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Aragonite is a wonderful earth healer stone that works with ley lines, clearing blocks and healing geopathic stress. You can put a piece of Aragonite on a map over any area that needs clearing. It is also good for grounding and connecting to the earth especially for those who are on spiritual pursuits to the exclusion of everyday physical tasks.

  • Can raise the overall vibration of the body.
  • Enhances sensitivity and generosity.
  • Good for those who lack discipline and self-control.
  • Good to use when there is a lot of stress or anger in the environment because of its grounding abilities..
  • Helps release pain and fear.
  • Promotes focus and concentration making it a good stone for students.
  • Relieves stress, restlessness, twitching or spasms.
  • Aragonite forms the skeletons of a number of marine organisms living or fossilized. 
  • Combats deficiencies in Vitamin A & D.
  • Speeds up recovery from broken bones and nerve damage.
  • Provides emotional stability, strength and support.
  • Takes things and situations that are out of control and helps stabilize them.
  • Helps with insomnia.

Aragonite Helps those release issues from the past as well as attachments in the present.

Astrological Sign: Capricorn.

Element: Storm.

Chakras: All

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