Angelite Irregular Shaped Disks

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Angelite Thin Disks, Palm Stones

Angelite Flat Stones, Angelite Irregular Shaped Stones for Throat Chakra

Finally back in stock, we've received some nice Angelite flat stones which are irregular in shape. These Angelite crystals are thin enough to carry them in your pocket, or place them on your 3rd eye or throatchakras.  Angelite stones can help you with any communication issues, especially with your angels and spirit guides. This is considered a mediumship stone also and is good to have around you when connecting with the other side. Angelite is considered a sender and receiver crystal.

We're excited to intuitively select one Angelite flat stone for you from our inventory. The picture is a representation of what we have in stock. Your stone may be be more round or oval in shape. Approximate size of the Angelite crystals are .5-2" and .25-.375" thick.