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Garnierite Description

Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Silicate
  • Structure: Orthorhombic
  • Hardness: 4
  • Numerology Vibration: 7
  • Chakra Correspondences: Solar Plexus, Heart
  • Astrological Correspondences: Leo, Virgo

What is Garnierite?

Garnierite is named for Jule Garnier, who first discovered this crystal in New Caledonia in 1864, and it is also known as “Green Moonstone.” This stone’s Nickel content gives it its distinctive green coloration, which ranges in shade from lime to mint green. Sometimes, Garnierite also contains white streaks. If you are looking to manifest success in your life, Garnierite is the crystal for you!

Garnierite Properties For Health

Garnierite’s positive energy and grounding properties relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. It is particularly helpful for soothing panic attacks. This stone promotes heart health, and it also treats the muscular system. If you experience sound sensitivity, Garnierite can aid in alleviating your symptoms. Garnierite encourages healthy eating, drawing you away from processed foods to more natural and nutritional choices.

Metaphysical Benefits of Garnierite

Garnierite is a powerful manifestation stone. It helps you achieve your desires by aligning you with the flow of attractive energy. This stone also promotes self-love and self-confidence, which not only helps you feel better but also gives you the extra vitality to chase your dreams. Garnierite reconnects you with divine love and reveals the universal energy in everyone. It opens you up to new possibilities, which results in increased creativity and ingenuity. When you achieve this mindset, you are fully prepared to receive prosperity when you encounter it, so Garnierite is also considered a lucky stone. Garnierite’s grounding properties support you and increase your resilience so that you can weather life’s ups and downs.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Garnierite?

Garnierite is a special stone that connects the Earth with the spiritual realm. It nurtures your Heart Chakra, encouraging self-love and fostering enriching relationships. This stone lets you tune in to divine love and is an excellent meditation tool. With this energy, you are able to manifest your dreams and approach problems creatively. Garnierite also works with your Solar Plexus Chakra to increase feelings of self-confidence and vitality. Not only does this stone reveal your positive, divine energy, but it also helps you recognize the same energies in others. Garnierite’s strong connection to the Earth grounds you and produces a calming effect. It is considered sacred to the goddess Gaia. Garnierite is associated with the Leo and Virgo astrological signs and the number 7.

How to Use Garnierite

Wear Garnierite in a necklace near your heart to encourage self-love and invite positive relationships. If you experience performance anxiety, carry a Garnierite stone to increase your confidence. It is also a great stone to have on hand for career opportunities like interviews, presentations, and business openings. Use Garnierite to support manifestation practices and abundance planning. Include it with other attractive crystals, like Citrine, in an abundance grid, or try a simple manifestation ritual. For example, you can write down what you would like to attract on a piece of paper and place it underneath your Garnierite stone. You can also store Garnierite near your wallet or in your office to stimulate cash flow. Meditate with Garnierite to allow your earthly self to access divine wisdom. Environmentalists might find Garnierite particularly useful because of its powerful link to the Earth. Both professional chefs and amateur cooks can also benefit from Garnierite’s natural energies to create healthy, nourishing meals.

Garnierite should be cleared regularly in order to ensure proper function. Because of its strong connection to the planet, Earth-based clearing methods like burying your Garnierite stone in soil or surrounding it with cleansing herbs like sandalwood and sage are especially effective. Check out our blog for more clearing techniques!

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