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The Helpful People & Travel area of your home is the right front third of any area from the entry of that space, whether it is a whole house or a single room. It is associated with the Northwest direction and the Hard Metal element. Hard Metal is represented in nature by the heavens, celestial bodies, the sky and rainbows and in feng shui by utilitarian metals like iron and titanium.

Hard Metal is represented in the family by the head of household, husband and father. This is the area to enhance the potential for mentorship in your chosen field of expertise. It is also an excellent area to save up and plan for special trips, vacations and world travel. It can be enhanced to manifest opportunities to help others or attract help from others.

The Helpful People & Travel area is primarily white, grey and black.  This are is enhanced by the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Rainbow crystals have mineral compositions that exhibit several colors or metallic masses that oxidize in the air and exposure to moisture.

Who are Helpful People?

Helpful people can be mentors and teachers, thought leaders and life coaches, therapists and counselors, a yoga instructor or spiritual guru. They can be an angel or guide, deceased loved one or spirit animal, inner self or Higher Self. They can be a friend or family member, church or community member, customer or colleague.

You can enhance this area to attract more helpful people into your life and create more opportunities to help others. This is one of the most important areas to enhance; life just works better when you have helpful people. Crystals are especially helpful when you want to connect with helpful people, both physical and spiritual ones.

Crystals for Connection with Helpful People:

BONUS Feng Shui Tip: To manifest help from helpful people, write a letter to your Higher Self about the kind of help you need. Program a crystal with the energy of your appreciation as if you had just received the help and then place the crystal on top of your handwritten note under your pillow and sleep on it.

Travel - Ready, Set, Go

Travel can be fun and exciting. It can also be stressful and cause anxiety. Crystals can help with easing worry and adding protection.
Our favorite crystal for travel is Yellow Tigers Eye. Yellow Tigers Eye is good for travel and helps with avoiding accidents. Carry it with you on your person when traveling or in your purse or back pack. 

Ways to Enhance your Travel Opportunities 

One of the ways you can enhance your opportunities to help or be helped or to plan trips and travel is to use Intentional Feng Shui. Place your crystal in the Helpful People & Travel area of the Western Feng Shui bagua. Make sure to clear your crystal with pure water, natural light, sounds, clearing spray, sage or cleansing smoke from a fragrant incense wood like Palo Santo before using them. 
1) Place your crystal in front of travel brochures, magazines, etc.

2) Place your crystal in front of a picture of a great city or beautiful place that you would like to visit, vacation at or travel to.

3) Place your crystal with mementos or souvenirs or a framed photo of you from a favorite trip.

4) Write an intention about your Dream Vacation or upcoming trip. Place one of the crystals listed above, on top of your handwritten intention in the Helpful People & Travel area of your home or office.

Tip #1: Use a lot of feeling words.

Tip #2: Write your intention as if you already have booked your flights or passage, accommodations and dining reservations.

Tip #3: Express your appreciation in advance by beginning your Helpful People & Travel intention with: “Thank you for…” or “I am so grateful…”

Crystals for Travel: