3 Piece Citrine Clusters, Heat Treated Citrine Stones

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Citrine Clusters, 3 pieces

Citrine Crystal Clusters, 3 Piece Citrine Stones

You'll receive the exact 3 citrine clusters in the picture. These Citrine piece have been heat treated, see note below.

Citrine is used as a manifesting stone for abundance and prosperity. Citrine is powerful manifesting & healing stone. It's a solar plexus stone that helps you to be in your power & assists with manifesting. Citrine is known primarily as a prosperity stone however use it to manifest anything you desire.

Citrine never needs to be cleared and helps transmute negative energy. It's yellow/orange color brings happiness & joy, like a ray of sunshine in your day. Keep it close to your cash register or cash.

You'll receive the exact 3 citrine clusters in the picture.  Approximate sizes of the pieces range from 1.6" to 2.2" and weighs 2.5 oz to 2.7 ozs.  Total weight 9.2 ozs.

***Citrine Note: Natural Citrine vs. Heat Treated Citrine***
The majority of commercially sold Citrine on the market is heat treated Amethyst. Light colored Amethyst is baked causing the purple color to turn yellow/orange/brown. This type of Citrine is reasonable priced and abundantly available.