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Moqui Stones Fast Facts

  • Mineral Family: Iron Oxide Concretions
  • Hardness: 4-5
  • Numerology Vibration: 5
  • Chakra Correspondences: Root
  • Astrological Correspondences: Aries, Libra 

What are Moqui Stones?

Also known as “Moqui Marbles” and “Shaman Stones,” Moqui Stones are small, brown spheres. They range in size from a half inch to two inches across. These stones receive their name from the Hopi word, “moqui,” meaning “dearly departed ones.” In Hopi tradition, they are used by shamans to commune with the dead. Legend states that at night, ancestors descend from the heavens to play games with the Moqui Stones. When they leave at dawn, the moved stones let their loved ones know that they are happy.

Moqui Stones are formed when water blends Iron and sand. If you cut into a Moqui Stone, you will find a layer of Hematite encasing sandstone. Moqui Stones are very similar to rocks found on the planet Mars, known as “Mars Blueberries.” Because most Moqui Stones are found on protected reservation lands in Utah, they are very rare. Moqui Stones calm and balance you while connecting you to the spiritual realm.

Moqui Stones Properties For Health

Moqui Stones are associated with thyroid health. Their calming properties assuage anxiety and relieve insomnia. Moqui Stones are excellent worry stones and can be used to treat panic attacks. When used in massage, Moqui Stones relieve joint pain.

Metaphysical Benefits of Moqui Stones

Moqui Stones connect you with your intuition. When you key in to your intuitive needs, you approach life from a perspective of clarity. This attitude stimulates personal growth and strong interpersonal relationships. Moqui Stones are attuned to natural cycles, allowing you to develop along with the planet, and they also ground and balance you.

Moqui Stones reveal all aspects of a situation so that you can make effective decisions. Their protective abilities repel negative energy, and they cleanse your body of any existing negativity. Moqui Stones also allow you to release your deep-seated fears so that you can move forward and achieve your goals. The restrictions that you place on yourself are arbitrary, and Moqui Stones show you the heights you can ascend to if you let them go. If you feel lost, Moqui Stones will energize you and set you on the right path.

The Spiritual Significance of Moqui Stones?

Moqui Stones have a long mystic tradition. Hopi rituals use them to commune with the spirit world. The presence of Moqui Stones in your home will welcome and honor your ancestors and departed loved ones. Moqui Stones resonate strongly with the Root Chakra. They balance you, equalizing your masculine and feminine energies, while removing blockages from your entire Chakra system. Moqui Stones also align you with the planet and can be used in Earth healing.

Protected by this grounding energy, you can use Moqui Stones to access higher knowledge and the spirit realm. They guard you during astral travel, mediumship, and shaman practices. Moqui Stones boost your psychic abilities and connect you with your spirit guides and angels. They guide you along the path of spiritual development to achieve enlightenment. Moqui Stones cultivate a calm, courageous mindset and dissipate fear, particularly the fear of death. In numerology, Moqui Stones harmonize with the freedom and adventurous number 5. They are also associated with the courageous, determined Aries zodiac sign and fair, balanced Libras.

How to Use Moqui Stones

Because of their balancing properties, Moqui Stones are often used in pairs. Smaller Moqui Stones are associated with feminine energy, and larger Moqui stones carry masculine energy. Carry Moqui Stones to take advantage of their protective qualities. Wearing Moqui Stone jewelry will guard your aura and psychic self. You may also want to place Moqui Stones in your bedroom to shield you during sleep.

They are also a great addition to a manifestation practice, particularly to ground you when you exercise your psychic abilities. Leave Moqui Stones at the entrance to your home or on an ancestor altar to honor your departed loved ones. To balance and ground your body, meditate with one Moqui Stone at your crown and another at your feet. Moqui Stones induce deep relaxation; lay back and hold them in gently your hands to unwind. They are self-clearing and do not require any special care.

Moqui Marbles and The Archangels 

Use Moqui Marbles to invoke Archangel Michael to remove the deep grasp of fear and trauma. During this accelerated time of ascension you may find that traumas from this life or past lives that you thought were healed are currently resurfacing. Take an easy on yourself and remember you are not doing anything wrong nor have you taken any missteps. It is a time of release and surrender and that which can no longer be held in your metal, physical and spiritual body is to fall away. 

Rebirth can be a scary process and Moqui Marbles and Archangel Michael lovingly want to assist you in the birth process by offering you a deep seated fear release and soul healing. Much like receiving the Death card in the traditional tarot, death itself can have a fear based attachment. Archangel Michael lovingly reminds you that it is only a death to what no longer serves you and like the phoenix you will rise from the ashes. You are safe to release fear in this soul transformation for Moqui Marbles offers immense psychic protection. You are safe to emerge!  

Use Moqui Marbles to invoke Archangel Ariel and dive into the secrets of nature. Moqui Marbles and Archangel Ariel ask you to look at your connection with Mother Earth. There are always answers to be found within, but a reminder that Mother Earth offers wisdom and insight. Moqui Marbles and Archangel Ariel offer you sacred access with not only Gaia, but with animal totems and spirit guides. Archangel Ariel asks you to draw attention to the animals you see and the whisperings you hear for nature is always offering messages of the soul. Moqui Marbles is a stone for the shaman, healer, and explorer.

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