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Selenite Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Gypsum
  • Hardness: 2
  • Numerology Vibration: 8
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root, Sacral, Third Eye, Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Cancer, Taurus 

What Are Selenite Stones?

Selenite is a crystalline variety of the mineral Gypsum, and it is a must-have for all crystal collectors. Its name comes from the Greek word, “selene,” which means “moon.” Selenite is typically a translucent white but can equally have elements of grey, orange, green, and brown.

Selenite is clear or transparent and typically colorless, so clear you can read through it.

Satin Spar Selenite is the milky white crystal that is commonly sold as Selenite. Satin Spar Selenite is a very soft stone that will ding.

Popular varieties include Peach Selenite and Desert Rose Selenite tumbles sand, water, and air to create a gray rosette, and Fishtail Selenite, a translucent variety that forms with two opposing points, like wings or a tail.

Selenite Properties For Health

Selenite has one of the highest possible healing crystal frequencies, making it indispensable for wellness. Selenite aligns the spinal column, and it promotes flexibility and aids in skeletal issues, including but not limited to problems associated with fillings for the teeth. Fishtail Selenite treats the nervous system, alleviating the effects of tics and spasms. Its calming properties also help ease anxiety.

Desert Rose Selenite promotes skin health and also relieves symptoms of motion sickness. In addition to physical health issues, Selenite is highly effective for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Selenite stones cleanse and balance the Chakra system, allowing kundalini energy to flow to your spine. Peach Selenite is particularly effective for moving past old emotional trauma. If you are struggling to recover from a betrayal, rejection, or loss, this stone will support a forgiving, caring mindset based in acceptance and self-love.

Metaphysical Benefits Of Selenite

Selenite provides purity of mind and access to the universal consciousness. This unconditional love strengthens and expands through the frequency vibration of Selenite’s metaphysical healing properties. Crystals emit their own healing frequency, and Selenite possesses one of the highest possible energies. Selenite supports personal transformation. In particular, Peach Selenite’s gentle energy makes the process run more smoothly by providing you with mental clarity.

This unique gemstone promotes mental clarity. It enhances your perception of self and opens your Crown Chakra, linking you to cosmic consciousness and spiritual awareness. Selenite also strengthens your intuition and may connect you to past and future lives. Selenite is a calming stone that balances and energizes the higher energy centers. It is perfect for meditation and self-therapy practices, as it enables you to release judgments and connects you to the bigger picture.

Peach Selenite also stimulates passion and creativity, unlocking your artistic side and providing you with inspiration for pursuing your goals. Desert Rose Selenite reveals patterns and habits in your life and encourages you to release those that no longer serve you. If you feel like you’re in a rut, Desert Rose Selenite will help you move forward.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Selenite?

Selenite relates to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, making it the perfect tool for spiritual awareness. It connects you to angelic consciousness, psychic development, clairvoyant abilities, and divine light, the cosmic consciousness related to accessing the subtle planes. When you work with Selenite, your psychic and intuitive gifts will be enhanced. Fishtail Selenite, in particular, supports communication with angels and removes negative energy that has built up in your aura; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as “Angel Wing” Selenite.

Selenite is also a very transformative stone. It allows you develop the awareness and confidence needed to be your best self. If you wish to learn about your past lives, your future self, and the multi-dimensional aspect of life and self, Selenite is the crystal for you.

Peach Selenite is connected to the Sacral Chakra and promotes a higher sense of self-worth. This stone also links you to your deepest passions and encourages new ways of thinking, allowing you to chase after your dreams. Desert Rose Selenite works with the Root, Sacral, and Crown Chakras to ground you when accessing divine realms. In some Native American religions, warriors who have journeyed to the spirit world and back wear Desert Rose Selenite. This stone also cleanses negative energy.

How To Use Selenite Crystals

It’s best not to clear Selenite with water. Some people say that Selenite will dissolve in water but I have not experienced this. However, water can impact the structure of the crystal and weaken it causing it to fracture.

Also Selenite is also a very soft stone, ranking only a 2 on the Mohs Scale, so it can easily be damaged by dropping or bumping it. Handle your Selenite with care, consider wrapping it up in a soft cloth if you are traveling with it or when you store it in a safe space.

You can keep Selenite on your altar or shrine, use it in meditation, or carry it with you for protection. Selenite also works well and compliments other gemstones. Create a crystal grid with Selenite and Black Tourmaline to keep your space clear and its energy high. This powerful combination also boosts both Selenite and Black Tourmaline’s protective properties. Selenite promotes peace of mind and clear thinking, while enhancing psychic and spiritual vision.

Use Satin Spar Selenite rods to clear your aura. Wave the rod about two inches above your body to cleanse your energy, leaving you calm and revitalized.

Selenite’s different varieties also have specific uses. Fishtail Selenite facilitates communication with angels and spirit guides. Artists, musicians, writers, and other creative professionals should wear Peach Selenite to stimulate passion and invite inspiration. If you regularly access the spiritual realm through divination, lucid dreaming, or astral travel, wear or carry Desert Rose Selenite to support and guard you during your journey. Desert Rose is also a perfect stone for grounding meditations.

Selenite and The Archangels 

Use selenite to invoke Archangel Michael and allow the magic to flow in. Selenite has a calming energy much like the presence of Archangel Michael. Aura cleansing practices can be done with Selenite and the assistance of Archangel Michael. Slowly run a selenite wand around your aura, focusing on energy centers, or chakras, as well as hands and feet. This not only assists with cord cutting, but also can clear energy that you’ve picked up throughout your busy day. Invoke Archangel Michael and say out loud, “I release any energy that is not my own or of the light.” A great trick for empaths and highly sensitive beings.  

Use Selenite to invoke a connection with your own personal team of the light. Selenite radiates angelic light and is just asking for you to make a calm, peaceful, loving connection with your team that was appointed to assist you. Shower yourself in white light of the Angelic realm and welcome in the elixir of bliss. Selenite allows you to hear the Angels sing! 

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