5 Piece Selenite Crystal Box - Selenite Gift Boxes - Satin Spar Gift Box - Crystals for Your Crown Chakra - Chakra Crystal Gifts

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5 Piece Satin Spar Selenite Gift Box

5 Piece Selenite Gift Box, Selenite Gift Boxes - Satin Spar Gift Boxes - Crystals for Your Crown Chakra

We've put together our best selling Selenite products in one box! Selenite in either the clear form or satin spar/satin spar selenite is on our "Top 10 Must Have" crystal list

Selenite is a high vibration stone that is often associated with the crown chakra and helps you connect and communicate with your angels. Selenite is a soft material it's best not to get it wet, clear your Selenite with sage, palo santo or sound.

We're excited to include the following items in your Selenite box:
1 - Clear selenite piece. This is considered 'real' selenite
1 - Satin spar selenite palm stone, approximately 2.7" long 2" wide.
1 - Satin spar selenite sphere. The spheres range from in size from 38-40 mm.
1 - 4" Satin spar selenite tower
1 - Satin spar selenite bar with 8mm chakra colored beads wire wrapped on it. The bars are around 6" long, 6 beads are natural stones with 1 man made goldstone at the sacral chakra.

Satin Spar vs. Selenite
Both Satin Spar and Selenite are in the gypsum family. Satin Spar is a fibrous and opaque stone that is typically known and sold as Selenite in the metaphysical community. True or real Selenite is clear and you can see through it. It looks like sheets of glass.