset, abundance is just around the corner!

Jade brings out your nurturing side, encouraging you to protect yourself and others, and enriching your relationships with friends, family, and business partners. It imparts ancient wisdom by encouraging you to view situations with clarity. Jade guards you from deception and frees you from a pack mentality. With this stone, you’ll never be afraid to own your independence. Jade’s green color mirrors the lush, vibrant hues of nature. This crystal reminds you to grow just like the beautiful plants you see around you.

The Spiritual Significance of Jade?

Jade’s nurturing energy resonates with your Heart Chakra. It opens you up to love and compassion. This stone is particularly effective for drawing friendships to you and creating a supportive community. Relationships formed with Jade’s help are honest and built on deep emotional compatibility. Jade’s energy flows out from your heart to promote total spiritual well-being. Jade is also considered a dream stone; it assists with dream recall and interpretation. 

Jade’s vitality represents a long, satisfying life and a peaceful journey into the spiritual realm. It is associated with true nobility- not titles, but virtuous actions. This crystal keys in to divine love to promote charity and invite much-deserved abundance. If you have lost contact with your Inner Child, Jade invites their joy and innocence back into your life. 

Jade is considered sacred to Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Fertility. In numerology, Jade is associated with the idealistic, visionary, and awareness energies of the number 11. It is also a powerful tool for the Aries zodiac sign. It amplifies their determination, confidence, and optimism while discouraging their erratic emotions and impulsive nature. Jade also supports Pisces’ sensitive and imaginative qualities and Geminis’ affectionate, gentle, and curious personalities. 

How to Use Jade

Wear or carry Jade with you as a lucky charm; it will have the added benefit of revitalizing you and protecting you from illness. Jade stones in the form of dragons, fish, or frogs are particularly auspicious. Use Jade as an aid to abundance planning or in a crystal grid with other attractive stones like Citrine. For a simple manifestation ritual, place a Jade stone next to a green candle. Light the candle, and visualize what you wish to attract. Place a Jade stone under your pillow to facilitate dream recall and interpretation. If you need to release negative emotions, meditate with a Jade stone over your heart. 

Jade protects travelers from any calamities that might befall them on the road. Caring professionals like doctors, teachers, and therapists will benefit from Jade’s nurturing energies. Jade’s calming properties also resonate very well with children. Leave a Jade crystal in your child’s bedroom to calm and protect them. Jade’s green energy also supports environmentalists, activists, and philanthropists. 

In Feng Shui, Jade carries Wood energy. Place it in your dining room, the East and Southeast areas of a room, your Family and Heath area, or your Prosperity and Abundance area. Jade is also a powerful anti-aging tool; add it to your skincare routine. You can use a Jade facial roller, or you can infuse it into your moisturizer, toner, or beauty water. 

Like many crystals, Jade should be cleared regularly to maintain its high healing vibrations. Because it resonates so strongly with nature, Earth-based clearing methods like burying in soil and surrounding with cleansing herbs like salt, sandalwood, and sage are particularly affective. The My Dream Crystals blog has a wide variety of articles related to clearing techniques and crystal care. 

Jade and The Archangels 

Use Jade to invoke Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and find ease of mind that you are safe to heal. Both the Archangel of Protection and Archangel of Healing stand before you now with their arms extended in offering a deep soul healing. Jade is an instantly protective stone with a similar instant feeling of safety that is offered by Archangel Michael. Jade is also the healer! Offering you a deep cleanse of what no longer serves you. Jade is the stone of purity - meaning free of toxin. It is time for you to release what no longer serves to make room for the blessings of the abundant universe. An offering is being made of a deep cleanse or soul detox, Archangel Michael will protect you through it while Archangel Raphael offers you a peace of mind. Jade is a stone that wears many hats - the protector, the healer, and the manifestor.  

Use Jade to invoke Archangel Uriel in remembrance that the abundant universe will always provide. The offering of peace of mind from the Jade stone can put you in harmony and allow the blessings to flow towards you. The Law of Attraction or manifestation can be difficult when it comes from an unbalanced use of the sacred masculine (energy we all possess) in the Solar Plexus. 

Becoming emotionally attached or forcing an outcome stunts the flow of the blessing. The trick is to put it into the universe with your words and then drop into the divine feminine or Sacral and allow. Be at peace and know that what is meant for you will come for you. Be patient! Jade will assist you in this process by strengthening the muscle of faith, knowing there is never lack and shifting your focus to peace and gratitude. The abundant universe will provide! 

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