Feng Shui

Incorporating Crystals with Feng Shui

Western Feng Shui is a simplified and Westernized system of do-it-yourself feng shui that does not require a Luo Pan compass or classically trained consultant.  In Western Feng Shui there are nine areas in any space that can be enhanced.  Each of these areas are associated with a specific aspect of human life.  

The energy in these areas of your living and working environments can be shifted and lifted through the use of natural elements and their colors, shapes and textures.  One of the most powerful ways to enhance these areas in your home or work space is with the intentional use and proper placement of crystals.


Working with "Stone People"

Author, Philip Permutt calls crystals “stone people”. He recommends that you work with your crystals as if they are your healers and helpers, guides and teachers. Select them with intention. Clear and charge them regularly. Program them with your affirmation, request or purpose. Place them in a small pouch to wear or keep in your bag. Place them in a pocket or keep them close to you as you work and study, meditate and sleep. Work with them and let them contribute to you.

The Nine Different Bagua in Western Feng Shui

We worked to give you a brief overview of the nine different baguas and recommend crystals for each area.  You can use this guide to enhance your whole living space, such as an apartment or whole home.  Even if you live in 1 room you can use the bagua over the room and incorporate crystals.  More indepth information at these links:

We have several clients who have used Feng Shui in their offices, places of business.  Customers and employees can feel the shift in energy.  For example, in an office or business you can enhance the Love & Relationship area to improve the relationships you have with your clients. Enhancing the Knowledge and Wisdom area may be for you and your staff's learning benefit or to educate your clients.  

Reach out to and let us put together a personalized set of crystals for your space.