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Citrine is a translucent variety of Quartz ranging from pale yellow to golden brown. Citrine comes in its natural pale honey color, or it can be heat treated to a darker yellow/brown color. It does not hold and accumulate negative energy and therefore never needs clearing or cleansing. Citrine is called the "merchant's stone". Placing a piece in one's cash box will increase income.  

  • Stone of abundance, emotional balance.
  • Clears Chakras.
  • Aids communication skills
  • Helps with anger and depressions.
  • Citrine is considered a prosperity stone.  It helps to acquire and maintain the state of wealth. 
  • Dissipates and transmutes negative energy, it’s one of the few stones that never needs clearing.
  • Stimulates mental focus and endurance.
  • Citrine is an excellent stone for clearing the aura.
  • Stimulates intuition.
  • Helps support group interactions including family.
  • Place in the wealth corner of the house.

Citrine can help with Chronic Fatigue. Helps kidney, bladder, eye problems, thymus constipation and increases blood circulation and balances the thyroid.

Chakras: Crown, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Astrological sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo & Libra

Element: Fire

Note: The majority of Citrine on the market is heat treated Amethyst and is typically orange/brownish in color.   Authentic Citrine is usually pale to darker yellow.  There is also Smokey Citrine which will be brownish yellow in color.

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