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Magnetite is a magnetic stone and has the ability to attract or repel depending on the situation. It is said to help with mood swings and balance out hormones.  When using Magnetite in healing work it is best to use in pairs with 1 stone at each polarity.  Use one at the crown chakra and 1 at the base chakra.   


Malachite is a powerful heart chakra stone.  It is a stone of transformation, assisting you through changes. It helps to protect against other people’s negativity and clarifies the emotions.  Malachite detoxifies the emotional body, releases negative/painful emotions, clears and releases old traumas from this and past lives. Stimulates mental reasoning.


Stimulates cooperation between those of ET origins and those who are experiencing life on earth. Holds immense potential for direct interdimensional accessing of higher dimensional galactic energies, to draw into the Earth plan those thought-patterns and light-vibrations which are optimal to one’s preparation for ascension & illumination. Powerful 3rd eye stone!


Moonstone is a balancing stone that helps during stressful periods & new beginnings.  Helps you get in touch with your feminine side. Enhances psychic abilities especially clairvoyance.

Moonstone, Black

Moonstone is a balancing stone that helps during stressful periods and is good for new beginnings.  Helps you get in touch with your feminine side.  Enhances psychic abilities especially clairvoyance. The black in the moonstone is grounding, helps you deal with grief, and adds an element of protection.

Moonstone, Peach

Peach Moonstone supports the heart and is a soothing stone helping with anxiety and worry. It brings out the best in people.  This is a good stone for sensitive children to use.

Moonstone, Rainbow

Rainbow Moonstone carries the energy of joy and happiness.  It helps to deflect negativity before it hits your energy field. Rainbow Moonstone is a good stone to use for psychic protection.


Muscovite is a stone of possibilities. Work with this stone if you have been holding back in life or not living your life to your full potential.  Muscovite helps you look at challenges from the past and learn how to turn them into positives.  It is an excellent stone to help you make contact with your spirit guides. 

Obsidian, Apache Tear

Apache Tear Obsidian is an excellent grounding & protection stone as it provides a shield against negativity. Carrying or wearing it disperses unloving thoughts.  Useful in healing, provides clarity as to cause & lessening of disease.  Used to comfort in times of grief as it ‘sheds’ the tears in times of sorrow, allowing for true understanding of the situation, provide insights and acceptance.

Obsidian, Black

Powerful cleanser of ‘psychic ‘smog’ in your aura.  It’s a strong psychic protection stone, use it to seal & shield your aura.  Shields against negativity and helps ground you.  Black Obsidian stimulates prophecy and assists in communication with spirit & guides.   Makes things move very fast, nothing can hide!  Be prepared if you use this stone. 

Obsidian, Golden Sheen

Golden Sheen Obsidian is a powerful stone to help clear negative energy out of your space and clearing your aura.  Golden Sheen Obsidian works with the solar plexus to help enhance manifesting, reclaiming personal power and creating your own reality. Use Golden Sheen Obsidian for any Earth related healing work to help bring balance to specific areas.

Obsidian, Mahogany

Mahogany Obsidian has the properties of Black Obsidian but is gentler.  It is a stone of strength.  Helps you follow your convictions even in the face of adversity.    Helps with decision making & supports significant changes in difficult areas of your life.  Believed to relieve tension!   Works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Obsidian, Snowflake

Powerful cleanser of ‘psychic ‘smog’ in your aura.  It’s a strong psychic protection stone, use it to seal & shield your aura.  Shields against negativity and helps ground you. Opens awareness of past lives.  Aids in past-life meditation & regression work.  Heals karma & karmic patterns.  A “stone of “purity”, bringing both purity and balance to the body, mind & spirit. Helps release “wrong thinking”.

Black Onyx

Onyx is a root chakra stone and is used for grounding and protection.  It is a good stone for students and others that need to stay focused for long periods of time.  The energy of Onyx is control and self-mastery. It calms anxiety and nervousness and enhances your inner strength. Use Onyx when you have difficult or comfortable tasks to complete. 


self-esteem and improve your self-worth.  Use Opalite  when you are mediating as it can open your crown chakra to receive messages. Using Opaliite when working with past lives as it can help you release unwanted emotions from those lives.  Helps you understand your soul’s path in this lifetime.

Petoskey Stone

Petoskey stones are a type of fossilized coral.  Use Petoskey stones to help you develop your psychic/intuitive abilities. It helps you to acknowledge your emotions, brings peace so you can center yourself.  Good stone for business, helps you pull ahead and influence people.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood Pieces are a great way for city dwellers to keep the vibrations of nature near in the concrete jungle. Grounding, centering, helps balance you.  Good stone to have for new ventures, such as new home, new job, new business.


An excellent healing stone that both strengthens and regenerates the body.  Brings openness and acceptance into loving relationships.  Helps one create an inner shield of protection.


Prehnite is known as the stone of prophecy and is used by South African shamans.  It enhances your psychic abilities and good to use with divination tools.  Prehnite is a stone that helps you focus.  This is a good stone for students on their spiritual path as it helps with knowledge and enlightenment. It enhances your efforts to seek wisdom and trust in the Universal plan.

Prehnite w/Epidot

MUST HAVE STONE FOR HEALERS.  Prehnite is a stone to heal the healer. It is said to connect to Archangel Raphael and helps you always be prepared for anything. Prehnite has exceptional calming abilities, it brings peace and protection to you space.  Also, Prehnite helps you to declutter and let go of things that you no longer need.  Prehnite is good for nightmares.


Pyrite is often referred to as Fools Gold. Pyrite is considered a stone of action helping you move forward.  It is also a protection stone, providing a shield around your energy field.  It helps to amp up the energy in your space and bring life into tired spaces.  Due to it’s heavy nature it helps ground and increases mental clarify and focus.

Quartz, Angel Aura

This is a Quartz crystal with Platinum & silver bonded to its surface through a chemical process. Carries all the properties of Quartz & Platinum/ Silver. Relieves stress, gets you to a state of serenity & peace, and connects to your angels.  Helps to find the purpose of this life time and past lives. Works with the nervous system, good for panic attacks, phobias & anxiety.  Rainbows bring joy & happiness.

Quartz, Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura Quartz is created by treating natural quartz with pure gold.  It’s believed to enhance your intuition and communication, calm your nerves and energize your mental abilities.  It is also said to help one’s inner beauty to shine and to attract wealth and success. Helps to balance the throat chakra.

Quartz, Blue

Activates the throat chakra and promotes the speaking of ones mind. Assists in removing the fear of reaching-out to others, and brings stimulation to new relationships, releases introversion & fear.

Quartz, Candle

Candle Quartz is said to bring you closer to your guardian angels.  This stone helps to enhance your intuition and helps you understand your soul purpose and life path.  Use a large Candle Quartz to attract abundance.  When you have group projects use Candle Quartz to help create a greater harmony for the group. 

Quartz, Clear

MUST HAVE STONE!!  Quartz is the most powerful healing & energy amplifier on the planet because of its crystalline form & is considered a master healing stone that can be used for any condition.  Speeds healing.  Quartz absorbs, stores, releases & regulates energy.  Holding Quartz doubles your biomagnetic field.  Protects from negative energy, raises energy to the highest possible level. Stores info like a computer hard drive.

Quartz, Dream Epidote In Quartz

Epidote in Quartz is called Dream Quartz.  It is a peaceful stone that helps with dream recall and lucid dreaming.  Use this stone when you are working on “dreaming up a new future”.  This stone can help you open your higher heart and mind.  Use Dream Quartz when working to recall past lives.  The Epidote in the Quartz provides a layer of protection.

