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Black Obsidian

  • Extremely effective in absorbing negative energies - clean it often.
  • Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian!
  • Helps draw out mental stress and tension.
  • Protective stone, makes a shield that protects against negativity.
  • Blocks psychic attacks.
  • Can take you back to past lives and allows you to heal emotions & traumas from those life times that have come forward in the present.


Mahogany Obsidian is considered an abundance stone.  Helps you move past feelings of lack into a mindset of abundance, especially if you have ‘lack’ mentality.

  • Works with your 2nd chakra.  Removes blocks so keep creative thoughts can keep flowing.

  • Helps process past negative feelings such as shame.

  • Great stone for expecting mothers helps move past birth trauma for both the mother and child

  • The energy of this stone works fast and it’s powerful.  It’s formed from lava that cooled so fast it didn’t have time to crystallize. 

  • If you’re drawn to, or working with, Obsidian you can’t hide your issues.  Make sure you’re ready to deal with the issues.

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