Heart Chakra-4th

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Heart Chakra Meaning

Heart Chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit) is the fourth chakra. It is located in the middle of the chest and its element is air.

Heart Chakra Purpose

The purpose of the Heart Chakra is to open us up to giving and receiving unconditional love. Love is what makes us alive, it is the divine energy that nourishes our body and keeps it healthy, as long as we pour it out to all living beings unconditionally. 

Our sense of empathy, compassion and forgiveness all stem from the Heart Chakra. When our Heart Chakra is open and balanced, we are vibrating with loving and compassionate energy. We can relax into knowing that no matter what happens in our lives, nothing can ever destroy the love that we give out. No matter how many times we have been hurt or rejected, we can never run out of love, since our souls are part of the universal love consciousness. The more love and blessings we pour out to others, the more we attract it back into our lives. 

Universal love really has an immense healing power. It opens, activates and balances all of our chakras, so that the life force energy within us can flow freely, as it is supposed to. By doing selfless acts of kindness without expecting anything in return we open up and heal our Heart Chakra.

An open Heart Chakra enables us to see the suffering of others and feel their pain. We feel grateful for every single moment and experience we can share with our loved ones. When our Heart Chakra is truly open, we are not attached to our loved ones. Instead, we feel peaceful and calm even if they decide to go their own separate ways, for we know that our love is not dependent on them. 

We need to transcend our attachment to those who are closest to us, and expand the feeling of love so that it covers the whole world and all the beings who live in it, without exception. Universal love is limitless – it is not restricted by time, distance, or attachment, and it embraces all beings equally. With an open Heart Chakra we begin to realize that we are the love.

What Color is the Heart Chakra?

The color green is associated with the Heart Chakra. Green or pink crystals are typically used for heart chakra work. 

Heart Chakra Healing 

Heart Chakra can easily become imbalanced or blocked due to emotional traumas and toxic relationships. When we repeatedly experience rejection or abuse of any kind, our Heart Chakra gradually locks up as a self-defense reaction. We are trying to protect ourselves from more pain and suffering by making our hearts number and colder. 

A blocked Heart Chakra causes us to see the world from the perspective of a victim. We feel that others are to blame for our unhappiness and that the whole world is unfair to us. We start to criticize others for their shortcomings and we see them as untrustworthy. The more we withdraw within our protective cocoon, the more we close up and become bitter. With a closed Heart Chakra, we perceive that everyone is out to get us and that it is better not to trust anyone. 

Lack of empathy, irritability, anxiousness and outbursts of anger are all common symptoms of a blocked Heart Chakra. Those who have issues with this chakra tend to judge others and see them as oppressors or enemies. They look for and focus on the negative qualities in others to justify their own anger and frustration. All of this can manifest as physical health issues associated with the Heart Chakra, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and sleep disorders.

In order to heal an imbalanced or blocked Heart Chakra, we should first and foremost practice self-love. Only if we accept ourselves with all our imperfections and forgive ourselves for past mistakes, are we able to give unconditional love to others. One way to enhance self-love and heart-healing is to approach our shortcomings and past failures with humor. When we are able to laugh at ourselves, we feel the heavy load that we are so used to carrying instantly lightening, as we unblock the stagnant energy. 

Another great way to open up the Heart Chakra is to practice gratitude. We can be grateful for all the simple things in life, even just for being alive, a stranger´s smile, a warm hug, sunshine on our faces or the sweet scent of flowers. 

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Using Heart Chakra affirmations will also help release blocked energy and heal emotional wounds from the past. Here are some examples of positive affirmations to use: 

“I accept and love myself unconditionally.”

“I forgive myself for my past mistakes, for they have shaped me into who I am now.”

“I feel the love flowing from my heart.”

“I am open to giving and receiving love.”

“I know that my soul is part of the Universal Source of love and light.”

“I am brave and willing to open my heart to others.”

“I deserve to be loved.”

“I choose to be in healthy and supportive relationships.” 

For a more powerful effect, you can combine the affirmations with Heart Chakra meditation. Focus your mind on the love you feel for a specific person or your pet, for instance. Now visualize this love you feel in your heart as the bright sun warming up everything and everyone around you, and expand this love until it embraces all beings on Earth. Send your blessings and loving thoughts to those who are suffering at this moment. Remain in this state of loving kindness and compassion for a few more minutes, before returning to your daily tasks and duties. If you keep doing this every day, you will soon feel a shift in your energy and state of mind. 

In addition to the practices mentioned above, listening to the “love frequency” –music that has the frequency of 528Hz – can have a healing and harmonizing effect on your body and mind. 

Spending time in nature is also incredibly beneficial for the Heart Chakra. Since green is the color connected to this chakra, it vibrates healing energy and opens up our heart. Walking in a forest or a park connects us with Mother Earth and its amazing nurturing energies, gently aligning and balancing all our chakras. 

What Crystals and Stones are Good for the Heart Chakra?

Here is a list of the most powerful stones for Heart Chakra healing:

Energizes the Heart: Chrysoprase
Activates the Heart Chakra: Emerald, KunziteMorganite
Emotional Trauma: Amazonite, Malachite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline
Protects the Heart: Green AventurineCalcite
Clearing & Letting Go: Green Calcite, Morganite, Rhodonite
Relationships: Rose Quartz,Rhodochrosite