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Wolf Moon - What is the Wolf Moon?

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Wolf Moon

The first full moon of 2022 is almost here: January’s Wolf Moon. This year, the Wolf Moon will reach full illumination on January 17th at 6:48pm Eastern Standard Time.

Full moons carry a powerful energy, and the Wolf Moon shines light on the dark nights of winter, using use lunar frequencies to set you up for success in the new year.

What is the Wolf Moon?

Wolves have long been associated with the moon in mythology from around the world, including North America, Scandinavia, and Germany. It’s no coincidence that werewolves supposedly transform on the full moon!

The name “Wolf Moon” comes from a blend of Native American and colonial folklore. Early American tradition held that wolves howled in the dark of winter because of lack of food. However, researchers have found that howling is a sophisticated form of communication, not an act of desperation. It strengthens a pack’s social bond and can be a form of protection. While wolves may not be literally “howling at the moon,” they do howl in the direction of the sky for better acoustics.

The Wolf Moon has many names across various cultures. The Assiniboine, a Native American tribe from the Great Plains, uses the term “Center Moon,” acknowledging that January’s full moon occurs roughly halfway through the cold weather. Other Native American names for the moon include the Frost Exploding Moon (Cree), Severe Moon (Dakota), Greetings Moon (Western Abenaki), and Spirit Moon (Ojibwe).

Pagan communities old and new have called the Wolf Moon the “Moon after Yule” to describe its relationship to the Winter Solstice. In Southeast Asia, there are several holidays associated with the Wolf Moon: the Ananda Pagoda Festival in Myanmar and Shakambhari Purnima, the final day of the festival celebrating the Hindu goddess Shakambhari.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Wolf Moon?

The Wolf Moon continues the introspective themes of the previous full moons, but whereas the Beaver and Cold Moons stressed preparation, the Wolf Moon is a call to action. Once you have figured out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, take them. Don’t hesitate.

The Wolf Moon is a time for transformation and hard work. Key into the wolf’s strength, confidence, and determination. If you persevere, you can manifest your best life. However, your dreams won’t come to you if you’re not willing to work or adapt to setbacks.

Just like wolves travel in packs, the Wolf Moon also has a social element. Winter is long and hard, and the Wolf Moon reminds you to tend to your community. Call a friend you haven’t talked to for a while or bake some cookies for your neighbors. A little kindness goes a long way, and when you support your community, they will be there to support you, too.

As you reach out to those around you, remember to practice gratitude. The Wolf Moon asks us to embrace the stillness of winter, taking the time for reflection, thankfulness, and rest. Brave the winter chill to go experience the outdoors and see what lessons nature’s quiet holds for you, especially after a snowfall.

What Crystals Should I Use for the Wolf Moon?

The Wolf Moon encourages transformation based on spiritual growth and introspection. Reach for Selenite to channel this lunar energy and attune yourself to the moon’s cycles of hope and renewal. Clear Quartz has a similarly positive message based on clarity and gratitude. When you work with theses crystals, you are connected to the divine, and you can move forward with the confidence that the universe has a plan.

If you or a friend are struggling with the long, dark nights, reach for Rose Quartz. This gentle crystal heals your heart while also helping you take advantage of the new beginnings that the Wolf Moon promises.

As you support your wolf pack, try Unakite. An uplifting, compassionate stone, Unakite promotes balance within yourself and a community. If you are reaching out to an old friend after a period of silence, use Emerald to rekindle the bond.

To move forward into the new year with confidence, we recommend Fluorite. This stabilizing crystal pushes through all the noise to highlight what is truly important and let you focus on the things you really need to get done. Working from the inside out, Fluorite really embodies the energy of the Wolf Moon.

Are you planning any crystal rituals for the Wolf Moon? We’d love to hear all about them! Leave a note in the comments or tag us on Instagram @mydreamcrystals.

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