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Stichtite Fast Facts:

  • Mineral Family: Carbonate
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 1.5-2
  • Numerology Vibration: 5
  • Chakra Correspondences: Heart, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Virgo 

What is Stichtite?

Stichtite is a beautiful crystal that was named for its discoverer, Robert Carl Sticht, who found it near a copper mine in Australia in 1910. It usually has a distinct pink or purple color, running the gamut from baby pink to deep purples, and often has streaks of browns, yellows, or greens. Stichtite is available in a variety of natural and manmade shapes and is beautiful both in its raw and polished forms. This gentle, loving stone encourages forgiveness and connects you to your higher purpose.

Stichtite Properties For Health

Stichtite works as an accelerant, speeding your recovery from any illness. It is also a very effective stone for treating neural pathways. Stichtite can help with spinal injuries, dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. This soothing crystal releases tension and can relieve headaches and muscular pain, as well as hernias.

It also uses these calming properties to help you fight disordered eating, manage your anger, and alleviate depression. Stichtite promotes skin elasticity and smooths stretchmarks and wrinkles. This stone also supports healthy teeth and gums.

Metaphysical Benefits of Stichtite

Stichtite emits a strong caring and forgiving energy. It alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation by reminding you of divine love. This stone both invites new friendships and strengthens existing relationships. Stichtite also gives you the encouragement to overcome shyness and hesitation.

Use Stichtite to support emotional healing. It will soothe you in times of panic, but it also works on a deeper level to promote lasting calm. Stitchtite helps you recognize the habits that no longer serve you and release them.

It also frees you from regrets and unresolved issues in your past. If you are stubborn, Stichtite will gently introduce you to a more flexible, constructive mindset so that you can make better decisions and have more productive conversations. This stone also encourages wealth. Stitchtite helps you chase your career dreams by inspiring productivity and self-discipline.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Stichtite?

Stichtite links your Heart and Crown Chakras to provide you with emotional balance based on divine energy. This stone reconnects you with your inner child, allowing you to approach life from a place of joy and freeing you from your preconceived notions. Stichtite’s inspiring purple energy strengthens your intuition and connects you to the divine. It is an excellent tool for communicating with spirit guides and angels.

While connecting you with your psychic and spiritual self, this stone also provides protection for your aura when you navigate these realms. Stitchtite activates your Kundalini energy. You can boost these properties by using Atlantisite, which is Stichtite combined with another excellent Kundalini crystal, Serpentine. Stichtite is also a birthstone for the Virgo zodiac sign and vibrates with the number 5.

How to Use Stichtite Crystals

Wear or carry Stichtite to silence negative thoughts that are holding you back, both in your professional and personal life. Use Stichtite in a crystal body layout to activate your Kundalini energies. If you are searching for new relationships, or if you want to strengthen existing ones, wear Stichtite in a pendant close to your heart to make the most of the crystal’s loving energies.

Stichtite is a particularly useful stone to alleviate social anxiety, so bring it with you to parties or networking events. Place Stichtite in a space to promote calm, such as your bedroom or office. Stichtite invites wealth by giving you the energy and self-discipline to support your ambitions.

Leave a stone near your wallet or in your workspace, or use it in an abundance grid. If you are pursuing education to further your career, use Stichtite as a study aid to keep you motivated.

In order to keep their energetic vibrations operating at their highest levels, Stichtite stones should be cleared regularly. Stichtite responds very well to sage smudging and charging in the moonlight, but there are many different clearing techniques available. Check out our blog for more information!

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