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Agate, Blue Lace

Blue Lace Agate is a throat chakra stone and helps you speak your truth and express your true feelings in a positive creative way. Blue Lace Agate is considered a healing stone bringing calmness and peace to your life. Blue Lace Agate complements sound healing work as it helps to focus and direct sound to the perfect place.

Agate, Crazy Lace

Crazy Lace Agate is called the Laughter Stone, or "Happy Lace." It brings joy to those who wear it. It is a stone support and encouragement. Crazy Lace Agate's energy is circular and flowing. It is said to helps overcome depression and despair, elevating thoughts and attitudes. It is uplifting and increases self-esteem.

Agate, Moss

All Agate stones are grounding, emotionally, physically, intellectually. Agates help with self-acceptance & overcoming inner anger. Moss Agate is a stone of wealth and attracts abundance. A stone of new beginnings and birth, helps to releases blockages. Improves self-esteem, releases fear and stress. Promotes self-expression and balances the emotions.

Agate, Pink

Used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. Used to treat depression and despair. It assists one in recognizing that hopelessness need not exist and that resignation to less than perfection is inappropriate.

Agate, Purple

Assists in the activation of the throat chakra and the crown chakra such that one may speak that which will be beneficial for advancement toward enlightenment. This mineral has been used in treatment of emphysema, the reproductive system, and depression.


Soothes the emotions, alleviating worries and fears. Enhances communication concerning love. Helps in balancing the many aspects of one’s personality. Filtering action stone, blocks geopathic stress, protects against EMF. Filters information, balances male/female energies. Heals and opens the heart and throat chakras.


Amber is fossilized tree resin that is millions of years old. It is a protective stone and is said to be a powerful manifestation stone, to bring ideas into reality. Amber works with your solar plexus and increases your confidence, self-expression and mental clarity.  Due to its age it is said to bring knowledge from the ancients.


Powerful & protective stone with high vibration.   Guards against psychic attacks. Promotes loves & kindness, like a spiritual hug. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer. It brings peace, serenity and calmness to its environment. Amethyst helps with emotional centering, good for mediation. Use with the 3rd eye & crown chakras.

Black Amethyst

Black Amethyst has the qualities of Amethyst plus it has Hematite mixed in which adds a nice grounding aspect.

Chevron Amethyst

Same as Amethyst plus: Helps to stimulate our immune system as it has a strong healing field. Helps you find positive answers to questions. One of the best 3rd eye chakra stones, helps with intuitive vision and said to help with physical vision too.

Vera Cruz Amethyst

From Vera Cruz, Mexico this powerful high vibration stone isn’t mined anymore. Vera Cruz Amethyst has a much lighter vibrant energy that transports you to an instant “beta” state. Use in meditation, place on your 3rd eye to help develop stronger intuition.   Use it to connect with your angels and spirit guides & instill peace and tranquility. Helps with sleeping and headaches.


Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst & Citrine.   This is a good stone to protect against psychic attacks. It also helps with stress and headaches. Ametrine will open the 3rd eye and deepens your mediations. If your life seems out of control work with Ametrine. It is a fast-moving energetic stone, helps you take control of your life.


Angelite is a stone of awareness & helps to contact the angelic realm. A good stone to use to help develop telepathic communication skills. Transmutes pain to wholeness and healing. Angelite unblocks energy pathways so information flows. Powerful healing stone and helps you speak your truth, throat chakra stone.


Apatite is a manifestation stone! It motivates you & helps to build up energy for what you are trying to bring into your life. Apatite is considered a good stone for autistic & hyperactive kids.   Blue Apatite is good for communication as it opens your throat chakra and heals the heart. Gold Apatite eliminates unneeded things in your life. Solar Plexus stone that helps to improve moods & concentration.


Use Apophyllite for accessing Akashic Records. Enhanced 3rd eye chakra sight and a good stone for scrying. Calming stone. Excellent stone to use with Reiki. Pyramids are energizers. Looking through the base opens a star gate. Use this in an elixir to bring light and energy into the heart.


Aquamarine shields your aura and helps to align your chakras. It’s generally associated with the throat chakra. Aquamarine is considered a stone of courage. It helps to reduce stress, calms your mind, and reduce fears. Great stone to use in mediation and helps heighten your intuition & 3rd eye sight. Sensitive folks gravitate to Aquamarine!