Quartz, Faden

Faden Quartz is a super healing crystal!  It helps fix things that are broken or disconnected, like broken bones, broken relationships or broken hearts.  The line going through the Faden Quartz crystals is where the crystals healed itself.  Use this stone for any type of connection work and astral travel. This is a stone that is easily programmable & needs to be cleared often.

Quartz, Red Hematoid

Red Hematoid Quartz has Hematite in it and is considered an excellent stone to use when going through physical trauma or a healing crisis. 

Quartz, Yellow Hematoid

Yellow Hematoid Quartz has Limonite and more water in it.  Use this stone for support after a physical trauma or healing crisis.  Also helps you deal with emotional issues and emotional trauma.

Quartz, Lithium

Most powerful, yet gentle of the quartz crystals. Pre-programmed by Nature for balancing and healing.  Resonates with every note of the musical scale.   Totally self-clearing and self-cleaning.  Acts as a sender, receiver, and stores energy.  It always gives off a perfect golden spiral light ray -–the frequency of harmony.

Quartz, Phantom

Used for cleansing the Earth. Facilitates spiritual health of the Earth. Excellent tool for meditation. Can be used to access the akashic records.  Aids in meeting one’s spiritual guides. Useful in treating hearing disorders. Stimulates clairaudience. Phantom Quartz symbolizes the many lifetimes of your soul, helps access the Akashic records, renegotiate past contracts, & understand your soul plan.

Quartz, Amethyst Phantom

Amethyst Phantom brings multi-dimensional cellular healing.  It can help access the soul plan for your present lifetime that was made before you were born and helps you evaluate the progress your soul is making. 

Quartz, Green Phantom

Green Phantom absorbs negative energy and clears a build-up of negative energy anywhere in the body. Helps with panic attacks. Assists with angelic communicate and enhances clairaudient abilities. The green color typically comes from Chlorite.

Quartz, Smoky Phantom

Smoky Phantom activates your past life chakra & takes you back to our original soul group. Use it to help pull in members of your soul family so you can complete you planned spiritual or karmic work.  Helps remove negative energy.

Quartz, Phantom White

White Phantom speeds information between higher realms & earth. Opens you to receive healing across huge distances. Use for etheric surgery, said to peel away karmic layers.  Enhances meditation and is good to use to contact your guides.

Quartz, Red

Aids in positive action.  It produces an abundance of physical energy and vitality, and coupled with the quartz qualities, is a dynamic mineral.

Quartz, Rose

MUST HAVE STONE!  Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love of yourself and others.  Emits a calming energy that reinstates the gentle forces of self-love.  Helps provide emotional clarity and gentleness from within. Aids in the healing of one’s emotional wounds.  Heart chakra stone!

Feng Shui Tip:  Use 2 Rose Quartz in your relationship corner to help bring in a romantic partner.

Quartz, Rutilated

Rutilated Quartz is a good stone to use for astral travel, scrying and channeling and is said to help you contact your highest spiritual guidance.  Excellent stone for therapists/counselors to use as it supports your clients as they release emotions.  Rutilated Quartz magnifies all positive energy entering the aura system, dispels negative energy and energy blockages and protects against psychic attacks.

Quartz, Strawberry

Stimulates the heart chakra, filling ones total person with the feeling of love.  Balances the connections between the physical body and the subtle bodies.  Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies.

Quartz, Tangerine

Tangerine Quartz is an excellent 2nd chakra stone. It helps to protect you from psychic attacks.   Hematite gives this Quartz it’s orangey/red color.  This stone helps you deal with your issues by clarifying a situation or letting you have a greater understanding.  Encourages forgiveness and lets you leave the past behind.  This is a stone of creation.

Quartz, Tangerine Aura

This is a Quartz crystal with Gold, Iron Oxide & Copper bonded to its surface through a special chemical process.  Sacral (2nd) chakra stone that enhances flow, creativity, self-confidence & inspiration.  This is a happy uplifting stone that helps you face life’s challenges with cheerfulness maintaining emotional balance.  Rainbows bring joy & happiness.

