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Tektite Description

Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Meteorite
  • Structure: Amorphous
  • Hardness: 5.5-6.5
  • Numerology Vibration: 1, 9
  • Chakra Correspondences: Third Eye, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: All

What is Tektite?

Tektite is a truly out of this world stone; it actually comes from outer space! This crystal formed from Silica glass combined with other elements, such as Magnesium and Iron, when a meteorite struck the Earth. Tektite’s name comes from the Greek word, “tektos,” which means molten and references the meteorite’s heat. Because of the force of impact, this stone comes in a wide variety of natural or manmade shapes. Tektite is usually black and can often be mistaken for Obsidian, but it is sometimes found in gray or brown hues. Green varieties of Tektite from the Czech Republic are considered a separate mineral, known as Moldavite. These crystals are truly ancient—some date back 14 million years—and prehistoric humans used Tektite to create tools and talismans. Modern crystal collectors still value this cosmic stone for its inspirational properties.

Metaphysical Benefits of Tektite

Tektite expands your consciousness, revealing new perspectives and opportunities. A stone of knowledge, Tektite strengthens your critical thinking and memory skills. This crystal balances your emotions, creating a profound sense of calm. When you combine this mental and emotional clarity, you are able to view your life through a more objective lens and make better decisions. Tektite shows you the reality of a situation, helping distinguish between truth and lies. On an introspective level, Tektite identifies toxic habits, people, and emotions that are holding you back. Sometimes they are hard to let go of, you have to release this negativity in order to move forward. Tektite is also a stone of ambition. If you feel lost, this crystal will reveal your life path. It gives you the drive to chase your dreams as well as the patience to acknowledge that large goals cannot be accomplished overnight. Tektite encourages consistent hard work and provides a sense of inspiration whenever you feel stuck. This stone promotes new beginnings, allowing you to embark on fresh, exciting adventures.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Tektite?

Tektite is a stone of total spiritual wellbeing. It opens your Third Eye to boost your intuition so much that you can connect with extraterrestrial beings. This crystal also uses your Crown Chakra to channel universal wisdom. When you work with Tektite, you will achieve an unprecedented, unearthly level of spiritual enlightenment. To promote stability, Tektite works with your entire Chakra system, allowing subtle energy bodies to flow freely from your Root all the way to your Crown. It can also reverse a Chakra that is spinning in the wrong direction. Tektite strengthens your aura and balances your masculine and feminine energies. Because it comes from the stars, Tektites resonates with every astrological sign. No matter your zodiac, this crystal will amplify your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. In numerology, Tektite connects to the independence and leadership qualities of the number 1 and the cyclical nature and profound spiritual wisdom of the number 9.

How to Use Tektite

Tektite’s unbridled cosmic energy makes it an amazing meditation tool; however, this crystal is not very grounding, so we recommend pairing it with stones like Hematite, Fluorite, and Onyx. Place a Tektite stone over your Third Eye to support astral travel and facilitate communication with extraterrestrial beings. Tektite promotes knowledge, increases information retention, and maintains a high level of motivation, so leave it on your desk while studying or working. Tektite’s inspirational energy resonates particularly strongly with creative professionals, and because it comes from outer space, it is also useful for astronomers, astrologists, astrophysicists, and astronauts. Tektite has the drive and persistence to support abundance planning practices or manifestation rituals. If you are struggling to find the solution to a problem, simply hold a piece of Tektite to provide a new perspective. Wear Tektite to help you overcome bad habits; it will provide you with the self-discipline to resist temptation.

Like many crystals, Tektite should be cleared regularly. Its galactic vibrations respond best to clearing in sun or moonlight. Check out our blog for more information on crystal care and usage!

Tektite and The Archangels:

Tektite resonates as a stone for the Starseeds - it is possible that in another life you existed on another planet if not many. Some beings of the stars incarnated as humans have never even stepped foot on earth before. Starseeds have beautiful divine beings of light protecting and supporting their journey. Some of these loving benevolent beings are Ascended Masters, The Galactic Federation and even your collective! 

Tektite and your team of light lovingly invite you into other realms and even other planets. Tektite emits a very high frequency and can assist with psychic sensitivity, seeing through the veil and clairaudience. Your collective is always supporting you and in contact with your higher-self, a reminder if you hear a high pitched frequency or buzz in your ear to listen and trust the messages you receive.  

A loving reminder that The Archangels of the highest Christ light of the middle path are ALWAYS here to assist you no matter what planet you call home! 

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