Throat Chakra-5th

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Throat Chakra Meaning 

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha in Sanskrit) is the fifth chakra in the chakra ladder and it is located above the hollow of the neck. Its element is Ether. 

Throat Chakra Purpose 

We communicate with others and express our emotions through this chakra. The main purpose of the Throat Chakra is to guide us to speak our truth in any situation. 

If our Throat Chakra is healthy, we can express the whole range of our emotions freely, without any restrictions. We are not afraid to show our joy, sadness, pain or anger to others. With an open Throat Chakra, our emotions come and go freely and we don´t suppress them or try to avoid expressing them. We are also able to patiently listen to others, when they are expressing their own truth. 

A healthy Throat Chakra enables us to effortlessly communicate with others, even with complete strangers. If you feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, there is a great chance that your Throat Chakra is blocked. If our Throat Chakra is balanced we express ourselves from a place of kindness and respect towards others. Our life and relationships are aligned with our inner truth and the communication between us and our loved ones is open and honest. We feel that our truth is being heard and taken into account. 

Another purpose of the Throat Chakra is to teach us to approach life in a creative way and to just go with the flow. Often we build imaginary walls and boundaries around us, which restrict us from living our lives to the fullest. A blocked Throat Chakra can cause attachment to people and relationships that are not serving us any longer. Those who have issues with this chakra often try to control the outcome of everything in their lives; they do no allow things to flow and unfold freely. 

What color is the Throat Chakra? 

The color associated with Throat Chakra is blue. 

Throat Chakra Healing 

The Throat Chakra can easily become blocked in dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships which are not based on mutual trust and open communication. A blocked Throat Chakra mainly manifests as an inability to express ourselves and to voice our own inner truth loud and clear. We can feel like we are choking when we´re trying to speak our mind and express our feelings. Throat Chakra blockages are often connected to low self-esteem and self-confidence. 

An imbalanced Throat Chakra can also cause overthinking and excessive worrying about trivial matters. We may have many fears and phobias that prevent us from living life to our fullest potential. In addition to that, we may have creative blocks and an inability to approach life in a creative way. 

The main physical problems associated with a blocked Throat Chakra are tension and pain in the upper back and neck area.

There are several great ways to heal and open up a blocked Throat Chakra. We should strive to socialize with others as much as possible and face our fears of chatting up a stranger. 

Meditation and positive affirmations can also be wonderful tools for balancing the Throat Chakra, since they help us release negative thought patterns, fears and phobias. 

In order to heal our Throat Chakra we should always try to speak our truth even if we feel afraid or full of self-doubt. We need to practise expressing thoughts and feelings with clarity, purpose and confidence. 

What crystals and stones are good for the Throat Chakra? 

Here is a list of the most powerful stones for Throat Chakra healing: 

Opens the Throat Chakra: Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Lapis, Lepidolite
Public Speaking: Apatite
Speaking Your Truth: Angelite
Talking to Much: Azurite, Blue Kyanite