Apache Tear Stones, Obsidian Rough Stones, Assorted Sizes

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Obsidian Apache Tears

Apache Tear Obsidian Stones for Psychic Protection 

Apache Tear crystals are a variety of Obsidian made of volcanic glass. The Apache Tear stones gets it's name from an American Indian legend. The story goes that the Apache tribe were outnumbered in a battle and many were killed.

The remaining warriors retreated to the cliff and jumped to their death instead of being captured. The women of the tribe were heartbroken and it's said as their tears fell they turned to these amazing stones. For this reason Apache Tear Obsidian stones makes excellent stones for grief. Tumbled pink opals are an excellent compliment to apache tears when you're dealing with grief.

We're excited to intuitively select one Apache tear obsidian stone for you from our inventory. The picture is a representation of what we have in stock. Your stone may be be more round or oval in shape and be slightly larger or smaller than listed below. Approximate size of the Apache tear crystals are:
Extra Small: .5" to .75"
Small: .75" - 1"
Medium: 1" - 1.25"
Large: 1.25" to 1.5"