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Quartz Fast Facts:

  • Mineral Family: Quartz
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 7
  • Numerology Vibration: 4
  • Chakra Correspondences: Crown
  • State Gem: Georgia 

What Are Clear Quartz Stones?

Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal, is a natural form of silicon dioxide, and it is one of the most famous, abundant, and diverse gemstones. Clear Quartz is the ultimate representation of divine light; it is a master healing crystal and the world’s most powerful amplifier. This stone works by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energy. It directs these energies to heal, release blocks, and remove impurities and imbalances on all levels. Clear Quartz promotes peace and clarity. It also increases harmony and balance, both internally and externally, and can help you to get your emotions in check. Clear Quartz is available in many different natural and man-made shapes, including points, clusters, chunks, and polished pieces. It’s not unusual for Quartz to have other minerals, like Tourmaline, suspended within it, and Quartz comes in many different types. Check out our corresponding page, Different Varieties of Quartz, for more information.

Clear Quartz Properties For Health

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing crystal in existence, and it can speed recovery from any condition. This stone works by harmonizing and aligning your chakras and your subtle energy bodies. Through this method, Clear Quartz promotes health in a holistic way, leaving your whole mind, body, and soul energized. This universal approach allows for total well-being and harmonizes your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. Furthermore, Clear Quartz protects you from unwanted and harmful energies. It is a protection stone to guard against electromagnetic radiation.

Metaphysical Benefits Of Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz cleanses and charges all of your systems, resulting in alignment and harmony. When you are purified and perfectly centered, your energetic vibration raises to its highest possible level; in fact, holding Quartz doubles your biomagnetic field. Clear Quartz works with your chakras, subtle energy bodies, mind, emotions, and spiritual sight. It amplifies inner calm and can help you to see things from a purer and more metaphysically-aware space. Clear Quartz also protects you from negative energy, absorbing it and transforming it into positivity. This crystal’s attractive properties also work for information; Clear Quartz stores data like a computer hard drive.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz is an incarnation of divine light, increasing your psychic abilities and perception. It reveals your higher purpose and allows you to view situations from a clear, spiritual understanding. This mindset results in empowerment and alignment. Clear Quartz also works with your Crown Chakra to connect you to your psychic, intuitive, and clairvoyant abilities, as well as activating your Kundalini energies. It increases your abilities of subtle perception and connecting to your astral body. Astral projection and travel, advanced forms of dreaming, transcendental meditation, and healing pursuits can all be enhanced.

Clear Quartz also activates past life memories and dream recall. Through directly linked to the Crown, Clear Quartz can heal, cleanse, and release blockages in your entire Chakra to help you embody more light. This stone promotes harmony between the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. Clear Quartz corresponds to all zodiac signs, and this unique gemstone connects you to Source energy, the divine (cosmic consciousness), and inner light.

How To Use Clear Quartz Crystals

Use as a pendant, place in contact with skin, or add to a meditation altar. Because it is so versatile, you can set an intention and apply Clear Quartz’s powers to any situation. Make sure that your mind is focused when using your Clear Quartz. It will absorb and amplify whatever intent or energy that you bring to it and could end up increasing negativity if you work with it in from an unconstructive mindset.

Clear Quartz activates and charges other crystals and gemstones, expanding and amplifying their healing qualities. You can set specific intentions for your Clear Quartz and receive the healing energies and benefits through meditation. Because of its absorption properties, use Clear Quartz as a study aid to help you retain information. Place Clear Quartz near your phone, computer, or modem to protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Clear Quartz’s spiritual connection also make it a great aid for divination or spiritual communication.

Clear Quartz should be cleansed in cold running water and charged in sunlight. You can also charge this crystal in both Sun and Moon light for a more balanced energy. 

Quartz and The Archangels 

Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals on this earth plane! Quartz can be used to invoke any Archangel due to its amplification ability with use of other crystals. Think of it this way - if you pair or grid Quartz with Rose Quartz you can amplify your connection with Archangel Chamuel or Archangel Raphael. Amplifying your connection with unconditional and self love! Set your intentions and program your quartz to amplify the frequency of any stone or situation!  