Brown Aragonite star clusters are found in the rough form. It is a wonderful earth healer stone that works with ley lines, clearing blocks and healing geopathic stress. You can put a piece of Brown Aragonite on a map over any area that needs clearing. It is also good for grounding and connecting to the earth especially for those who are on spiritual pursuits to the exclusion of everyday physical tasks.


Arfevesdonite is a throat chakra stone even through it’s not blue! It helps you speak your truth, brings everything out in the open. It is a magical manifestation stone that helps you on your spiritual journey & for physical wants. Pair it with Citrine to help manifest cash for your business & Rose Quartz to manifest a love relationship. You get the picture!


Astrophyllite enhances your manifestation abilities and helps you move in the right direction. It is a stone that shows you unlimited possibilities. This is a protective stone and good to use with astral traveling work and out of body work. It is said that Astrophyllite activates and aligns every chakra in the body.


Enhances creativity, reinforces decisiveness & leadership qualities. Helps to balance mental, emotional & physical bodies. Opens the heart to others & increases trust in life. Considered a stone of prosperity. Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Red is a stone of manifestation through action. Yellow opens & balances the solar plexus chakra.


Azurite clears stress, grief, worry and sadness.  It helps you get to the root cause of your fears and things that you are afraid of and transmutes those fears.  Azurite is a good stone to use with 3rd eye and crown chakra as it helps your psychic development. Azurite is always used with the throat chakra and helps you speak your truth.   Use Azurite if you are astral traveling, it allows you to travel safely.


Barite is a stone that makes you aware of your emotions and the things that are holding you back in life and helps you find new solutions for old issues.  Use Barite to help you remember your dreams and understand what the dreams mean. Barite is also used for astral travel. Use this stone with your 3rd eye and crown chakra to help remove blockages.


Intense healing stone, said to be good for the blood.   A stone of courage. Useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It alleviates hostilities, irritability and melancholy. Helps ground heart energy, calms the mind and helps with confusion. Bloodstone is believed to have mystical and magical properties and helps your intuitive abilities.


MUST HAVE STONE!   Bronzite is a protection stone, helps to get rid of negative energy and protect you if you are under psychic attack by sending the energy back to the sender. Bronzite helps to ease stress, bring peace and harmony and keep you focused. It’s a stone that can improve your self-confidence. Use with Black Tourmaline for extra protection or gridding your space.

Calcite in General

Calcite is known as the metaphysician’s stone. It’s a powerful amplifier and energy cleaner. Helps remove stagnant energy in your body.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite soothes you nerves and helps with anxiety. It helps to release negative emotions and improves your communication skills as this is a great throat chakra stone. Can absorb and filter energy & send it back in a beneficial way to the sender.

Calcite Brown

If you are prone to keep repeating the same mistake then Brown Calcite is for you. It helps to release or break up old patterns so you can make better decisions. It gives you different and new ways to look at a situation.

Calcite Fiero

Fiero Calcite is a lower chakra stone that assists with creativity. It helps your will power and support weight loss. It’s said that Fiero Calcite is good to help balance hormones and assist with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

Green Calcite

Helps you let go of what is familiar & comfortable but no longer serving you. Said to help stimulate your immune system.   Absorbs negativity and negative energy. Good to use if your adrenals are burn out. Clear this stone on a regular basis.

Honey, Yellow Calcite

Honey & Yellow Calcite – this is a great stone to use in meditation. It gets you into a very relaxed state. Helps link to the highest source of spiritual guidance. Use on the solar plexus or crown chakras.

Mangano Calcite

This is a heart chakra stone that helps with forgiveness and releasing fear that’s stuck in your heart. It’s helps you with your self-worth and self-acceptance. Helps to prevent nightmares.

Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite / Iceland Spar – This is a stone you can see right through and it helps you see the double meaning, hidden things.   This stone works with the eyes and helps with headaches and migraines.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite – Good stone to use with lower chakras like root or sacral. Balances emotions, said to help with depression. Helps your problems disappear and helps you maximize your potential.

Calcite Red

Red Calcite amps up your energy, uplifts your spirit and opens your heart chakra. Use this stone to open lower chakras and remove blocks that prevent you from moving forward in life.


Carnelian helps to ground and anchor you in the present. his is a high energy stone, restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. Carnelian is a 1st and 2nd chakra stone. Surround yourself with Carnelian when you are trying to ‘create something from nothing’ or something new.   Said to increase fertility and helps with lower back problems.


