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Pietersite Description

Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Quartz
  • Structure: Hexagonal
  • Hardness: 6.5-7
  • Numerology Vibration:
  • Chakra Correspondences: Solar Plexus, Third Eye
  • Astrological Correspondences: Sagittarius, Leo

What is Pietersite?

Also known as “Eagle’s Eye” and the “Tempest Stone,” Pietersite is a mystical, midnight blue or deep red crystal with whirls of yellow, gray, white, and/or light blue. It was discovered by Sid Pieters in Namibia in 1964, who named it after his father, Louis Pieters. This unique stone forms inside Jasper with asbestos inclusions, taking up the space where the asbestos used to be. Pietersite is extremely rare; it has only been found in Namibia and China’s Hunan Province. When your life feels as stormy and complicated as Pietersite’s swirling surface, this crystal offers profound protection and reveals the path to abundance.

Metaphysical Benefits of Pietersite

Pietersite is a stone of transformation. It encourages you to chase your dreams, inspiring drive, focus, and a constructive mindset. With Pietersite’s protective energy behind you, you are free to take the risks necessary for success and embrace the universe’s boundless possibilities. This crystal creates synchronicity, putting you in the right place at the right time. Pietersite is also a profoundly introspective stone, and it reveals the deep-seated causes of negativity, anxiety, and depression that have been limiting you, whether you realized it or not. This crystal works directly with your intuition, strengthening it and encouraging you to listen to it. It lays the truth of every situation bare and dissipates all confusion. Pietersite also unlocks your hidden talents, allowing you to shine as your authentic self. With this level of clarity, there is nothing that you can’t achieve.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Pietersite?

Pietersite brings your Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras into alignment. It channels divine wisdom, supercharging your intuition and self-confidence. With this powerful combination, you are an unstoppable force. Pietersite connects you to your dreams and helps you manifest them. It also dispels negativity and protects your aura. This crystal expands your psychic abilities, taking them to the next level, and allows you to connect your spiritual and earthly selves. It grounds you to your etheric body, rooting you deeply in your spirituality.

In astrology, Pietersite is associated with the compassion, loyalty, and assertiveness of the Sagittarius sun sign and the devotion and honesty of Leo. This crystal also carries Fire energy in Feng Shui, although in a gentler form. It is like the soft light of a candle instead of a roaring bonfire. Working with this elemental energy, Pietersite keys in to your passions.

How to Use Pietersite

Pietersite has exceptionally strong vibrations and may be overwhelming for crystal novices. We recommend working with your Pietersite stone for a few minutes or even a few seconds a day when starting, slowly ramping up as you get more comfortable. This kind of consistent work with Pietersite in a manifestation practice will help you achieve abundance. You may consider placing your Pietersite in the south of your home or room, taking advantage of its Feng Shui fire energy for career and fame. This crystal’s strong ethereal frequencies also aid in meditation and dream interpretation. Add a piece of Pietersite to your meditation altar or leave it under your pillow to supercharge your spiritual development and psychic gifts.

Pietersite’s strong shielding properties make it the perfect protection talisman. It is especially helpful for guarding against storms, keeping property safe and calming both humans and animals. This crystal is also effective against electromagnetic frequencies and can be stored near electronics like modems, microwaves, and cell phones.

To maintain its exceptionally high frequencies, Pietersite should be cleared regularly. It resonates well with moonlight and saltwater; however, its vibrant colors can be damaged by sunlight. For more information on crystal care, visit the My Dream Crystals blog!

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