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Quartz - Hematoid

Red Hematoid Quartz is regular clear Quartz with veins of Hematite through out.  Red Hematoid Quartz is a powerful healing crystal and is good to specifically use during a healing crisis.  This stone can help calm and balance out your emotions.  The Hematite in this stone is especially grounding and provides centering energy.  The beauty of the Quatz is that it will amplify all these wonderful properties.

Yellow Hematoid stones are a combination of Quartz with Hematite, Limonite and additional water.  Yellow Hematoid is also a good stone to use during a healing crisis and after to help provide support.

Water typically represents our emotions so the extra water that interacted with this stone is said to also represent emotions.  Yellow Hematoid will support any emotional work your doing or emotional issues your dealing with. 

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