Cavasite is an excellent stone to help you move and transition through major changes in your life. Cavansite is good to use in mediation & helps you connect with Spirit. Commonly used as a throat chakra stone to help you express your feelings and desires better.


Celestite is considered a New Age stone! Very high vibration stone with angelic energy.   Helps stimulate clairvoyant communications, helps with dream recall. Promotes purity of the heart & attracts good fortune. Brings balance & alignment, promotes inner peace.   Celestite is considered a creative stone, good for artists. Throat & 3rd eye stone, powerful healing stone which dissolves pain and brings love.


Chalcopyrite is a stone that increases happiness and joy and is considered an abundance stone. Use this stone in meditation to help you make a higher connection with spirit. Chalcopyrite is a strong healing stone for the physical body as it helps the chi move in your body dissolving blockages. Note: These stone have had an acid bath to produce the iridescent colors.


Stone for the new age. Charoite is stone of transformation helping you navigate through big changes in your life. This stone helps you overcome fear. It transmutes negative energy into healing and is said to convert disease into wellness. Use Charoite when you feel exhausted as it cleans the aura. Charoite can be used with the heart and crown chakras.


Chiastolite is a powerful protection stone & was used to ward off curses & ill wishing. It helps to clear feelings of guilt & balances out your emotions. Use Chiastolite in situations where there is conflict, it can help transmute conflict to harmony and help solve problems. Chiastolite helps to clear up chakra blocks caused by pent up energy/old emotional trauma.

Chinese Writing Stone

Chinese Writing stones awakens your true purpose in life & supports you to follow your dreams. It brings unexpected opportunities and luck once you are on you path. Chinese Writing stones help you access information from ancient texts and the Akashic Records. It’s an excellent stone for dream recall and dreaming. Promotes peaceful dreams. 

Chrysanthemum Stone

This stone is known for its calming energy & ability to help you feel centered. Brings joy & happiness into your life & enables you to live the life of your dreams.   If you feel that what you are doing in your day to day life is not right for you, but are not sure what path you should take... you may use a Chrysanthemum Stone to help you to find the right path.


Aids attunement to earth’s spiritual vibration. Helps build inner strength, physical vitality and inner harmony.   Balances the heart chakra and increases one’s capacity to love. Connects thymus and throat chakras for releasing grief, sadness, and fear from the emotional body. Supports letting go, surrendering pain and worry to universal love. Chrysocolla is a good 3rd eye stone, helps you keep a cool head.


If you need some relaxation and sleep keep a piece of Chrysoprase near your bed as it’s a very calming stone. It’s said to help prevent nightmares and bad dreams. Chrysoprase is a heart chakra stone and helps with forgiveness and compassion and heals your inner child. Can also be used with the sacral chakra.


Cinnabar is considered a money stone! It attracts abundance and helps you with sales. If you have a business keep Cinnabar in the cash register. Cinnabar also helps to release energy blocks and can be used to help you change your image. Cinnabar is considered a transformation and magic. Use with the root and sacral chakras.


Citrine is powerful manifesting & healing stone. This solar plexus stone helps you to be in your power & assists with manifesting. Citrine is known primarily as a prosperity stone however use it to manifest anything you desire. Never needs to be cleared, helps transmute negative energy. Brings happiness & joy. Keep it in your cash register or close to your cash.

Congo Citrine

This is natural Citrine from the Congo in Africa. Citrine is powerful manifesting & healing stone. Most folks use Citrine for manifesting prosperity and it’s known to increase cash & wealth. Use this stone to manifest anything you desire. Never needs to be cleared, helps transmute negative energy. Brings happiness & joy.


Copal is a resin and is the younger relative to Amber, 100,000 years or less old. Copal becomes Amber once it finishes fossilizing. Copal opens and cleanses the chakras especially the solar plexus. Due to its yellow color it’s said to be uplifting, helping to lift your spirits and combat periods of depression.


Danburite is a high vibration stone. Links the crown and heart chakras. Helps you heal relationship issues as you heal your heart. Twin Danburites are excellent stones to use to enhance a romantic relationship or business partnership. Increases your happiness and love for all. Works with the 3rd eye, crown and higher chakras.


Diopside is a stone that focuses on balancing your energy and healing. As with several green stones Diopside is considered a heart chakra stone, helping you to be able to accept and receive love and love yourself and others. It is a good stone for women starting or in menopause. It can help you feel more centered and help with stress.