Use Quartz to invoke Archangel Michael and feel the tingling of a higher power. Quartz and Archangel Michael create a clear corridor for a higher vibration. Archangel Michael lovingly clears your energy field and chakras as Quartz tips the scales to a higher frequency. You are a channel of divine light! 

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Different Varieties of Quartz

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet, and it comes in a plethora of forms that channel Quartz’s abilities to specific issues. Here is a guide to some of our favorites! 

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz, also known as Opal Aura Quartz, is Clear Quartz fused with platinum and silver crystals through heat. This process creates iridescent, rainbow crystals that look like angel wings. Even though Angel Aura Quartz is manmade, it retains all of Clear Quartz’s healing properties. This stone will relieve stress, promote calm, and facilitate communication with angels. Angel Aura Quartz’s loving energy also improves relationships between romantic partners and family members. Its rainbows symbolize joy and happiness. Angel Aura Quartz is particularly helpful for treating anxiety, autism, and Asperger’s syndrome.

Amphibole Quartz – Angel Phantom

Amphibole Quartz, also known as Angel Phantom Quartz, unlocks the spirit realm. It is perfect for mediums and divination professionals. Use Angel Phantom Quartz during meditation to connect with the Angelic realms. This stone also alleviates mood swings and helps you release stress. Angel Phantom Quartz’s communication abilities extend to the workplace to help encourage harmony among employees.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz is created by treating natural Quartz with pure gold. It enhances your intuition and communication, calm your nerves, and energize your mental abilities. Aqua Aura Quartz lets your inner beauty shine and attracts abundance. Its connection to the element of Water balances your emotions, promoting calm. This stone has also been associated with the Throat Chakra and can heal issues with the throat as well as anxiety, depression, vertigo, the thymus gland, and the immune system. Aqua Aura Quartz retains the healing abilities of Clear Quartz, facilitating spiritual enlightenment, balancing your chakras, and protecting you from negative energy.

Arkansas Clear Quartz Clusters

Arkansas has produced some of the clearest Quartz is the world, and many say the energy of Arkansas Quartz is different from Brazilian Quartz. Arkansas Quartz clusters are useful to clear other crystals; simply leave them overnight on the cluster. The cluster will also send energy out to a larger area and can help clear a space or room. Because of their connected shape, Arkansas Quartz clusters encourage community and family.

Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz, sometimes called Pineapple Quartz, gets both of its names from its distinctive form: it has smaller points organized around a larger, base point. Candle Quartz activates the Crown Chakra, bringing you closer to divine truth and your guardian angels. Meditating with this stone enhances your intuition and reveals your soul purpose and life path. Use a large Candle Quartz to attract abundance or facilitate greater harmony within a group.

Dumortierite Quartz

When you feel out of control, Dumortierite Quartz helps you re-center and re-organize your life. It increases self-confidence, allowing you to speak your truth and overcome shyness. Dumortierite provides clarity and helps you break negative patterns by reprogramming your cellular memory. It is particularly useful for healing codependency and addictions.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz is a high vibration stone which emits its energy over long distances, making it very effective for clearing large areas. Elestials usually have natural terminations covering the stone and may have multiple layers. Elestials represent supreme knowledge, and it opens doorways to higher dimensions and the angelic realms. Use Elestials to ease change and overcome emotional worry from a place of divine truth. 

Epidote in Quartz - Dream Quartz

Epidote in Quartz is often called Dream Quartz. This peaceful stone helps with dream recall, lucid dreaming, and past life work. The addition of Epidote provides a layer of protection while accessing the spiritual realm. Use Epidote in Quartz for abundance and career planning; it will help you “dream up” a new future. This stone opens your higher heart and mind to new opportunities. 

Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz heals all broken things, including bones, relationships, and hearts. This crystal has a distinct line running through it, where it healed itself. Use Faden Quartz for any type of connection work and astral travel. This is a stone that is easily programmable, so it needs to be cleared often. 

Fire and Ice Quartz

Fire and Ice Quartz is a visually striking and powerful crystal. The narrow breaks within its structure create stunning rainbows. This stone occurs naturally in Brazil when silicon dioxide interacts with the Earth’s temperature fluctuations to produce its unique cracks. However, Fire and Ice Quartz can also be produced in laboratories by subjecting Quartz to intense heat and cold. The opposing influences that create this crystal give it its name, and its distinct fissures resonate with sacred geometry.

