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Happy Birthday to Us! Happy April & Happy Aries Season!

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Happy Birthday to Karen & Kelly!  There's lots of "fire" involved when 2 Aries go into business together!

This month we are celebrating CARNELIAN!!  Aries has been bringing the fire back into our bellies! Its energy is taking action, finding your inner power and being recognized for the things you create and bring into this beautiful world. A stone that aligns with that energy perfectly is carnelian

Carnelian in its fiery red and orange tones aligns with our root and sacral chakras, grounding us into our feelings of security and worth, while igniting our powerful creative fires.

Carnelian is a stone of energy and endurance to help you take action on your desires and go the long haul, which will be especially helpful right now with Mercury retrograde tugging on the reigns of that Aries energy a bit. Carnelian helps keep your creative fires stoked and courage strong as you move swiftly around whatever hurdles come your way.

There are many beautiful carnelian specimens in the shop right now, looking for the right home! Place a sphere on your desk to stoke the flames of a new endeavor, or carry a polished pebble in your pocket to keep your motivation up and connect with your inner flame.

Let carnelian help you spring forward into action to bring your desires into reality!


On the heels of the spring equinox, the time is now to nurture the seedlings of your ideas and desires so they can flourish and grow. Helps clear away the energies that aren’t serving you so you can start fresh.
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Grab some hematite to keep close during Mercury retrograde to help absorb some of that stressful or negative energy when technology and communication errors ensue. Helps bring you back down to earth and into the present.
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Crystal Grids - My Hubby's Creation

For years I've been building crystal grids.  I love to feel the energy of the crystals as they match up perfectly or feel their resistance to being in certain spots or next to certain stones on a grid.  If you've never experienced building a grid you need to do it today!  My purpose for building [...]

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Learn about Tangerine Aura Quartz

Tangerine Aura Quartz, also known as Sun Aura Quartz is clear Quartz that is infused with gold, iron oxide and copper under heat to create these beautiful iridescent tangerine colored crystals. Unlike other “man-made” crystals they retain all the qualities of the clear Quartz as well as additional properties.Primarily a stone of the Sacral Chakra, Tangerine Aura Quartz is a [...]

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What Happens When You Fuse Quartz With Gold?

Although this is not a natural process, the finished product is quite amazing! What you get are these gorgeous azure blue iridescent crystals that have very powerful metaphysical properties. They retain the qualities of clear Quartz and also have additional properties.This crystal stimulates the throat chakra, thus enhancing clear communication. Aqua Aura can also enhance interdimensional communication. It is also a [...]

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Crystals Can Improve Your Life!

I have been creating our Selenite healing wands for some time now and they have been a very popular item. I select crystals for each wand because of their energy. For example the creativity wand has crystals that promote creativity and stimulate the second or Sacral Chakra which is the center of manifestation and creativity.I have a funny [...]

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How To Choose a Crystal

It is my truth that we don’t choose crystals, they choose us.All crystals vibrate to their own specific frequency. This is true to all things living or not, including us humans. In addition to this, colors vibrate at their own frequency. So now you are getting how each crystal has a signature frequency.As our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual [...]

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Crystal Grids for House Protection

I can’t tell you how important it is to clear and grid your home to protect it from outside negative energy. Energetic hygiene is the cornerstone of your spiritual and emotional well-being.There are several ways that we pick up dense energy. Have you been around someone who is all around negative about everything and when they get done with you, [...]

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5 Steps to Navigate Through the Intense Energy of the Supermoon, The Solar Eclipse and the Equinox.

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Animals Love Crystals Too!

There is no mistake that my beloved companion of 11 years is named “Rocky”. Just like his mother he has a real affinity to crystals and an instinctual faith in their healing abilities.About five years ago, Rocky came down with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. This is a nasty illness that caused him severe abdominal pain and bleeding. I was unsure if [...]

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When Do I Clear And Charge My Crystals?

When you are overworked and stressed, you get run down…so do your crystals! They work very hard to help you. What a lot of people are not aware of is that most crystals need to be cleared and recharged regularly. Crystals vibrate energy and this energy can become dull. Think about your computer, and how it starts to [...]

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