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The Career & Life Path area of your home is the center front third of any area from the entry of that space, whether it is a whole house or a single room. It is associated with the North direction and the Water element.

Water is represented in nature by streams and rivers, springs and pools, ponds and lakes, rain and snow and in feng shui by the deep ocean. This is the area to enhance the potential for career success in your chosen field of expertise. It is also an excellent area to enhance for more direction on your life path.

The Career & Life Path area is enhanced by water colors (black, indigo blue, deep purple).

Career - Includes Work & New Jobs

You can enhance this area to attract more opportunities in your professional career or hone various skillsets required for success.  You can use this area to focus on long term career options, or options around obtaining a short 

Crystals for your Career:

Life Path - What's my Purpose?

Not everyone has or needs to have a career. Everyone does have a life path. Yang energy water is on the move. The mountain (an Earth element) provides a course and direction for its forward and downward movement from the peaks to the lakes, seas and oceans. Crystals, an Earth element, can help to provide insight, inspiration and encouragement on your journey through life.

Crystals for your Life Path:

Our favorite crystal for finding your Life Path is Ametrine.  Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine and the combination works to activate your intuitive abilities. Ametrine removes blocks and obstacles out of your way while supporting the changes you're making to put you on your life path.  

One of the ways you can enhance your opportunities to create a successful and rewarding career or fulfilling life is to use Intentional Feng Shui. Place your crystal in the Career & Life Path area of the Western Feng Shui bagua. Make sure to clear your crystal with pure water, natural light, sounds, clearing spray, sage or cleansing smoke from a fragrant incense wood like Palo Santo before using them. 

1) Place your crystal in front of your profession’s tools of the trade.

2) Place your crystal in front of your business card or other promotional literature about your profession or business.

3) Place your crystal with pictures of you at work or doing something that embodies your life path.

4) Write an intention about your Ideal Career/Vocation/Profession/Trade. Place one of the crystals listed above, on top of your handwritten intention in the Career & Life Path area of your home or office. Tip #1: Use a lot of feeling words. Tip #2: Write your intention as if you already have booked your flights or passage, accommodations and dining reservations. Tip #3: Express your appreciation in advance by beginning your Career & Life Path intention with: “Thank you for…” or “I am so grateful…”

BONUS Feng Shui Tip: To soften and energize your water, place a few prices of clear quartz in the bottom of your water bottle or filter pitcher. Leave overnight on the counter or in the refrigerator to drink the next day. Elixirs made with quartz makes water taste fresher.