Fire and Ice Quartz promotes transformation and new beginnings. This stone works very quickly, but it guides you through these periods of change gently. It aligns and activates your entire Chakra system, creating perfect balance. Fire and Ice Quartz also expands your consciousness to increase your total vibrational energy. With this mindset, you are able to access your higher self and your life’s purpose. This crystal also boosts your intuition and psychic abilities for divination, past life work, and dream interpretation. Fire and Ice Quartz emits purifying energy, which allows you to overcome negativity and release toxic patterns. This crystal is also a conduit for the Divine Feminine, and you can channel this energy for manifestation, particularly to support spiritual growth.

Ultimately, Fire and Ice Quartz is a stone of unlimited success. It encourages us to let go of the restrictions we place on ourselves and create a life that exceeds our wildest dreams!

Harlequin Quartz

Clear Quartz and Hematite are two of our favorite crystals, and this unique variety of Quartz combines them both! Also known as Hematoid or Ferruginous Quartz, Harlequin Quartz contains bright red flakes of Hematite. These pops of color give the crystal its name; the commedia dell’arte stock character, Harlequin, always wears a costume with red accents.

Harlequin Quartz channels divine love. It links your Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras to balance your earthly, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This alignment allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level and fosters self-love. Harlequin Quartz provides you with a gentle strength based in self-acceptance and Hematite’s focusing influence. No matter what life throws at you, you can move forward with courage.

Harlequin Quartz resonates with the self-awareness and adaptability of the Gemini zodiac sign. In numerology, this crystal harmonizes with the responsible, conscientious number 4 and the introspection and intuitive nature of the number 7.

Hematoid Quartz

Also known as “Protector Quartz,” this natural combination of Hematite and Quartz can be found in shades of red and brown or yellow, due to the presence of Limonite and water. Hematoid Quartz provides clarity, focus, and confidence. This stone raises your energy and provides all-around healing like Quartz, while grounding your energy like Hematite. It supports your recovery from both physical and emotional trauma. Hematoid Quartz also has protective properties, transforming negative energy into positivity. It is particularly helpful for mental work, because it assists with cognitive processes and decision making. If you are pursuing your education, Hematoid Quartz is the perfect stone for you! 

Hollandite Quartz

Hollandite Quartz is also known as “Star Quartz” because its grey-black dots tend to form small stars. This stone helps you “follow the stars” to find your path in life. Hollandite Quartz also supports you through these transitions, helping you to be open to new opportunities.

Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz are often called “Star Seeds.” They have striations, and they range in color from clear whites to pinks and oranges. Frequently used by the ancient Brazilian civilization of Lemuria, these high vibration crystals are excellent for information gathering and spiritual development work. Legend holds that the Lemurians left these crystals behind in a grid to pass their knowledge on to future generations.

When you run your finger along the crystals’ striations, you gain access to the Lemurian information stored inside. In particular, Apricot Lemurian is a powerful healing stone. Lemurians are also excellent meditation aids, allowing you to connect with advanced spirit guides and process spiritual information.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz is one of most powerful but also the gentlest of the Quartz crystals. It is pre-programmed by Nature for balancing and healing. Lithium Quartz acts as a metaphysical post office: it sends, receives, and stores energy. This crystal is also particularly helpful for musicians; it resonates with every note of the musical scale. Lithium Quartz is a self-clearing crystal, and it always gives off a perfect, golden spiral light ray: the frequency of harmony.

Lodolite - Quartz with Inclusions

Quartz with Inclusions is commonly called Lodolite or Garden Quartz. These stones may contain pieces of Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite, moss, or other minerals. Lodolite is a great healer, especially for longstanding trauma stemming from your childhood or past lives. It shifts energy so healing can happen. Lodolite has grown and changed over time, and it encourages you to do the same.

Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz is a truly unique crystal. When you gaze into it, you can see the outline, or “phantom” of another mineral within. Phantom Quartz symbolizes the many lifetimes of your soul and connects you to spiritual wisdom, acting as a messenger between the higher realms and the earth. Because of its strong connection to the Earth, Phantom Quartz cleans and spiritually heals the planet and is a great tool for environmentalists. It is the perfect tool for meditation and communicating with your spirit guides.