Dioptase is a major heart chakra stone. It helps you see what your relationships really all are about, not just what’s on the surface. Dioptase can help you release relationships that are not for your highest good. Letting go of the past. Dioptase helps you focus on forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.


If it’s time to hit the emotional reset button and get rid of drama grab a piece of Dolomite. Dolomite will help calm down out of control emotions, helps you detach from drama & helps you love yourself.   Dolomite is a grounding stone & good to use with higher vibrational stones like Moldavite. Said to be good for metabolism, appetite and natural weight loss


Detoxes negativity, transforms negativity into positive emotional energy. Stabilizes, soothes, offers sense of security, harmony and closeness to God. Aids in emotional and life stage transitions and changes. Stone of patience & successful love, bring domestic bliss, enhances unity & unconditional love. Emeralds opens the heart chakra and calms the emotions.


Love what you have in your life and want more, then Epidote is your stone. It’s a powerful stone that focuses of increasing supply and raises the vibration in areas that have dense energy. Use with Moldavite to increase the manifestation abilities. Be careful with this stone, if you have negativity in your life you’ll get more, instead work with it to release that negativity and raise the vibration of your thoughts.


Fluorite is a protective stone on the psychic level. Cleanses the aura, effective for EMF pollution. Grounds, helps you absorb new info & promotes quick thinking. Clear aligns chakras, stimulates crown chakra. Green absorbs negative energy. Purple 3rd eye stone, psychic communication & meditation. Blue dual action stone, calms & amplifies healing potential.


Fuchsite is another excellent heart chakra stone that helps finding your true self-worth. Every healer should have one of these in their toolbox. Fuchsite works with issues surrounding folks being in ‘rescue mode” & becoming a victim. It reverses tendencies toward martyrdom. Fuchsite helps relieve stress and infuses the heart chakra with energy that allows you to approval the world in a wholly heart-based way.

Garnet, Red

Garnet helps in finding true love. It’s a stone of courage and passion and is considered a ‘lucky’ stone making you emotionally and physically attractive.   Garnet grounds and draws earth energy into your body. It stimulates your life force energy and helps you accept this lifetime. Garnet is a root and sacral chakra stone, helping with sexual healing.


Goldstone is a man-made stone.  The sparkle comes from cooper in the gold goldstone and cobalt or manganese in the blue goldstone. Goldstone is called the stone of ambition and is believed to help you reach your goals. It builds energy, courage and a positive attitude.  Blue for throat chakra and Gold for the solar plexus


Healerite is a form of Serpentine who’s name had been trademarked by a large crystal company. It is also called Lime Green Serpentine. Healerite is considered one of the best healing stones. Its vibration is said to work on many levels including at the cellular level. Helps to calm your nerves and balance your emotions.


Hematite is called the ‘stone for the mind.’ I call it the “Back to School” stone! Can be used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge. Helps the body to remain cool; dispels heat at the physical level. Aids the dissolution of negativity. Assists in spinal alignment. Root chakra stone.


Howlite is one considered a great insomnia/sleep stone because it can help clear and settle down an overactive mind. Use this stone on your 3rd eye to help you see past lives and transport you to another dimension or time.   Howlite is used to help reduce anger as it can teaches patience. Keep in your pocket for absorb anger directed at you.


Infinite is called the Healer’s stone and is said to draw out and relieve pain. You can make an elixir with this stone and apply the drops to pain points. Use Infinite for self-healing and emotional healing. Infinite increases energetic healing work and can cleanse the aura.   Use Infinite when you are going through a sad situation/processing grief. It can support you in new phases of your life.


Use Iolite when you’re working with your 3rd eye chakra. Iolite is said to open this chakra and help with psychic vision. This stone helps you understand and release causes of addictions. Iolite is a motivation stone, its energy is good for helping with money management and family situations. Good protection stone for travelers.


Jade is known as the stone of fidelity’, Green Jade is the most common Jade and is a heart chakra stone, increasing love and nurturing.   It is considered protective and believed to attract good luck and friendship and promotes self-sufficiency.   Jade is considered a dream stone. Jade is soothing you when you are irritable, helping you release those emotions.


Jasper is considered the “Supreme Nurturer” stone. During times of stress it brings a sense of tranquility, peace and wholeness. Helps you think quickly, see projects through to the end and promotes organization! Clears EMF pollution.

