Abundance & Prosperity Grid with Flower of Life and Congo Citrine

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Abundance Grid with Congo Citrine and Black Tourmaline

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Abundance & Prosperity Grid with Congo Citrine

This small grid packs a punch!  Congo Citrine is a powerful manifesting stone and it the basis for this grid.  Start by placing the a piece of Congo Citrine in the middle of the flower of life charger.  Five additional Congo Citrine points will be placed around the center Congo Citrine stone along with 5 pieces of black tourmaline to help ground and anchor the Congo Citrine's energy.  Clear Quartz points make up a third ring.  Clear Quartz is an amplifier of energy and the Quartz will be working hard to amplify the energy of Abundance & Prosperity.  

Included in your grid kit:
1 - 4" birch wood flower of life charger
1 - Congo Citrine center stone
5 - Black Tourmaline small raw pieces
5 - Congo Citrine small points
5 - Quartz small Quartz points
1 - Picture of an Abundance & Prosperity Grid.