This stone also helps you access the Akashic records, renegotiate past contracts, and understand your soul plan. Phantom Quartz opens you to receive healing across huge distances. Use this stone for etheric surgery; it peels away karmic layers. Phantom Quartz is also connected your sense of hearing. It can treat hearing disorders and stimulate clairaudience, particular in its green variation. Green Phantom Quartz, colored by Chlorite, and Smoky Phantom Quartz also absorb and clears negative energy. Smoky Phantom Quartz activates your past life Chakra and reunites you with your soul group and family.

Red Epidote In Smoky Quartz

Red Epidote in Smoky Quartz is a very rare stone from Brazil. This stone combines the healing powers of Quartz with the manifestation and protection energy of Epidote. Red Epidote in Smoky Quartz has powerful grounding properties. It also works with your Heart Chakra to remove obstacles, allowing you to fully open yourself to all of your desires.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is the result of golden brown, red, or black strands running through Quartz. This stone connects you to your highest spiritual guides and can assist with astral travel, divination, and mediumship. Therapists and counselors will find it useful, as it supports emotional release and helps with depression and forgiveness. Rutilated Quartz is also helpful for healing past life trauma. Rutilated Quartz magnifies all positive energy entering the aura system, dispels negative energy, clears energy blockages, and protects against psychic attacks.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz, also known as “Cactus Quartz,” originates in South Africa. This formation can have hundreds of tiny drusy crystal points, made of Amethyst, Citrine, or Smoky Quartz, covering a larger point. Spirit Quartz’s tightly clustered appearance represents community and family. Spirit Quartz facilitates harmony in group work and team sports. If you are self-centered, this stone will help you release your egoism. Spirit Quartz is the perfect addition to your home. Keep it in places when the family frequently gathers like the living room, dining room, or kitchen. 

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz gets its distinctive red/orange color from Hematite. This stone works with your Sacral Chakra to encourage positivity and confidence. Tangerine Quartz protects you from psychic attacks and helps you recover from trauma, both past and present. This stone promotes clarity, guiding you to a higher level of understanding. It teaches you to forgive and leave the past behind you to create a better future.

Tangerine Aura Quartz

Tangerine Aura Quartz is created when Gold, Iron Oxide, and Copper are bonded to the surface of a Quartz crystal through a special chemical process. This stone works with your Sacral Chakra to enhance your energy flow and inspire creativity and confidence. It is particularly effective for healing issues dealing with sexuality or the reproductive system. Tangerine Aura Quartz is a happy, uplifting stone that helps you face life’s challenges with cheerfulness and maintain emotional balance. Its rainbows symbolize joy. Although manmade, Tangerine Aura Quartz retains the healing properties of Clear Quartz, encouraging spiritual connection, clarity, and calm.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz is carried down from the mountains by hand, and it contains black occlusions inside a clear or smoky exterior. Tibetan Quartz promotes contact with the ancient cultures of the East and shares their knowledge, healing, and spirituality. You can also use it to access the Akashic records. It contains a very powerful “OM” vibration. Black Tibetan Quartz protects you from lower astral energies and helps balance your chakras. Use Tibetan Quartz in a grid around your bed, mediation space, or even your home to a create a vortex of good vibrations.

Titanium Aura Rainbow Quartz

Titanium Aura Rainbow Quartz is created when Titanium is bonded to the surface of Clear Quartz through a special chemical process, forming a gorgeous rainbow color. This stone carries all the properties of Quartz and Titanium. It promotes power, enhances your aura, activates the Rainbow body, and charges your whole chakra system. Titanium Aura Rainbow Quartz is particularly useful for healing stressful relationships and working through conflict. It also has powerful grounding properties. Healers will find this stone particularly useful, because its rainbow colors enhance healing at all levels.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective grounding and protection stones available. It absorbs electromagnetic smog and blocks geopathic stress. Smoky Quartz’s calming energy helps you work through stress, depression, and anxiety. It also promotes positive thoughts and combats feeling of failure. Smoky Quartz contains Clear Quartz’s master healing vibrations, which can be used for any condition. When using in a healing layout, point Smoky Quartz away from your body to help prevent a crisis.