Jasper Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee Jasper helps you have a positive view on life and provides mental clarity. It also brings joy, vitality, and confidence to your life. Bumble Bee Jasper deflecting jealousy, eases chronic worries and self-consciousness about what others say or think.

Jasper, Dalmatian

Dalmatian Jasper helps to reawaken joy & move forward to understand you purpose in life. Gives you energy to do what needs to be done. It’s a ground stone and good for sleep. The spots are Black or Brown Tourmaline.  

Jasper, Kambaba

Aka Crocodile Jasper, Green Stromatolite. Use this stone to increase money flow and prosperity. IF you already have an established business or career use Kambaba Jasper to protect against unwanted changes. It can hep to eliminate negative energy and clear your aura. Helps with peaceful sleep.

Leopard-Skin Jasper

Known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. Helps promote grounding and aligning with earth’s stabilizing energies. Enables on to see the interconnectedness between all worlds. Balances aura. Aids concentration and focus.

Jasper, Mookite

Mookite Jasper encourages new experiences and helps you stay calm to enjoy them! Encourages versatility and shows you all possibilities

Jasper, Ocean

Ocean Jasper is known as The Atlantis Stone. It is believed to hold mystic knowledge and helps gain insight into your past lives. Ocean Jasper helps you let go, provides an ideal focus for grounding and centering in meditation or healing.

Jasper, Polychrome

Polychrome Jasper is a great protection stone, absorbs all types of negative energies. Place a piece by your bed to help you remember your dreams.

Jasper, Red

Red/Brecciated Jasper helps to bring problems up before they become to big to handle. Good worry stone, helps to calm your nerves. Use under your pillow for dream recall.

Jasper, Yellow

Yellow Jasper is a solar plexus chakra stone & can help you feel better. It protects you when traveling & during spiritual work.

Jasper, Zebra

Accepts intense responsibility in the realm of protection. Protects against negativity and helps one to be grounded to the stabilizing energies of the earth. Used to enhance practicality in expressiveness, and to assist one to adopt to situations which are new, smoothing the erratic emotional states and helping one to anticipate ‘the best’ in all situations.


Jet is a variety of coal! It has been used as a protection stone especially during magic rituals. Jet is a purification stone and can clear other crystals as it absorbs negativity and transforms it into something positive. Jet can heal leaks in your aura and it can act as a mirror to show you what you need to clear in yourself. Jet holds ancient earth wisdom.


K2 is a newer stone on the market that comes from the base of the K2 mountain in Pakistan and is believed to be granite and Azurite. Crystal healers who have worked with K2 consider it to be a high vibration healing stone. It is said to be good for headaches, especially blocked crown or 3rd eye chakra. K2 helps process emotions and allows you to find peace and harmony. Helps find the purpose of your life and is good for past life work.


Kunzite is a high vibration heart chakra stone that encourages self-expression and allows free expression of feelings. It is a good stone to use when life’s stresses are getting you down and helps you trust. Kunzite is a wonderful stone to alleviate panic attacks. It’s a protection stone and can shield the aura from negative energy.


Blue Kyanite opens & aligns your chakras just by touching a piece of it.   Helps to dispel blockages, confusion, anger & frustration. Good for dream recall and stimulates conversation. This stone never needs to be cleared! Green Kyanite helps connect to the heart and find truth in a situation. Black Kyanite adds a grounding element.


Labradorite is considered a Transformation stone. It’s helps you accept changes in your life, bringing you strength. It can calm an overactive mind & helps bring new ideas. Labradorite is considered a protective stone and can plug energy leaks. It can also help you get to the root of a matter. Labradorite is a good stone to have near someone who’s ready to pass over.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a stone of total awareness, works with the 3rd eye & helps contact spirit guides. Lapis is a powerful thought amplifier. It recognizes psychic attacks, blocks it and returns the energy to the original source. Lapis allows conscious attunement to your intuitive & psychic nature.   Enhances your dream work.


Stone for Earth healing. Represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love. Used for dimensional work and cellular work. Excellent for purging entities from ones environment and from ones corporeal existence.


Clears electromagnetic pollution, mopping up tool. Connects heart & crown to bring spiritual understanding to suffering and pain. Brings understanding of the growth brought by heart pain, understanding of one’s life purpose & place in the universal plan. Brings acceptance, calm, trust in life and God. Heals fear at its source in this or past lives. Accesses the Akashic records.

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