Quartz, Tibetan

Used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the user.  Used to facilitate fasting and abstinence from that which one chooses.  Contains a very powerful ‘OM” vibration, which the body can attune to the resonance and can radiate the energy and verity of the higher self.


Powerful stone of love & balance and a stone for the heart and relationships.  Good stone for those who feel unloved. Most excellent for healing sexual abuse. Expands conscious awareness. Balances emotions and provides mental stability, promotes a positive attitude, brings lightness to life. Encourages maintenance of optimum health.


Rhodonite is an excellent relationship stone and is good to use if you are dealing with relationship issues.  Helps in healing heart related issues.  Rhodonite works with the heart and high heart chakras and aids in self-esteem and can help on panic situations.  Use Rhodonite if you are working on forgiveness and healing emotional wounds.


Ruby is known as an energy stone and works with your heart chakra.  Use it when you need ‘balance of the heart’ or dealing with heart issues. Ruby can bring up buried anger for you to deal with, it will help transform it into a positive emotion.  Ruby helps you overcome exhaustion, brings passion and enthusiasm into your life.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite activates your crown chakra. It’s helps with soul memory & healing and past-life work. Promotes individually while keeping an interconnectedness.     


Scolecite is a high vibration stone that has a very gentle soft energy & lifts you to a higher vibrational plane. Grid your healing space with Scolecite to create a safe space filled with peace and calmness. Scolecite can create a constant invisible connection between hearts, keeping connection when people are apart.  Scolecite enhances meditation time.


MUST HAVE STONE! Selenite is a high vibration stone. Helps with personal transformation.  Use Selenite to help with angelic communications.  Helps to remove negative energy build up in your auric field.  Selenite helps to relieve stress and anxiety and is good to hold near your heart when meditating. Selenite clears other crystals.  Grid with Selenite and Black Tourmaline to keep your space clear and the energy high.


Also called Dragon’s stone.  Septarian is a mixture of Aragonite, Calcite and Limestone. The yellow colored material is Calcite, the brown is Aragonite, and the outer grey is limestone. The energy is pure Earth brown. This is a grounding stone, allowing for better tolerance and patience and emotional flexibility. 


Useful in the rise of the Kundalini. Aids grounding and cleansing. Used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Increases calcium and magnesium absorption.

Shiva Lingam

Hand polished Shiva Lingams come from 1 of 7 holy sites in India. The egg shape represents the male aspect & the markings on the egg represent the female aspect of creation. Use Shiva Lingams to fire up your kundalini energies & charge your chakra systems. They are about inner transformation, overcoming judgment and reuniting all parts of yourself & accepting the differences.


MUST HAVE STONE! Shungite is about 2 Billion years old & is only found in Russia. It contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table. Wear or place Shungite on the source of EMF frequencies to eliminate their detrimental effects. Shungite purifies water by removing pollutants. It boosts your immune system. A pyramid by the bed counteracts insomnia & headaches and eliminates stress.  Shungite is a powerful healer as well as a protective and groundingstone.


Sodalite is said to be an excellent stone for your mind, helping with confusion and mental blocks by calming your mind.  Allows for new information to be processed and encourages your intuition. This stone is about emotional balance, enhances your self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.  A good stone to use for any group work, it will help bring unity and encourage trust within the group.  Throat chakra stone.


Stromatolite is a stone of transformation assisting healing at an emotional level. Stromatolite removes blockages within the meridians and chakras.  It connects you to the energy of the earth, is grounding and helps you in meditation.  Stromatolite can help us distinguish between what we want and what we need in this lifetime. 


‘Love stone’ for this age, representing the perfection of the spiritual love of All That Is.  Assists in reminding the user of the reasons for being in the physical body and living on the Earth plane.  Used to eliminate hostility, anger, jealousy, and prejudice.  Infuses confidence, good for releasing discouragement or despair.


