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What are Shiva Lingam Stones?

Part of the Agate, Basalt, and Jasper family, Shiva Lingam is a pale tan color with brown-red lines and patches throughout. Shiva Lingam stones have a signature egg shape and are picked and polished by villagers on the Narmada River bank. Due to its origins one of India’s holy rivers, Shiva Lingam has sacred properties, tying the stone to life’s creative energies. Shiva Lingam unites polarizing elements and invites balance, providing harmony in spite of unrest or conflict. If you struggling with imbalance in your life, this is the stone for you!

Shiva Lingam Properties for Health

Shiva Lingam helps improve your energy, enhancing your overall health and well-being. The stone’s egg shape makes it particularly powerful for helping with sexual problems. For women, this stone can alleviate menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as heal reproductive issues dealing with infertility. For men, this stone heals problems related to the prostate and can help with impotence. Shiva Lingam is also tied to life-giving energy, relieving fatigue.

Metaphysical Benefits of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is a very universal stone that connects all of humanity. Due to its sacred origins and connection to the Divine, it promotes a sense of community, harmony, and belonging. It will help you bond with those around you and navigate interpersonal issues with clarity and humility. Shiva Lingam stones are also powerful tools of inner transformation, allowing you to overcome self-judgement, accept your differences, and unite all the parts of your being.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Shiva Lingam?

Shiva Lingam stones enhance the entire energy system. However, the stone primarily is associated with the Crown, Sacral, and Base Chakras, the elements of Earth and Water, and the astrological signs of Capricorn and Cancer. Shiva Lingam fires up your kundalini energies and charges your entire Chakra system, revitalizing you and making you ready to take on life’s challenges. Shiva Lingam has sacred origins and connects you to your higher self and divine energy.

How to Use Shiva Lingam Crystals

Use as jewelry for necklaces and pendants. Shiva Lingam stones aids mediation to unify and improve your energy system so that it can function to its greatest potential. You can use Shiva Lingam for Chakra and Reiki work to charge and balance your body. If you are feeling sluggish, wear a Shiva Lingam pendant to give you an energy boost.

Shiva Lingam should be cleared. Crystals give off energy, and, just like humans, they need to rest and recharge, or they will not work as well. There are many different ways to clear Shiva Lingam. You can place it on top of an Amethyst cluster for twenty-four hours, surround it with a ring of salt, or leave it to cleanse and charge in the moonlight. Full moons are especially powerful, and you can use them as a reminder to clear your crystals. Remember to clear your Shiva Lingam at least once a month. If you are working with your Shiva Lingam stones very regularly, clear them more often.

Shiva Lingam and The Archangels 

Use Shiva Lingam to invoke Archangel Michael and purify your life and home space. All purity means is free from toxin! Allow the lofty deep vibration of Shiva Lingam to take the lead and help you transmute what no longer serves you, much like the vibration of Mother Earth herself! Invite in Archangel Michael to clear and protect your home and your temple.  

Use Shiva Lingam to invoke Archangel Raphael not only for cleansing, but for an overall boost in health and vitality! Believe it or not, the power to heal ourselves is a blessed gift we have received. But by inviting in Archangel Raphael you have a leg up in healing pain and disease. Shiva Lingam and Archangel Raphael hand in hand to provide you with the vitality and energy to carry out any work to be done. Archangel Raphael parts with the message of cleansing with fire and water. Use these strong elemental forces to cleanse by drenching a substance in water or burning an idea in fire. 

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