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Petrified Wood

If you are starting something new this year Petrified Wood is a must have stone.  I have a large piece sitting on my desk to help bring My Dream Crystals success!   

Petrified Wood is wood that has turned to stone over time retaining all or most of the original features.  The rainbow of colors is formed from different minerals that leach into the wood as it decays.  These beautiful stones feel masculine but soft to the touch.  Like wood, they provide strength in all areas of your life. 


  • Petrified Wood Pieces are a great way for city dwellers to keep the vibrations of nature near in the concrete jungle.  
  • It’s grounding, centering, helps balance you. Calms fears, nerves.
  • Good stone to have for new ventures, such as new home, new job, new business. Considered a stone of success.
  • Can be used in meditation or to access past life information.
  • Provides strength in all areas of your life.
  • Helps your remember past lives.
  • Stone of transformation, helps you deal with new situations.
  • Good stone to take to work on the first day of a new job or new school for kids.

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