Sunstone is known as a leadership stone, a manifestation stone, abundance stone and a stone of joy. It’s bright orange color imparts vitality.  Sunstone encourages good luck and helps with unexpected prosperity.  Encourages you to keep working hard to achieve your goals & dreams. Helps you being in service to others.  Good 2nd chakra stone, focusing on creativity, birthing of ideas.

Super 7

Very high vibration stone!  This stone is shifting the vibrational level of the planet. Super 7 is a combination of 7 minerals, Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz. Carry’s the energy of all 7 stones.  Activates all your chakras, powerful mediation stone.  Use in grids.


Tanzanite is a stone that activates & attunes the heart and 3rd eye chakras.  Tanzanite makes it easier for you to speak what is in your heart.  It is a stone that helps to calm an overactive mind, relieves worries & the energy of joy & happiness. Tanzanite is good to use as you develop your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance, as it is very protective.  Tanzanite is an excellent mediation stone.


Tektites are typically considered in the meteorite family & though they are dark in color they are not grounding. Tektites carry the energy of ET’s. It’s said that you can use Tektites to communicate with outer space beings by meditating with one on your 3rd eye. Tektites strengthen the bio-magnetic shield around your body & helps to balance your energy.

Tiger Eye

Enhances psychic abilities and helps in the ability to discern evil. Tiger’s Eye protects against psychic attacks, makes one invisible to negative energy sources and is a grounding stone. Protects travelers from accidents. Gold: Helpful for those who must pay attention to detail & act with reason instead of emotion. Red helps lethargy, provides motivation, increases metabolism.  Blue: Calming, releases stress, slows down over activeness.

Tourmaline, Black

MUST HAVE STONE!!  Excellent stone to clear negative energy of all kinds.  It’s considered a protection stone & helps to ground you.  Encourages happiness & good luck.  Black Tourmaline acts like a psychic car wash.    Keep a piece on each side of the door and when people walk through they're energetically cleansed.

Tourmaline, Brown

Brown Tourmaline is also called Dravite.  It is an excellent grounding stone. Anyone who works with/ on people should have this stone close by as it protects your energy by clearing your aura and protecting your etheric body. Dravite helps you feel comfortable in large groups and is said to improve dysfunctional family relationships.

Tourmaline, Green

Green Tourmaline is a heart chakra stone and an excellent stone to use in healing work.  It opens the heart chakra and is all about patience, compassion and the love of life.  Green Tourmaline is said to help you with sleep as it can help quite your mind and is a good stone for hyperactive children to work with.  Use arounds your plants to help them grow.

Tourmaline, Pink/Red

Pink Tourmaline is a stone that attracts love & inspires trust in love.  It helps you understand that you must love yourself first before loving or being loved by others.  Helps to relieve emotional pain, place one over your heart chakra.   Red Tourmaline balances aggressive energy & works to heal the sacral chakra & increases creativity. It strengths your ability to understand love.


Turquoise is a protective stone and works to remove negative energy and electromagnetic smog.  This stone is a balancing and strengthening stone and helps with mood swings.  Use Turquoise when you feel exhausted or if you have panic attacks as it helps to bring inner calm.  When used on the 3rd eye Turquoise increase your intuition and clairvoyant abilities.


Unakite is said to be a stone of vision, including psychic vision when you use it with the 3rd eye chakra. This stone is good to help with the EMF pollution from TVs if you place it on or near the TV.  Clears the diaphragm of toxic emotions and old pain.  Helps to release anger, resentment and vengeance to conscious awareness for clearing.  Forces transformation of negativity through awareness.


Work with Zoisite when you need an extra push to get you going or to just do a general reset in life.  Zoisite is one of the stones that transmutes negative energy into something positive. It helps you with creativity and if you have creative blocks it will help dissolve them. Zoisite helps you speak & communicate your truth. The lovely green color of Zoisite carries the energy of nature and joy.  


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